Each rule is explained in detail, and Peterson goes into the meaning of each subject philosophically, psychologically, and using varied examples from life. But mostly they are dragging you down because your new improvements cast their faults in an even dimmer light. In the book Peterson stresses the importance of communicating, truly listening, and honesty. They will become jealous when you succeed, or do something pristine. /r/latterdaysaints is for members and friends of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (Biography or Autobiography), What life lesson can be learned from this event or story? The least?”' For more specific nonfiction questions, see below.

He believes that parents have a duty to society and to their children to give them boundaries and enforce them. This is the halfway point for the Summer Book Club, where we are reading 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson. Nonfiction Discussion QuestionsThere are many different types of nonfiction book club reads so these questions will aim at the general nonfiction book.

Supporting this project gets you lots of goodies, including a copy of my soon-to-be-released BOOK, The Creative Introvert: How to Live a Life You Love on Your Terms, monthly Masterclasses and much more. We need to understand this dichotomy so that we can use it to help ourselves and others. Remember, you don'’t have to ask and answer every single question! We should not let our internal critic keep us from growing, but instead use it to understand who we are and what we truly want. Have any of them helped you change your behavior? Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is todayJP discusses the value of comparison, which can either lead us to believe that nothing matters or help us measure our growth. Though I’m sure you are all in different places, we are going to focus on the first half, which would be the first 6 rules. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, sort by controversial is code for sort by true. That’s the biggest thing I felt was missing (and it may be addressed later in the book): recognizing that other people have just as much autonomy and individuality as you do. Required fields are marked *. Name your favorite thing overall about the book. If your answer is no, be careful about making it your book club selection.

Apologies if I misinterpreted anything you said, I'm not familiar with Brene Brown. Despite the book and moreover the author, old JBP, being somewhat controversial, we kept the peace. This had basically everything: challenge, entertainment, friends, dessert… it only lost points for me being my awkward self. We'll be right here waiting for you!

They will withdraw their presence or support, or actively punish you for it. I’ll give a summary of each chapter with a quote from the book, followed by some possible questions to discuss. Realization is dawning.

Your email address will not be published. I don't know anything about parenting, but asking what matters most to my toddler and letting him express his individuality seems inferior to asking what's best for him and helping him achieve that with a stern word.

Who knows what existence might be like if we all decided to strive for the best?