Randen van "het beeld" hebben zichtbare afronding naar binnen toe. The AOC’s stand can swivel from side-to-side and can tilt forwards or backwards, and it’s compatible with 100mm VESA mounts. AOC CQ32G1 Zwart.

The backlight is certainly still strong enough for most rooms and more situations, but you’ll struggle if you’re playing in a particularly bright room. It’s also hindered by a couple of significant problems. That’s it for adjustment, though – unlike AOC’s smaller screens and the 32in BenQ panel, you can’t alter the C32G1’s height. We’ll always tell you what we find. Specificaties 31,5" • 2560x1440 (Quad HD) • 144Hz • VA • 1ms - Bekijk alle specificaties: prijs volgen: willen hebben. AOC Flicker-Free Technology utilises a DC (Direct Current) backlight panel, reducing flickering light levels. Voor de prijs wat het scherm nu kost is het echt geen miskoop!
Hosting door True. Around the rear of the screen are two HDMI 1.4 connections and a single DisplayPort 1.2 input. Hardware Info, Bijna geen backlight bleeding,Wit en zwart waarde zijn goed MK11 en Quake Champions getest,geen ghosting opgemerkt. Bijna geen backlight bleeding,Wit en zwart waarde zijn goed MK11 en Quake Champions getest,geen ghosting opgemerkt. Het is geen flagschip monitor, maar het komt zeker in de buurt.

Freesync werkt prima met mijn 1080Ti.

Beetje raar, valt na een tijdje niet meer op. Het voldoet aan al mijn eisen: ruim, snel, helder (Niet zo helder als IPS maar daar heb ik het voor over). Equip yourself with twice the frame rate of other monitors and say goodbye to image stuttering and blurry motion. Tweakers maakt gebruik van cookies, onder andere om de website te analyseren, het gebruiksgemak te vergroten en advertenties te tonen. Komend vanaf een iiyama TN paneel naar de beauty van AOC. 1440p, 144hz refreshrate, freesync en een curved 31,5inch scherm. Letters "zweven" in de randen tegenover de backlight, zichtbaar, als je op een hoek naar het scherm kijkt.

Bekijk hieronder de review van onze collega's van Hardware Info. And, as usual with AOC’s current crop of gaming monitors, the C32G1 has a gently curving design.

The bottom of the screen, the rear and the base are augmented with red accents, but they’re not intrusive.

Wou graag een tweede monitor en dit was op moment van kopen goedkoopste (299) 144hz 1440p met freesync. The OSD is sensibly organised, but it’s huge and isn’t particularly fast. Learn More, It's large, curved, and offers good colours and contrast – but the low resolution, lack of features and poor backlight are all issues. Wil je meer informatie over cookies en hoe ze worden gebruikt, bekijk dan ons, AOC C32G1 en CQ32G1 review: een letter maakt veel verschil, 31,5" • 2560x1440 (Quad HD) • 144Hz • VA • 1ms -. DPG Online Services B.V. Smaller screens with similar resolutions offer better levels of density – and, therefore, are sharper.
This is poorer than the smaller AOC panel and the BenQ. Elsewhere, the C32G1 delivers impressive colour quality. Only the keenest eSports players will notice this, but it’s a moot point – they’ll have TN panels if they’re serious about competition. Scherm heeft een wat matte beeldkwaliteit, maar ook dat is niet zo erg.

It also means you get less versatility for altering the brightness to suit your tastes. • There are no headphone hooks or handles. AOC’s own G2790PX now costs £260, and its 1080p resolution and 27-inch diagonal gives it a pixel density of 82ppi. scherm in de hoeken wat verder naar achteren, Met wat aanpassingen redelijk goede kleuren, Wel even klooien met settings voor betere kleuren, mogelijkheden van de stand van het scherm.

Prima scherm, zeer groot!

The stand snaps into the back of the panel without the need for any screws, and the base attaches with a single screw. It does come with several caveats, though, which stop it achieving a better score. Wil je meer informatie over cookies en hoe ze worden gebruikt, bekijk dan ons cookiebeleid. How does it get on in our in-depth tests?

That’s especially important for AMD FreeSync, which peaks on this monitor at 144Hz – because the higher the frame rate goes, the more benefit you’ll get out of AMD’s technology.

Other gaming features work well: AMD FreeSync delivered smooth, flawless gaming, and the C32G1’s input lag figure of 12.2ms is so good that the human eye can’t tell the difference. Combined with its reasonable price, it serves as a solid option for mainstream gaming – especially thanks to AMD FreeSync and its curved design. De redactie van Tweakers heeft nog geen review van de AOC CQ32G1 Zwart.

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The RTS mode makes the Delta E and contrast worse when compared to factory settings, and the racing option suffers similarly. Helaas niet in hoogte verstelbaar. The 1080p resolution and 32-inch diagonal means that this screen isn’t particularly sharp, and it’s missing some features – such as USB ports and height adjustment. That sounds great on paper, as do its curved design and AMD FreeSync – but do cut backs in other areas prove one too many? …the Full HD resolution and 32-inch diagonal do mean that the AOC delivers a poor density level of 69ppi. Why cookies? That, to put it mildly, is a double-edged sword. The narrow border and frameless design offer the minimal bezel distraction for the ultimate battle station. The AOC C32G1 is one of the more affordable 32-inch gaming monitors on the market right now with a price of £280. It’s dark, dingy and disappointing.

AOC CQ32G1 Zwart Komend vanaf een iiyama TN paneel naar de beauty van AOC. The poor brightness has a practical impact, too. Super scherp! Gsync compatible.

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Unlike other sites, we thoroughly test every product we review. The AOC C32G1 is a large, curved gaming screen with AMD FreeSync. The base is sturdy, too, despite it being slim plastic legs. Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site.

The C32G1’s image quality is reasonable, but not spectacular. All of these results are better than the AOC C27G1. For starters, the AOC deploys a 1920 x 1080 resolution across its 32-inch diagonal.

Microsoft Xbox Series X LG CX Google Pixel 5 CES 2020 Samsung Galaxy S20 4G Sony PlayStation 5 Nintendo Switch Lite, Tweakers vormt samen met Ik speel single player en mmo's ivm smearing zou ik er geen fps mee spelen.

At least the AOC only weighs just under 7kg. The AOC does look like a gaming screen, but it isn’t what we’d call ostentatious. On a positive note, the resolution is fine for gaming and movies – it delivers enough screen real estate for triple-A titles and eSports games in equal measure. It means that you’ll see superb breadth of colour and an impressive depth of tone on this screen. Independer

The 1800R radius has a minor impact on gaming immersion without distorting images – something that the pricier BenQ also offers.

Those ports face downwards, though, which makes plugging in a little tricky. Mike has worked as a technology journalist for more than a decade, writing for most of the UK’s most well-known websites and magazines. Goede zwart waardes. It’s even better than the HDR-enabled BenQ, which topped out at a still-superb 2,850:1. We use industry standard tests in order to compare features properly.

The AOC G2790PX hit 373 nits.

4 keer retour ivm dode pixels. Paar maanden 1 gekocht, toen €329,-, gisteren een 2e gekocht voor €299,- voor dual monitor setup. This leaves the screen itself a little wobbly when compared to the smaller AOC panels.

Gebogen scherm leek mij eerst niks, maar dat went gauw en het kijkt best goed. AutoTrack, Dient wel even in de juiste modus te worden gezet, overddrive aan voor gaming zodat de respons snappy is. The factory black level of 0.04 nits is a good starting point – it ensures you’ll get rich shades when the screen is dealing with darker colours. The screen may look a little washed out because it doesn’t have the strength to combat strong lighting.

AOC claims a 1ms response time for this screen, but the firm said the same about its C27G1 screen – and that panel exhibited minor ghosting in particularly fast moments unless overdrive settings were employed. Deel je ervaringen en help andere tweakers! The curve isn’t the G32G1’s only bit of familiar physical design. The C32G1 is managed by the usual AOC on-screen display. tot nu toe er geen spijt van! The BenQ EX3203R costs £469, but its 2560 x 1440 resolution and 32-inch diagonal give it a 94ppi density level – noticeably crisper than the C32G1.

The AOC has a familiar and easy setup routine. Prijs/kwaliteit top voor dit scherm.

Get beyond the resolution issue and you’ll find a screen with solid gaming credentials. Tijdens games merk ik niks van de ghosting maar op het homescherm soms merkbaar.

Nationale Vacaturebank, They’re all ahead of the BenQ, too, and they trade blows with the AOC G2790PX. If you want a 32-inch screen that has a higher resolution and a sharper look then that’s entirely possible, too. While that’s high enough for gaming, the panel isn’t particularly sharp or crisp; plus it makes it easy to spot pixels. Super monitor voor de prijs.

Finally, we can’t recommend AOC’s usual FPS, RTS and racing screen modes. echt een aanzienlijke verbetering t.o.v 1080p@75hz. Please visit the Service page.

Expand your view with multiple monitor set-up. It’s a shame, then, that the AOC’s fantastic black and contrast levels are undermined by a poor brightness measurement of 233 nits.

The FPS option ramps up the colour temperature to make the screen look far chillier while massively dropping the brightness – and therefore ruining the contrast. AOC C32G1 31.5 inch monitor. This larger panel has tilting and swivelling, but no height adjustment. That’s fine if all you want is a basic panel, but the BenQ was a little better thanks to the inclusion of USB.

Afgelopen weken gewend aan het scherm en zeer tevreden!

Door gebruik te maken van deze website, of door op 'Ga verder' te klikken, geef je toestemming voor het gebruik van cookies. Subtle red accents on the front and rear of the unit mark the C32G1 out as a gaming screen. The underlying panel uses 8-bit VA technology. Immersive & captivating 32” VA display with 144 Hz, 1 ms MPRT and FreeSync Premium. If you have an Nvidia GPU, you can use VSync at 144Hz, but not FreeSync. This isn’t bad for a 32-inch screen – the BenQ tipped the scales at 8.1kg. And, from a technical point of view, the relatively low 1920 x 1080 resolution means that a wider range of graphics cards will be able to run demanding games at playable frame rates.

Voor de prijs prima ding. During his time writing about technology he’s developed obsessio…. Natuurlijk niet het allerbeste maar voor mij geen vervelende nadelen.

The monitor has narrow bezels on three sides of the screen, and most of the display is built from matte black plastic. It’s sensibly organised, with the usual options in their usual spots, but its size is annoying – and it can’t be moved around the screen, either. With eye strain and fatigue absolutely minimized, feel free to enjoy those long, intense gaming sessions in comfort!

For the rest of us, AOC’s overdrive options virtually eradicate the ghosting.

Tweakers maakt gebruik van cookies, onder andere om de website te analyseren, het gebruiksgemak te vergroten en advertenties te tonen. That’s low for a gaming screen these days – the smaller AOC C27G1 hit 265 nits, which was still poor, and the BenQ EX3203R delivered a stonking level of 399 nits. Voor de prijs (300 euro betaald) kun je geen beter gaming scherm kopen, aanrader! Alle rechten voorbehouden © 1998 - 2020 But that’s your lot for connectivity – there are no USB ports on this screen, and no speakers.