(He points at the circled date.). Mrs. Read: That's great! Mrs. Read: D.W.., come on! Front wheel!

The scene changes to the kitchen, where D.W. pours some milk in a glass. Mrs. Read: Okay, Arthur, back to bed. She thinks I'm coming to her party, Francine: Hello! Arthur's Perfect Christmas; Arthur - It's Only Rock 'n' Roll; D.W. and the Beastly Birthday; Arthur and the Haunted Treehouse; The Rhythm and Roots of Arthur; Postcards from Buster. Baby Kate giggles. thinking of Santa's best interests? Add new page. Closed-captioning and descriptive-video features are available on this release. The present flops over onto the hard floor.

Alan who? It's for you! comment. 23 Mimosa Avenue, Trelew, Cornwall, England.

Buster: (puts his hand on his head and looks thoughtful) Hmm. We're not friends anymore. The smoke alarm starts going off. A giant mad dog! The special has been released on DVD and on VHS prior to the format's demise. it's still Christmas. Eventually on Christmas Day, the car is fixed. The scene changes to show the outside, where the sparkles cover everything in snow.
Arthur, Alan just reprogrammed my computer. Thanks, but I'm not hungry. and of course, little Kate! (slams the phone down). För däremellan kommer fastan. There it is! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

I always thought that dog was dumb. "Today is Baxter Day!" My friend said... ...that you'd have to go so fast... ...it would make you and the sleigh and the reindeer all burn up. There in our dark house, walking with lit candles, Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia!]. I didn't think You're perfect. Arthur soon discovers that perfection is hard to come by and worries that Christmas won't be as great as he hopes. about all my cool presents?

A dog-guy takes one and enjoys it. They didn't have coffee in ancient Jerusalem.

During the scene where Mr. Ratburn eats one of Binky's brownies, we see in the background a brown rabbit on the other side of Mr. Ratburn in his normal wear, but seconds later we see him in a red vest talking to Brain, but when Mr. Ratburn asks him if he put sugar in the brownies, the rabbit is white and is wearing a green shirt. Arthur: Wanna sneak down and watch “Curse Of The Puppet's Sister” on TV?
-My party! Dad, can we please Christmas is tomorrow and there's still no snow. DW's excited chat about seeing Santa to Mr. Read is synced incorrectly for earlier Home Releases. Mrs. Read: That wasn't so funny. Drop time, 18.14 seconds per household.

Brain: Yes, but you won’t learn it unless you do it yourself. Oof! Have you heard the news? Stop! He eats the pea. Arthur trips over a lamp cord and the glass bird falls on the floor and shatters into many pieces. 1 Summary; 2 Plot; 3 Characters. He gasps. No! No idea. Grade 3, sir.

Sounds great. I remember the look on your father's face when he saw it. Right, Arthur?

There's one more thing we have to do. Uncle Fred: Yeah. Brain and Arthur cycle through the park. I'll be right back! ...it's Arthur. This page was last edited on 25 December 2019, at 23:39. Arthur: Thanks, Uncle Fred. Arthur is painting a picture at the kitchen table. I've only had four Christmases in my whole life. 'Cause I can't call Francine. Buster: Why don't you want him coming to the park with us? Rain. Mrs. Read: That's alright, we've got napkins. I don’t believe it. See? I put my head in ours and it's really small. I wanna see if it's gonna snow. She thought it was Christmas. George: And in Sweden, they have a parade early in the morning on December 13, where people follow the Queen of Lights, who wears a crown of candles. Mrs. Read: Um, probably not. Arthur: Look! doesn't have Cybercod's kung fu fin. -You said l could drive! Mr. Read: Don't tell me. D.W.: I wanted Tina the Talking Tabby!

Blue links have articles on this wiki (either completed or under development), and red links mean that a page hasn't been made yet. D.W.: (gapes, tugs on her sleeve) What about me, Grandma? Francine, Francine Mr. Read: No buts. It's the best present ever! You know - the rock band. (turns around, see nobody there) Arthur? But I don't know what else to do. Here we go! It's the very best present of all, We could just sleep late There's still the whole day ahead.

I think it's time we got started on those presents. Wow, a grand piano.

There's still the whole day ahead of us. ($5.99 flashes as a graphic on-screen.). I'm counting on you. The bell rings, and then she sighs and enters the school. Yes. https://arthur.fandom.com/wiki/The_Perfect_Brother/Transcript?oldid=455723. We don't have to call it Christmas. Buster: And we don't even have to call it Christmas. -No one... ...gets the wrong... ...present. Let's get this show on the road. (Black smoke wafts towards her. Somewhere in outer space Mayonnaise is wild. I use it to store pictures of bows. She looks back in the bathroom, where Uncle Fred is shaving, dressed in all-red pajama suit and red-and-white socks. He chews and looks disgusted, then sticks out his tongue. Bitzi: (entering his room and speaking in a loud singsong voice) Rise and shine, sleepyhead! Buster: (poking at some sort of ball in his plate, other hand on his head) Oh yeah, great. Bitzi: Then we have to rush home so I can put the roast in and make Yorkshire pudding... Bitzi: ...and then we'll watch It's a Wonderful Life together for the fifth time, and... Buster: This has been a really great Christmas so far. D.W.: Brain reads faster. Want some popcorn? before you catch pew-monia! You give up? Sing 'Silent Night' backwards.".

D.W.: Since when does Uncle Fred have a white beard? Safe!

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what day Jesus was born on. -The herd is now in... ...Mozambique's airspace, threatening the fragile peace... ...between the two nations. Buster: This profiterole keeps rolling away. They're laughing, clearly enjoying it. D.W. reaches for a large present as an instrumental of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" plays.

Buster looks sad. Rory is in the truck and ready to go. What are you doing here? Where I... ...come from, we don't have... ...money! And, if I'm sick again, I could be sick in a bag. Arthur: But won't Christmas dinner be kind of boring if we have the same thing tonight?