The bucket of water filled, the two are ready to go back indoors and go to bed. But it's not unusual at Buster's house. Arthur begs for Dad to change the channel, anything to avoid having to listen to that annoying commercial. Well, it is his first time baking. The special opens with scenes of citizens of Elwood City busy preparing for Christmas, while Pachelbel's Canon is played in the background on piano. We saw George with hanging ornaments on his antlers, explaining his native (Swedish) holiday, St. Lucia. It is indeed another letter to Santa. Be sure to pick up the CD and check it out... :), For a further discussion of the "religious identity" aspect of "Arthur's Perfect Christmas", see the. Mom honks the horn, and calls for D.W. to hurry, as she's going to be late for school. Inside the bathroom, Arthur runs some water on his toothbrush, and lets the water run as he brushes his teeth. Arthur is the last one to head in. She thought it was Christmas! Muffy: ...but you could see your family any old day! Bitzi: (to herself) I just can't wait for the holidays to be over.But Buster did hear her, and he feels bad, like he is somehow responsible. |Binky Pal and Rory watch. Marc Brown's Arthur's Perfect Christmas. A bear gentleman with a mustache taps Buster's Mom's back, and she turns around. SCREENSHOT FROM PBS SITE: D.W. mailing her first of several letters to Santa this year. She turns around with a jerk to see if Arthur's caught that, but Arthur's gone. He presents Muffy with a "Kwanzaa Cream Special" which is three scoops of ice cream in a bowl. The bells of doom sound effect starts up in the background see a shot of the house from outside for a moment -- D.W.'s screams are so loud you can hear them outside. Buster licks it off, and says in a sleepy voice that that's nice. Then he goes outside, and grabs some more food which happens to be flying past his house. Anyway -- the point is, that in order to fit in commercials/pledge breaks, some of the special was edited for time... so bits got missed out. His family celebrates Kwanzaa, which was invented in 1966... For some reason, we cut to a far away shot of the three. Just before he takes of his glasses, Arthur comments to himself that if nothing else, at least the present he got for Mom will turn out perfect. At the Reads, they've just finished Dad's special retro dinner, and it was very nice. Both Arthur and Pal know that it's no use trying to explain things to Dad. It's no use trying to tell Muffy anything. Uncle Fred is entertaining her with a rattle, and Baby Kate trying to grab it -- Uncle Fred hands the rattle to her, but the rattle part promptly breaks off the handle as he does so. It's 3:15. After eating it, Buster says he thinks it's delicious, and he wants a side order of it. Ducks as a giant toy frog jumps in front of him. Then she proceeds to show Arthur how she can make Quackers "sing". He says he guesses that Christmas miracles DO happen. Then she asks why Brain's not at home, as today is a holiday. In the kitchen, D.W. prepares a snack of cookies and milk for Santa, which Arthur samples. In the full version of the special (without the commercials) there's a song here. We see Brain's family celebrating Kwanzaa as they sing a Kwanzaa song. Arthur is out of breath slightly, but he's glad to say that yep, he did! Rory comes back to the camera and sticks his face up against it. The security guard points towards "Toy Town", which is a large toy store, located ahead of Arthur, past a bagel shop, and a store called "Scarlet". Mr. Ratburn: I believe you have to shell the pecans, Binky. Arthur groans at the song, but doesn't have long to stand around complaining... he has to move his backside, and with a quickness. D.W.: Don't let me down Santa, I'm counting on you. The LED display reads: 97.8. A wolf person with a truck that says "GREG's Towing" is there hooked up to Uncle Fred's SUV.