Doing photoshoots and linking up with people like yourself is something that can also give me an adrenaline rush and it’s a cool opportunity that football can give you when you perform. It didn’t change my situation all that much because I do a lot of my physio work at home and same for my rehab program - it’s mainly from home but as soon as we managed to get me to Poland, I took that opportunity so that I could be with my husband. It’s such a small place.

I feel like I’ve understood once again that even though it’s been a big challenge, I know that I can face it. 2020 election: When will the results be announced and how do you know who has won? We can’t forget that we as women’s players need to perform all the time in order to raise the level, to raise the profile and the product. Zu Beginn der Saison 2012 wechselte sie gemeinsam mit ihrer Schwester Andrine zu Stabæk FK. Roma feels like a family too. All the homework you do on bettering yourself? I was the late bloomer in our family I would say.

I think they gave me extreme confidence by having those kinds of discussions at home but also it came through years of working hard on the pitch with the aim of succeeding. “I’ve been thinking a lot about it myself,” says Andy. An unrivalled rise to the top. "There's a lot of football talk.
332.2k Followers, 322 Following, 633 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Ada Stolsmo Hegerberg (@ahegerberg) Still, the 2013 runners-up can take confidence from the fact their line is led by Ada Hegerberg, the prolific Lyon striker, 22, named UEFA Best Women's Player in Europe last season. So it’s actually cool to take a step back and enjoy it as well. I remember all those Champions League nights, watching it on the tele with the whole family around the dinner table. And we’re still the same people. She was born on 10 July 1995 in Molde, Norway. Yes. [laughs] I was the worst before, I tell you. “The World Cup really helped the league in Italy.

But, I think there’s still a lot of things to do, there’s still a lot to work on and that’s what motivates me at the moment. And we’re still the same people. Financially, I hope that we won’t be the last pick in every situation. My mum was like: ‘OK, that’s fair enough, actually.’”, It is all jesting and playful because the Hegerberg sisters are extremely close. She’s a force. I think team sport is all about surrounding yourself with people who have the same ambition as you.

Grateful for being healthy, my family is healthy, I feel privileged by having good people around me. Coming up to 300 career goals as a professional at the age of 25 is crazy. My sister plays for PSG.

Best SAD lamps to help you survive the winter months, Trump appears to hand 60 Minutes host big book with blank pages as proof of healthcare plan. Then we also need help to develop the product because I think that if you come to a place where the product is really good and you perform, it’s also impossible not to see us and to take notice. Review our Privacy Policy for more details. Roma’s Andrine Hegerberg says the Italian league ‘has stuff to work on when it comes to professionalism’. "We are sisters and we have a whole host of other topics than football. It's a dream come true. Ada Hegerberg – 'She plays for Lyon. I always had male footballers as idols from Thierry Henry to Messi and Ronaldo today but I feel like when you have women athletes such as Serena Williams, it’s so important to have people like her in sport to make the change for all the other girls all around the world to stand up and be bold. Germany 3-1 NorwayIsabella Schmid, Lena Lotzen and Anja Hegenauer scored as the three-time champions opened with a win in Cervia. It was very tough. When you talk about ambition and re-creating history, how does it feel to have genuinely done that. You also need to be yourself when you are on the top, in order to stay on the top. Andrine Hegerberg represents Norway while her sister has opted to stop doing so. First female Ballon D’or winner, on the pitch your record is ridiculous and off the pitch you’re leaving a mark as you push the game you ever take a step back to appreciate that? “I didn’t have any big role models growing up but I had a lot in the community that helped me and pushed me when life got harder, really. “There’s no easy game, which might have surprised me a little bit. We’ve gotten far but we still have a long way to go, so we can’t be too happy about every improvement because it probably should have been made earlier. People care about each other.”. You need to be yourself throughout the whole process to get to the top. Do you have an ambition to explore more cultures away from football like fashion as an example? We would watch a lot of football together. People care about each other.”.

The long distance is a challenge, for sure. So I always enjoy doing those things because it gives me new experiences. Even the bottom teams fight really well, defend well, and there’s a lot of individual talents. When all these good players go home and back to their clubs where you have some of the best players playing together and you get so many good league games, so many good Champions League games – that’s where you feel that the interest goes away – when the girls go back to their clubs. How do you handle it when you haven’t scored in a game? Yes, that’s very important to say as well because in the end you want to have a good product.

After each season, I’ll go home to Oslo to my family and we will discuss the season and pick out highs and lows and start to prepare for the next season again.

Financially, I hope that we won’t be the last pick in every situation.