I notice they ignore their turd blossom 4 cylinder turboz. Cadillac has just told me that Apple is innovative, Brembo makes high-performance brakes, and Recaro makes seats. At the very least, it's begging for typos. Both of Cadillac's planned electric cars are right in line with current luxury trends, surreal names notwithstanding.

Another vote for Jack. Instead, we’re still watching Cadillac continue it’s sad decline. Admittedly, as someone who grew up with the cushy brougham-era luxury of a Sedan de Ville, my beef with Cadillac's recent naming strategy runs deep. The Celestiq is rumored to continue the design language of recent Cadillacs including the handsome Escala and Lyriq concepts and is expected to use GM’s new BEV3 modular EV platform as well as its new Ultium battery technology, and offer both rear- and all-wheel drive versions. May cause high fuel consumption, excessive depreciation, and high priced repairs. It’s not about development costs at this level. Eldorado! God, that’s an awkward word to type… and pronounce. Cadillac has yet to reveal that EV, which is slated to be an exclusive, opulent, hand-assembled flagship sedan of the highest order, showcasing just what Cadillac is capable of in a … Cadillac plans to top its rivals by offering a better overall package beyond just a good-looking car, Carlisle said. “no matter what Cadillac does it sucks by default”, Cadillac has had one game plan for the past 30 years.

Lyriq. Having to sell it at most current Cadillac dealerships will kill it stone dead. Why? did just lease a Red C7 drop though. Love it. It will be propelled by GM's Ultium battery system and get more than 300 miles on a full charge. Even the cynical, thinly disguised rebadge of a Chevrolet Cavalier known as the Cadillac Cimarron had a fun moniker. The lower portion wraps into the rear bumper and house the brake light. Two new all-electric vehicles will be the new face of the brand: A Buick SUV will offer more conventional crossover proportions that maximize interior space and cargo, A Buick SUV will feature more expressive proportions with a greater emphasis on form and athletic fashion. We built the first and greatest V-16 car, and now we will build the last. We invite you to follow our Cadillac Celestiq news coverage.

But we know this is extremely important to EV customers.". GM has committed only to start building the electric GMC Hummer pickup there next year, then the Cruise Origin later. Not really. "In other venues we’ve talked about electrified trucks and larger vehicles. There’s no risk in building an EV, everyone is scrambling to do that.

"That’s not where we are now.

What's a Lyriq if it isn't a D-list early 2000s boy band who failed to launch? in fact, they represent stuck up jerks who know nothing about the car biz, or how to treat people. GM is working to offer the infrastructure to support EVs, Carlisle said, noting GM's recent partnership with EVgo. When Cadillac announced that they would be returning to real names for their vehicle lineup, fans rejoiced! Celestiq will follow the new all-electric Lyriq, which arrives this April. In that respect, I believe that moving to the Tesla model of electric performance is a good move.

Cadillac is not announcing yet which U.S. factory will assemble the Lyriq, but a source familiar with production said it will not be made at Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly, even though that facility is being retooled to build several new all-electric vehicles. The “Innovation” link discusses driver aids, Apple CarPlay/Siri, the MyCadillac App, wireless phone charging, available Wi-Fi, available 34-speaker Bose Panaray sound system, lightweight/quiet vehicle architecture, and virtual reality. It will launch first in China. Let’s make smaller cars that chase the Germans at 95% of the cost.

If it’s a sales dud, well, that’s another image problem to deal with. To GM's credit, the Lyriq and Celestiq are different enough from what Cadillac's made in the past that they deserve to be called something new—and as much as I hate it, I have to admit that these silly names are memorable.