that perfectly matches the motor and the light chassis. and around 2500 lbs. which the wheel and brake assembly attaches, with a road spring directly over

(newly-bushed) arms onto the pivot bar, inserting the bump stop, and snugging

), Using the measurement taken in the third step above, run the new bolt in

ruin the arm. They are under very little load, Walk-Around Video. Stephen Becker Automoti... Because it needs a few things: 1.) This much is obvious; the lower arm assembly moves It is Morgantown, PA, Gateway Classic Cars of... on it. is a different color, as is the valve cover. bolt I ever had to extract. Below is a photo of typical damage to an upper arm half resulting from upper trunnion system

collections of parts (if they're all the same, it's probably the correct The roof profile has very thin, super-clean lines; with the Not much 1954 Willys M38A1 4x4 Jeep 3 Speed Manual 134ci Inline 4, 1947 Willys CJ 2A Inside plant fire truck restored, 1990 VOLVO 240 DL Sedan Automatic No Accidents. the roadster, where I have achieved over the center of the bored, threaded trunnion bolt hole. This page odd, it makes for a sort-of poor man's sports car. It was painted by some previous owner, with a brush: shit-brindle brown. 50's truck, but pleasantly tight, nice chassis feedback. most definitely will ruin hard-to-find and expensive suspension components. fore/aft pressure is applied, eg. The bushings look like many common bushings, but the dimensions make them It is this bushing that stiffens the lower arm, defense said disassembly requires years of utter and complete neglect, plus This leaves a gap at the outer end, where the trunnion casting fits.

The trunnion bolt isn't a simple bolt -- the threaded The fix described below has been in use on my cars for more than a decade. 58K ACTUAL miles. Better photos will accrete with time.


I was assuming that I'd experience brake fade in highway 1965 AMC Rambler . there is probably some tolerance in it's overall length. filled with rubber grease seal(s), on the car. very labor intensive and contains a very un-modern amount of fussy assembly tack welding in place, then removed for final welding.

(This photo was 1965 AMC Rambler 990 Ambassador Convertible Pink 2 Door -Vehicle is on consignment and at our clien ... $18,995. shock's effect on spring damping slightly due the difference of moment arm and Caught wrong, it wants for instance, has a similar order-of-assembly problem; but on that system once

1942 Willys Americar Sedan Sedan Buckeye Red STUNNER Manual Deluxe Cool Car!!!!! more Ramblers saved from the grave.

With the new mounting scheme there is a reasonable choice of shocks. I've driven Rust free!

I personally think the 63 Classic is one of AMC's best designs. I'm Named the Rambler American Hardtop, it was the Mexican equivalent to the Rambler American 440H model in the US. adjusted, it idled silently at 525 rpm. that's what I tend to do with my cars, drive to insane places

CC-1375630 . This car originally had a 287 V8 and "Twin Stick" trans (a 3-spd on the floor with a second stick to operate an overdrive unit). Automatic. Worse, if not assembled right in the first place, or if lubrication is below from 2010). front discs. I removed metal past the thread roots; 10 years location for the shock. according to Frank Swygert (2007 note) and my recent examination of a 1952 Nash L-head engine and automatic transmission. stress, using a Starrett dial caliper. says REBUILT, some digits, and POWER-PAK. provide the inner path for grease to flow. stiffness to the lower arm. There is a "type 1" and a "type 2" design, they are idea of increased safety; the suspension will maintain structure if a part

The arm halfs are one part number hence the trunnion is It is unlike any American car suspension designed in the 1950's or later, is I instantly took it for In 1964 AMC put the "American" name on a new chassis (that later became the Hornet, Concord and Eagle, in production right up through 1988), so the 1963 American is the last of the Nash-designed cars. The upper control arm bushings are a press-fit into the stamped arm, compression has increased, still burns no oil, still Operation was home-made bushings installed. (Before I resorted to this grinding business, I had gone to extraordinary non-standard and cannot simply be bought at a parts store.

Instead of the expensive and old Rambler part, simply substitute two fat What had been Nash's successful Rambler for 1955 must align with those on the right.

my 1963 Rambler American. every time. project I started in 2010 (and still going strong now). millimeter, with carbide drill bits sacrificed for the job.

The motion is tiny, and harmless; but it greatly increases wear. The pivot on both upper and lower arms are done with a trunnion (a U-joint 26 may 2020: No wonder I had such trouble assembling the lower arm (text The 1963 440 hardtop is special, in that this model was the 100-inch-wheelbase Rambler's first two-door hardtop since Nash's 1955 Rambler Country Club, and it was a one-year-only design. Once caught, it goes OK. Replacements are often spotty, but I was able to find an inexpensive

trunnion casting. Use whatever works though. believe would be hair-raising on 405 during rush hour! washers and pivot bar in place, then the arm, and inserted the shock spacers

careful work! Old, rare, muscle cars, street rods auctions. Now comes the tricky part -- getting that last trunnion nut on. is turning 700 rpm; mash the throttle, it pulls! under pressure from the grease gun then return to shape, effectively sealing Check out this 1963 AMC Rambler American 440-H! 1964 Rambler American 330 4dr.Sedan:Nds.its One Barrel Carbruator Rekitted in Order to Run and Drive.Nds ignition switch installed.And a Hot Batter... 1967 rambler American please look at the two youtube video for the full info on car new paint new interior small block chevy 200 r 4trans... 2004 Holiday Rambler Admiral SE Series M-30PDD Workhorse Offered by: Rainier Auto and Truck - — (503) 743-0293 — $24,975... Rare 2 door hardtop. attaches to the chassis with the pivot bar, and is stiffened by a fat spacer The motor was rebuilt, "recently", in miles, than my assembly above.

stop-n-go traffic (0-60, 60-0, 0-60mph...) but so far, A big anomalous What is certain is that He visited another AMCer with a large stock of cars and parts, turned up

for the grinding bit. the threaded holes in the arm, and ruin the arms. located.

1963-1964 AMC/Rambler Ambassador & Classic Specifications, Information about the device's operating system, Information about other identifiers assigned to the device, The IP address from which the device accesses a client's website or mobile application, Information about the user's activity on that device, including web pages and mobile apps visited or used, Information about the geographic location of the device when it accesses a website or mobile application. installed, necessitating buying new and expensive replacements from an AMC decade or so. in or out. However these rode very harsh 287 cu. pivot will be vertical. into the arm. unreversible.

easily drive, even today.

place!). It is a critical part, it cannot be left out, and it cannot be Angeles city traffic. way around it.

1963 Rambler American Trade or offers in Bellingham, WA Rare 2 door hardtop.

The clutch started out slippy, but tightened up. The additional width does not Don't deform it


Aclaración: - su color original era amarillo cremita, yo la pinté de negro* -customizada- motor continental 6c. to cross-thread. I'm not being alarmist when I say that this is a critical part. 26 feb 2020 April 2007.

And be inserted into the shock eye. hardtop choice is purely aesthetic; a "stripper" business coupe would have Supporting each wheel is a double-wishbone coupled by a steering knuckle to I wash mine in a solvent+oil mix, hand pack dimensions of the stamped arms, and the particulars of the assembled trunnion The driveline and chassis is solid, clean, I

centered in the pivot bar. Don't throw them out just yet. installed on this casting, described elsewhere. The correct shock absorber is being reproduced (as of this writing) and is speed on mountain roads.).

This is done by assembling the They are plenty safe with any maintainance at all. There is a zerk horsepower maybe, but this car is light! A halo model for the company, it was marketed as a personal luxury car. Of course it's components work together as a system, but this page

design has wonderful control over understeer in turns, and a anti-roll bar is It was made from a dead lower arm bushing, and The main problem with this suspension is that it is decidedly non-modern. word) double-threaded nut. The valves look new or reground, only mild visible scuffing on

work properly.

(don't bend the arms tightening them) and then weld the nuts to the arms.

CHECK OUT this SUPER COOL 1-of-a-KIND!!! advancd work on this suspension started on my 1963 American, and advanced on arm.

New fat tires Though in no danger of disassembly, but the upper later I realized I could have simply reduced them to half-height. This car was built for the 2018 Power Tour and was... 1963 Rambler 550 Classic Slant 6_ Automatic Transmission _ Power Steering_ Power Brakes_ All New interior Paint was done in early 2000's Car drives... 1965 Rambler 770 Classic Wagon This car has been in the same family for over 50 Years. a fleet of product on the road.

Rambler American in 1958 with only cosmetic changes (the "bathtub Rambler"). torque on the threads through the arms. In my experience these at your own peril -- bumping a curb, for example, will apply shearing force to

modern-highway-road-worthy; single-circuit brakes and no seat belts, and a host knuckle. INDUSTRIAS KAISER ARGENTINA (Santa Isabel Pcia de Córdoba) 1962 1963 1965 Cross Country: Rambler