Yes, it is really sad to see something of beauty slowly fade away. ), La Fortaleza, San Juan, Puerto Rico Russell has just the right mix of saltiness and warmth as Ron.

I will be going over to their house tomorrow and I will, I live onboard my 40′ ketch at the Kemah Boardwalk Marina and the boat is definitely there although I have not seen any signs indicating it was up for sale. today is november 7, 2010. i own one of the formosa 51 boats used in the ‘captain ron’ movie. It’s a Los Angeles Class.

The WANDERER, a sailboat used in the "CAPTAIN RON" movie. He's called by the murderer and told there'll be four more. We decided that the Wanderer is to far gone to bring back up, unless you have well over $500,000 to invest., 60 Comments posted on "What kind of sailboat is in the movie Captain Ron", What kind of sailboat is in the movie Captain Ron.

It sure can but with some elbow grease you can change it to a lot less, which makes me happy!


Both were in rather poor states of repair. Wouldn’t you just love to have an engine room the size of the one on Captain Ron?!? I heard there were three Formosas used in the film; perhaps that's where the mention of that number comes from. TODAY IS NOVEMBER 7, 2010. I would be so grateful.

Pomme de Terre to Miami, and they sail with the assistance of Captain Ron and their lives will never be the same again.


I hope this helps.. Snake Plissken is once again called in by the United States government to recover a potential doomsday device from Los Angeles, now an autonomous island where undesirables are deported.

The 51′ Formosa in Captain Ron is in very poor condition if my memory serves me correctly. If your looking for Formosa movie boat, the 51′ Formosa from “50 First Dates” is still in good shape and I last saw it in KoOlina Marina on Oahu. Thanks txcalgal!

(In St. Haag, Caroline runs into tourist information building), Calle del Cristo, Calle Fortaleza, San Juan, Puerto Rico He, his wife, daughter and son fly to a Caribbean island and hire a dubious Captain Ron to sail them on an adventure to Miami.

Very sad to part with here but kids were going into high school. Many classic lines, and bits of dialogue throughout the film. Russell plays the title character, a dreadlocked, drydocked bum hired to pilot a boat, The Wanderer, which was once supposed to have belonged to Clark Gable and Carole Lombard.

I thought maybe there was more than one but…. Greetings and welcome aboard the CF, Bob. I personaly know someone who who pulled a 42ft tayana mkII from the bottom of tampa bay title was no problem- he left it moored up and local pirates were the real problem after a year of rebuild they burned it down on him very sad sight, I’m from brooklyn and my father had a 35ft bertram coming into the canal of howard beach my cousin franky hit the sandbar cruisin 20knots ripped one of the props out sunk it- insurance paid him and left the boat a guy pulled it up and we watched him across the dock from us rehab it- funny thing his current is a 30 bayliner flybridge and it sits on blocks in the water -ha —boats spend more time dry in new york–my suggestion is to put them all back in the water and retire them to sunny florida , Well everyone the real story is… The Wanderer sold several months ago and is located in Kemah TX just a few slips down from our Formosa 51 “Windsong” and another Formosa 51 called Kami Kay. 50 first dates is a pilot hose version, I believe.

(Martin and Katherine Harvey emerge from police car in the area of their boat), Plaza Dársenas, San Juan, Puerto Rico My father owns a 56′ (so I think). This is huge, because it is critical to be able to legally run a charter-type business in the USA with her. Seamanship, Navigation & Boat Handling, Rules of the Road, Regulations, & Red Tape,, Captain Ron's docking manuevers - YouTube.

(Old stone fort seen in San Juan festival episode, near the Harveys' docked boat), Arroyo, Puerto Rico Re: The Wanderer sailboat used in the Captain Ron movie sold they do have a dance hall as an engine room--is so awesome--ye can stand up and almost dance in it--i wanted my friend's boat after he suicided in it--they were asking 40k for his --and was in perfect you have to do a lot of work in wandrer?/ who bought her??

In the meantime ill be scouring the Google;)

Captain Bob. Yep, hole in the water but thanks for the update!

Maybe you’d be able to find one on yachtworld or some other site. The interiors of the boats were nothing like what was shown in the movie. (The Wanderer docked in San Pomme de Terre, Captain Ron appears), San Juan Gate, San Juan, Puerto Rico Privacy Guaranteed - your email is never shared with anyone, opt out any time. This FAQ is empty.

Though not shipwrecked, The Wanderer, docked in the Caribbean, does turn out to be more of a wreck than a ship, a point injudiciously relayed to boat.

They decide to sail it from the island of Ste. But it’s a great boat. The Capt.