Other ways to browse. Mienie revealed that the top three most-searched-for electric cars are the BMW i3, BMW 3 Series and Jaguar I-Pace. 545 (49%) of these were BEVs and 574 (51%) were PHEVs. The R664,000 list price, before options, means the i3 is not a terribly affordable city car off the bat. They’re left in what appears like quite a raw state which not only looks different but also adds a texture to the cabin that one wouldn’t normally see inside a car. Of course that’s all driven by what lies beneath. However on day 3, Thursday in that week, the reality dawned on me that I’d need to charge the car that night as I had a trip to a customer planned the next day.

polo. Clearly, motorists would like a 3 Series with an electric engine though,” he noted. We have looked at the importance of the new generation of plug-in hybrid SUVs and the potential impact of fully electric SUVs. Everything from investing like Warren Buffett to the Audiobiography of Cyril Ramaphosa. The BMW i3 shows the way ahead to a new era of mobility. I tend to agree, given it’s bubble-like proportions with very short overhangs and fairly tall stance. It would be good if we also get the 1 million kilometer battery warranty backed UX300e SUV in this part of the world. We have looked at the importance of the new generation of, The Jaguar I-Pace has been well received in South Africa and it was recently voted South Africa’s Car of The Year. The next morning I found the battery had gone from 35% to just 70% with a trip from Johannesburg to Pretoria on the cards and a small weekend getaway to nearby Magaliesburg.

At that money it competes with the higher end of large hatch backs, or indeed the entry point for a luxury saloon as well as many an SUV. Of course one must also consider the costs of running an electric vehicle. The BMW i3 continues to be a niche product in SA. Opinions and comments published on this site may not be sanctioned by and do not necessarily represent the views of CleanTechnica, its owners, sponsors, affiliates, or subsidiaries.

The i3 is South Africa’s all-time top selling BEV and the i8 tops the plug-in hybrid charts. Sign up for our free daily newsletter or weekly newsletter to never miss a story. Click on Contact at the top of the page. Browse BMW i3 for Sale (New and Used) listings on Cars.co.za, the latest BMW news, reviews and car information. You can also have a fast or rapid charge unit installed at your house, if your electrical connection can handle it, cutting charge times to 3 hours or just 30 minutes respectively. hilux. 1st Floor, Block B, North Park, Black River Park, 2 Fir Street, Observatory, Cape Town, 7925, South Africa This was the first time ever that an electric vehicle has won this award. The Jaguar I-Pace has been well received in South Africa and it was recently voted South Africa’s Car of The Year. However, many South Africans are still eyeing an electric vehicle or hybrid. Address: Regus Business Centre CAR Magazine has up-to-date 2020 i3 prices … Norway is the country in the world with the most electric cars. At that stage it had been built into a Mini as a test mule, which I drove around the basement of the ICC building. High import duties, as well as the lack of government subsidies, make electric cars quite pricey in this country – placing them out of the reach of many South Africans,” he explained. CleanTechnica is the #1 cleantech-focused news & analysis website in the US & the world, focusing primarily on electric cars, solar energy, wind energy, & energy storage. The iX3 will be built at the BMW/Brilliance Automotive joint venture plant in China where BMW has been producing the X3. Since its launch, the i3 has become the most popular electric vehicle sold in the country. As the largest digital automotive marketplace in South Africa, AutoTrader provides unparalleled insight into car-buying patterns in the country. One of the first fully electric vehicles that hit South African shores some 4 years ago was the. At university he continued to explore materials with applications in the energy space and ending up doing a PhD involving the study of radiation damage in High Temperature Gas Cooled Nuclear Reactors.