His family, may have owned the farm for generations as seen on a shelf above his fireplace which shows photos of (in respective order); The Farmer and Bitzer along with The Flock, The Famer's father alongside a unnamed dog and sheeps, and The Farmer's grandfather. Goals Voice actor Shaun is the titular character and main protagonist of Shaun the Sheep. Dislikes 3.2 2. Friends/Allies Owner Farming No information Tiny | His easily frightened by strange noises and objects, which has been used by the flock multiple times to avoid him revealing their true nature. This trauma caused Red to dedicate her life to finding and capturing aliens.

Agent Red is the Main Antagonist from A Shaun The Sheep Movie: Farmageddon, and She is voiced by Kate Harbour. The Farmer wakes up but his memory stil don't working.

100 deviations. Equipped with impressive extra-terrestrial abilities including mimicry, telekinesis and an earth-shattering burp, LU-LA soon has the Flock enchanted. Bitzer makes the decision for him by grabbing the paper, wadding it up, and throwing into Mower Mouth to eat. Bunty |

Bitzer | The Farmer has his very first eureka moment: he’s going to build an alien-themed amusement park and he’s going to call it Farmageddon. Rita Malone | Slip | Character Information Agent Red is the main antagonist in the 2019 stop-motion filmA Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon. The Farmer is the semi main antagonist of the show. Super Mario. He was voiced by John Sparkes, who also voiced his dog Bitzer. Alias The Farmer | Trumper scared to the farmer tries to reason with The Farmer, but it is being pushed by the bull which is manages to leave the cliff and falling from a bag of manure. Harriet |

No information When the Farmer developed amnesia, Shaun attempted to locate and return him to the Farm, only to be sadly rejected by the Farmer, who had developed a new personality as the Superstar barber "Mr. X". Copyright © 2020 Aardman Animations Ltd. All rights reserved, Strange lights over the quiet town of Mossingham herald the arrival of a mystery visitor from far across the galaxy…. Family Grandsanta | Unlike most members of the Flock, Shaun a considerably slim sheep, with his wool being more closely shorn than others. During the credits, images are shown of the farmer, Bitzer, and the Sheep enjoying a day off in the country. However, her classmates didn't believe her story, and laughed at her. The Farmer sees Trumper and complaint for almost throw him and the the flock to the quarry.
Polly The Dodo | I wrote my very own Devil x Reader fic! His friends being sad, The Farmer's strict ways, losing Lola, the Pigs beating him The Farmer is a antagonist sometimes in the show, by his behavior. He shares his role as main antagonist with. Finlay | Ruffy | Sheep Profession The Flock | Wendy | Osbourne. Later the Flock made a plan to bring The Farmer but doing the counting the sheep method which what made him gone to sleep in the first part of the film. Shaun accidentally found his way into Wallace's Knit-o-Matic machine, resulting in him being completely shorn, with the machine making his wool into a sweater. Her magical alien powers, irrepressible mischief and galactic sized burps soon have the flock enchanted. … Type of Hero Though he should be used to long nights outside, The Farmer is quite scared in the dark.

This poker-faced agent heads up the murky ‘Ministry of Alien Activity’. The Farmer Despite this, he openly cares for the entire Flock, and will always do his best to ensure no Sheep is left behind.