Market Competition Review, How much horsepower ? As an overweight, underpowered, gas-guzzling people carrier with a token cargo bed? The H3T is an easy rider, with basketball-height sidewalls and a softly sprung suspension. The people that buy them are the poseurs. 4) (model since mid-year 2008 for North America ) car specifications & performance data reviewSpecs datasheet with technical data and performance data plus an analysis of the direct market competition of Hummer H3T Alpha Adventure Pkg. “Well, there is also the New Beetle…”
Hummer may be the poster child for fuel consumption, but m.p.g. Personally, if I wanted a sexy macho box-on-wheels utitlity vehicle, I’d get a Land Rover Defender 110 long wheelbase. It looks about the same as this abomination in regards to ease of access and size of the bed.

Had they left Hummer alone it could have remained in its proper niche sandbox selling 5-10k per year. heh heh, I’m sticking to my Grand Wagoneer. Paul Niedermeyer : (aut. If they put a mid gate in, and either the Alpha straight 6 or a small diesel, I think they could have really brought volume sales back to the midsize pickup. Whatever engineering it has is largely irrelevant, the only off-roading they see is driving out of a garage in a snowstorm before the driverway is plowed. Did you? I think it won truck of the year. Market Competition Review, Cars Catalogue Homepage - Automobile-Catalog. Horsepower net:224 kW / 305 PS / 300 hp (SAE cert)Torque net:434 Nm / 320 ft-lbHorsepower gross: Torque gross: Car power to weight ratio net: 97.4 watt/kg / 44.2 watt/lbCar weight to power ratio net: 10.3 kg/kW / 7.5 kg/PS / 16.9 lbs/hp Full engine data: horsepower/torque rpm, etc. It comes complete with information for the consumer on how to initiate the inevitable buy-back process.

):17.6-21.1 / 11.6-14 / 14.3-17.2 / 16.1mpg (U.S.):14.6-17.5 / 9.7-11.6 / 11.9-14.3 / 13.4km/l:6.2-7.5 / 4.1-5 / 5.1-6.1 / 5.7Driving range(km / miles on tank) extra-urban:635-760 km / 395-470 milescity:420-505 km / 260-315 mileshighway:520-620 km / 320-385 milesaverage combined:583 km / 362 miles. Record unemployment; homes in foreclosure; retirement accounts gone – and we talk about the merits of a Hummer? I just don’t get these socially marginalized beasts. Plus Toyota has this whole “green” and “progressive” image which they, to their credit, carefully nurtured over the years. And from the mudslide of bass from the Monsoon Audio to the lack of a rear seat armrest, the baby HUMMER is lost in the dark ages of SUV interiors. H3T ok for the money.

man huffing along, deep in thigh management. The interior reminds me of my wife’s old trailblazer interior. Go put a basket on the back of a prius. The poster child for everything wrong with the automotive industry went from a vibrant, stylish lounge for conspicuous consumption to a somber, museum-like tribute to modern architecture and failed business models. If we still lived in the SUV’s heyday, the HUMMER H3T Alpha’s lack of substance wouldn’t mean squat. 4) in 2009. I will preface this right up front and say that I am NOT a truck guy. Your driving a truck body on a minivan drivetrain. No matter what you think, there will never be a vehicle like this again. It sits right between a Jeep Rubicon and a Z71, and you take some losses from both sides, but the result is a very capable hybrid of the two. I’d say that’s OK for a crappy off road vehicle. Don’t buy it. 10 years old with 100k miles and they still sell for 2/3 of the original MSRP. The bed is an ergonomic triple threat: small, narrow and tall. Doing a fluid flush.

Did you? What a POS! The early models had an option to replace the hard covers with a soft cover, but I’ve never seen one of those. And the Hummer still has that dirty divider line between the cab and the bed? Nothing says “I’m not being led around by Big Brother–I AM Big Brother” quite like a Hummer. No. But things ease up back in the real world of the urban cowboy.

4 or 5 years ago when SUV mania was still in full swing the poseur Hummers made from a marketing perspective. SLANTBACK TOPPER COLOR MATCHED.. A real head turner even at 10 years old. Been looking for one for a while, a little high on the mileage but still well worth it. I would have to join the “no way” crowd as I can not believe they can be worth a damn if they are that heavy, that wide and have no visibility. The extra length makes it look goofy. Except as expressly authorized by, you agree not to copy, modify, rent, lease, loan, sell, assign, distribute, perform, display, license, reverse engineer or create derivative works based on the Site or any Content available through the Site. Have You Driven the 2009 Hummer H3T? Some people really hate that Hummer. Register in the USERZONE, share real world car performance results, show us your car, Collection of T-Shirts, Posters etc. It gets real good gas mileage. To view table with complete performance data and technical specifications (including final drive and gear ratios, powertrain description, dimensions, accelerations chart etc.) The way everyone hates Hummer, makes me want to buy one. “I’d get a Land Rover Defender 110 long wheelbase.” That puts it nicely. The Defender is serious business, where the Hummer is pimped out. And you’d have no qualms about beating the snot out of it offroad. 2009 Hummer H3T: See 13 user reviews, 320 photos and great deals for 2009 Hummer H3T. Whiners! Oh sorry, that might work for some. I don’t think any of have ever used one off-road? Saab and Volvo are dogs, but the others aren’t. Amen, but then I like women better without surgical modifications. SkiD666: Toyota has done very well with the FJ and the Scions. “That’s because the Hummer’s payload capacity is almost 400lbs less than the car-like Ridgeline, …”.
But we do know that the death of Hummer is not due to its profitability. With these sightlines, the HUMMER lifestyle requires a damn good spotter for any serious four-wheelin’ event. Horsepower/ Torque Curve, Check:2009 Hummer H3T Alpha Adventure Pkg. Otherwise if you want a vehicle that will haul 4×8 sheets and has 2 full rows you have to get an extra long crew cab 8 foot bed pickup. Back in the day, I would look at the H2 drivers in traffic and think: “issues.” I would avert my eyes when they glanced over at a traffic light. Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. My friend took it THROUGH the mud to get a good angle on the jeep to pull it out. Not that I’m a big fan of the Hummer brand, but can we stop extolling the off-road virtues of Land/Range Rover vehicles that have the reputation as among the worst reliable brands, not to mention terrible dealer service. As far as “social stigma” is concerned?

Not many trucks come from the factory “decent” for off roading. standard and alternative wheel and tire sizes. Even though they are based largely on existing GM parts, they are different in many ways.

If it really is all about honest utility, then that would be the ticket. Don’t ever let society tell you what to drive. I would look at the H2 drivers in traffic and think: “issues.”, This has got to be the worst example of style over function coming out of any automotive factory today. standard and alternative wheel and tire sizes, How fast is this car ? Access them anywhere. Learn what owners have to say and get authentic consumer feedback before buying your next car.

The only Hummer dealership in a 30 mile radius, built in 2003, went under last year and is now being used as a trailer & flatbed sales store.

The S2000 is/was a kind of weird niche effort, just like the NSX. 4 speed)as offered for the year 2009 since mid-year 2008 in North America. Tire Sizes, The same class cars with similar performance: 2009 Hummer H3T Alpha Adventure Pkg.

2 out of 2 people found this review helpful. Don’t even think about the folding mid-gate from the Chevy Avalanche as the H3T isn’t built on that GM platform. Hummer. I too have NEVER seen a dirty, scratched or dented Hummer due to real off-road use. What? No flat bed you say? Though the snow was knee deep, the machine backed out as if the drive was clear-because a Hummer goes where it wants, when it wants, without having to stop and ask for help. In case you haven’t heard, this isn’t good news…, davey49: The Avalanche midgate is an advantage because you can carry 4×8 sheets of plywood/drywall with the tailgate closed and the back seat folded down or carry 2 rows of passengers and shorter items in the cargo area.0. Full performance data, accelerations chart, acceleration on gears, speed range on gears, overtaking factors etc. 300 hp, 4:1 xfr case, 4:10’s with lockers front and rear, stock 33’s; this truck is unstoppable. jeep owners hate Hummers because it means that they aren’t an exclusive club anymore. This has got to be the worst example of style over function coming out of any automotive factory today.