In stanza one of the poem, Ambush, the poet begins it all by comparing his country to “a giant whale”. Examples: “giant whale”, “giant hawk”, “petered out desires”, “sabre-toothed tiger”, “grizzled ones”. It is a four stanza poem arranged in sequence. The forests here are full of snakes, the rivers; crocodiles! Examples. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. its really great to know dat someone cares about the young ones education.thanks alot miss/mrs dayo u just made everything easy, may d good Lord continue to bless u nd strenghten u for dis gud work. This also applies to all the societies of the world. There appears to be a shift in tone in the last stanza as he expresses hope but he ends the stanza on a pessimistic note. Personification – The land in the poem, is given and animate attribute of swallowing, hovering and crying in the glade. The poetic persona compares the frustration that peter suffered as a fisher man to the frustration that the ordinary man suffers in the hands of the authority. The allusion to peter is the bible is also a kind of metaphor, but inexplicit.

wow I will forever love literature Thus, much as the people are hardworking, innovative and resourceful, the unfriendly political and economic environment makes it almost impossible for them to realize their life dreams.

Imagery Conflict Mood/Tone/Diction All Rights Reserved. class with a giant whale that swallows the nation’s resources leaving nothing behind: The land is a giant whale/ that swallow the. This metaphor evokes a more positive image. !…{Bless u}. In the land of Oz, downunder, lives a creature greatly feared Both in quiet rural country and the city he's appeared. This poem has help the young ones to know their political stands and this is very good work of Adeoti. Thank you so much. Let me not take much of your time, below is what you are here for.

This last stanza of the poem, Ambush sounds more like a concluding statement from the persona. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. 'I think that you'll survive', he says, 'although the leg may ache, For you have just been bitten by the dreaded Bentstick Snake!

I’m actually a big fan……, tnx mrs/miss dayo..i seriously appreciate this handy piece of art you and your crew analyzed,made me to understan and appreciate the poem more.thanks this will greatly help me in my upcoming exams, The land awaitin in ambush[personification], Hovers and hoots :assonance The land is a giant whale that swallows the sinker, with hook, line and bait aborting dreams of a good catch fishers turn home at dusk blue Peter on empty ships all Peters with petered out desires. Examples: “giant whale”, “giant hawk”, “petered out desires”, “sabre-toothed tiger”, “grizzled ones”. halting venturous walk at dusk

The poem points out how the dreams and aspirations of an average Nigerian is being thwarted by the political elites who plunder the nation’s resources to satisfy their selfish interests and that of their immediate family. 100+ Noun Clause Examples in English Grammar, Apostrophe Rules and Guidelines Worth Following, The Meaning and Summary of “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”, A Detailed Analysis of “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”. Background The word “land” is also used to refer to the authorities of the country and the animals also represent the institutions of the government. Destruction – The animals used in the poem to depict the authority are destructive. A poet normally relies on certain carefully-selected expressions to evoke images that help his audience to grasp the ideas expressed in the poem. The land is a saber-toothed tiger

1. But I think In UK nderstand it better now. Thus says the poet in stanza four of the poem, Ambush: In brief, the country, the land and its leadership have become the people’s enemy rather than their partner in the quest for a better standard of living. (Ed.). How do I mean? all Peters with petered out desires.