For Sale, 1959 Studebaker Silver Hawk Custom Hot Rod V8 For Sale, 1953 Studebaker Commander - Coupe - Beautifully restored. First, the 259/289 engines were discontinued in 1964, at which time assembly was moved to Hamilton Ontario Canada. This problem was addressed – with limited success – by the factory. Model:Commander Trim:Wagon Mileage: Trans:Automatic Engine:283 V-8 Interior:Vinyl Color: Black Drive Train:RWD Type: Wagon - You are looking at a Very rare, 1965 Studebaker Commander Wagonaire, Sliding roof, Station Wagon. $21,500..usd dollars. - These were designed so you could haul something tall in the rear of the wagon the same as you would be able to do in a pickup truck. Good luck on your sale. I hope to find it a new home to another Studebaker lover who appreciates these, very rare, sliding roof Station Wagons. Perhaps neither realized that Studebaker beat them to the punch forty years prior -- and with a station wagon. 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It featured a retractable sliding rear roof section that allowed the vehicle to carry items that would otherwise be too tall for a conventional station wagon of the era. 1965/66 cars were equipped with GM McKission 283 industrial small block V8 engines which are about 80 lbs hevier than the standard block, The 6cyl engines used the GM 230 and 235 OHV industrial engines. 1965 P4 Studebaker Commander Wagonaire VIN CS11257 History In 2004. Ford described the Super Duty's new tailgate step as an "innovation. " The roof was designed with a panel over the cargo bay that manually retracted into and then locked into position in the forward section of the roof above the rear passenger's seat. $21,500..usd dollars. [1], The Wagonaire roof design was inspired by Stevens' 1959 Scimitar concept car built in Stuttgart, West Germany, by Ruetter for the Olin Mathieson Chemical Corporation. Beginning with the 1965 models, General Motors supplied engines based on the Chevrolet six-cylinder and V8 designs. The asking price seems fairly stout at $35,000, although this is indeed a handsome and drivable wagon that should spin the wheels of every Studebaker collector or any old-car enthusiast who wants to relive the family-oriented station-wagon culture of a bygone era. [2] There were three full-sized Chrysler-based vehicles built for display at the 1959 Geneva Motor Show to promote use of aluminum in building cars. [4], The Studebaker Wagonaire was based on the standard Lark station wagon body that was modified above the beltline. Interior:Vinyl In addition, the 1966 Wagonaire finally was made a model in its own right,[6] blending the exterior features of the Commander with the interior trim grade of the sporty Daytona. The Wagonaire could also be ordered with any of Studebaker's available "R-series" high-performance Avanti V8 engines and the four-speed floor-shift manual transmission. - The Studebaker Wagonaire was a station wagon produced by the Studebaker Corporation of South Bend, Indiana, from 1963 to 1966. - Inspections welcome...please email us for more pics. For Sale, 1962 Studebaker 1962 GT Hawk Restored For Sale, 1964 Studebaker Avanti R3 - 1964 - 5.0 Supercharged V8 Rebuilt For Sale, 1963 Studebaker Avanti - one of the best anywhere! Engine:283 V-8 The Envoy XUV model was discontinued in 2005. Interest has been growing in vintage station wagons as fun collector cars, mainly focused on the Detroit behemoths of the 1950s through the ’70s, although smaller, quirkier wagons have their fans, too. But typical for Studebaker, the Wagonaire offered more for less. Drive Train:RWD Given your asking price, you’re going to need it. These sold for US$100 less than the sliding-roof wagons, but it was technically a "delete option", meaning that if the buyer wanted the fixed roof versus the slider, it had to be specifically ordered that way by the selling dealer and was not a separate model. - The automatic trans, the factory air conditioning, the power drum brakes and the power steering are all options on this Wagonaire. Find Used Studebaker Station Wagon For Sale (with Photos). The Jeep model remained in production almost unchanged on the same platform into the 1990s, making it the longest continuous production run in U.S. automotive history. If you like Station Wagons and want something unique, his Studebaker will turn heads and be very practical for hauling people, roceries, r a vintage trailer. The 1963–64 Daytona version of the Wagonaire could be equipped with a V8, Carter 4-barrel carburetor, and a column mounted shifter manual transmission with overdrive. Early buyers soon found that their new wagons' roofs leaked water near the front of the sliding section. While the early roof seals were redesigned and improved, it was also critical that the drainage tubes in the roof slider assembly be kept clear, a factor that early owners were probably not aware of. -Come drive her home! The price quoted for this 65 is pretty far above what Blue Book and other collector price guides quote for the 63-66 wagons. Details: VIN: 8470008. 1965 Studebaker Wagonaire. 1965 Studebaker Commander Wagon = Wagonaire clean driver with AC. Located in the USA... This wagon was fully equipped from the factory, the seller notes, with the preferred 283 cid Thunderbolt V8 engine, rated at 195 horsepower, automatic transmission, power brakes and steering and air conditioning. Station Wagon Cars Automobile Companies Hot Rod Trucks Classic Cars Online Car Wheels Jeep Grand Automotive Design Vintage Cars Vintage Items Wagonaires seated six passengers (five with the optional front bucket seats). Please mention the vehicle you are inquiring about so we can respond promptly. GMC called its new Envoy XUV's sliding roof section "unprecedented. " Matchbox-Lesney made a miniature Wagonaire that included a sliding roof section. Although the seller makes no mention of mileage or restoration history, the Studebaker appears in the photos with the listing to be in good condition with a nice interior and ready to go or show. This is really a nice car that came from an avid Studebaker lover. When Studebaker closed its South Bend, Indiana, assembly plant and continued production at its Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, plant, the company eliminated its "halo" models, the Avanti and Hawk, but continued to build Lark-based sedans and Wagonaires. One feature that GMC adopted that Studebaker didn't was power operation of the roof section. Model:Commander There were also fixed-top Wagonaires available in 1966; while a total of 618 of all types of Wagonaires were built for 1966.[7]. To view this listing on, see Pick of the Day, How surprised I was to see my recently acquired Midnight Black, 1965 Studebaker Commander Wagonaire as Classic’s pick of the day.