Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, When Marty starts to leave, Buford calls him "yellow", Marty's self-control crumbles, and now Marty is challenged to a duel that Monday morning. During the fight while using a gun, Buford angers Marty by trying to shoot him, and Marty kicks the gun out of Buford's hand. I correct myself - sheet music is available here: "Opinions are like 'Behinds' - Everyone's got one, but they're not all the same size and shape.

Before Marty takes the repaired DeLorean back to 1885, if one looks closely, you can see the "Last time departed" reads sometime in October. In the second altered timeline, Marty's knowledge of the tombstone made Doc decide not to pick up Clara at the train station (believing that it would prevent a love infatuation) and instead he focused on fixing the DeLorean. and being transported to September 2, 1885 just before hitting the screen.
Marty tries again, and asks, "Doc, what is wrong with my future?" Once 1955 Doc wakes up, he dictates the previous night's events on his reel-to-reel tape recorder, during which briefly assumes that what he saw was just an "residual image", but resumes his state of shock when he realizes Marty's right behind him. Back to the Future: The Complete Trilogy featurettes. He also tells Marty about his brother Martin , who was stabbed with a bowie knife in a saloon in Virginia City, Nevada because he let someone provoke him into a fight. The result is a chase that ends with Buford and his gang attempting to hang Marty from the partly-complete clock tower, at which point Doc shows up carrying a rifle with a full-size telescopic scope attached to the top as a rifle-sight. In the beginning of the movie, 1955 Doc Brown learns what happens to 1985 Doc Brown that causes 1985 Doc Brown to be sent to 1885. Soon after, Marty and Doc attend the town festival which is also doubling as the inauguration of the clock tower which is still being built, with Marty and Doc getting a photo in front of the clock before it is set in place. The next day, Marty finds Doc at the bar before he drinks his glass of whiskey but is too late to prevent Doc from drinking it. These links were last verified September 16, 2008, Music: Back to the Future • Back to the Future Part III • The Back to the Future Trilogy (soundtrack) Speaking of which, Lea Thompson's character is not in silhouette when she comforts Marty after passing out, unlike the first two movies. He returns to the DeLorean's wreckage site with Jennifer. After arriving in 1885, Marty is chased off by Indians.

The next day, Marty goes into Hill Valley, and goes into the local saloon to try and find out where Doc lives. The woman introduces herself as Clara Clayton, with she and Doc quickly becoming infatuated with each other. The time machine gets a warm welcome by Native Americans in 1885.

Marty returns to the wreckage seconds later, knowing that Doc's wishes have been fulfilled and the time machine has been destroyed but is saddened as it means Doc is trapped in 1885 and Marty will never see him again.

For those who have seen it, it is the scene where Marty (Michael J Fox) saves Doc (Christopher Lloyd) by throwing a pie plate like a frisbee. The three old-timers sat near the back of the Palace Saloon (on the right, behind Marty). Southern rockers ZZ Top contributed "Doubleback" from their 1990 album Recycler to the soundtrack, and the trio even have a cameo appearance during the town's festival scene as the band. Just then Marty and Jennifer are blown off their feet by the arrival of a new time machine, fashioned in the form of a modified 1880s-era locomotive, which runs on steam as the Doc says, with the Flux Capacitor located on the front. When the driver asks if it is a hijack, Marty and Doc look at each other, and Doc answers, "It's a science experiment!" The time machine's flying circuits were also damaged by the lightning bolt, as mentioned in the letter, so the car will never fly again. 3. Add an answer. The subsequent video for "Doubleback" also uses clips from the movie. If you have access to in Australia, you can find to the tune under 'Doubleback' by Alan Silvestri, album: Back To The Future III. Other media: Back to the Future: The Ride • Back to the Future: The Animated Series • Back to the Future (musical) • Back to the Future: The Pinball, FutureQuote has a collection of quotes related to. Doc refuses, and Buford promises to kill him on Monday.