Cetus is the biggest constellation (exception Argo, which is actually a composite of three constellations), and it’s true that this enemy can seem like the biggest obstacle to overcome. Their capture is not the end, the fish struggle against their bonds, meet a new assault, and suffer death by the knife, and the sea is dyed, mixed with blood of its own. The brightest star, α (in the upper mandible), is named Menikar, and means the bound or chained enemy. But we must remember the whole picture. 2. It continues at its brightest for fifteen days together. Cetus is a three-natured beast. It consists of 97 stars, of which two are of the 2nd magnitude, eight of the 3rd, nine of the 4th, etc. 1. It is the natural enemy of fishes, hence it is placed here in connection with this last chapter, in which fishes are so prominent. It is located south of Aries and Pisces, between Eridanus and Aquarius.

Indeed its variableness is so great as to make it appear unsteady! 3. One part is better if its juices are given up, another if they are retained. Or click on The Big Picture to learn more about the Gospel in the stars. Cetus, one of the equatorial constellations, is a large constellation across the equator. But the legend in which Cetus figured seems to have been current on the Euphrates long before our era; and, descending to Euripides and Sophocles, appeared in their dramas, as also in much subsequent literature. From Diphda to the east, you can see a 3rd-magnitude star, which is the nose of Cetus. Its names is ominous, for the star is one of the most remarkable. If it doesn’t actually cross the constellation then it’s not considered a zodiac sign, coming close doesn’t cut it. As the last portion of the Fishes rises, appears the constellation of the Whale, pursuing Andromeda in heaven as on the sea. All Rights Reserved. This 3rd-magnitude star and four other stars nearby form a pentagon, which is the head of Cetus. Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning, Richard H. Allen, 1889, p.160-161. But don’t forget!! CETUS (Gk) ”sea monster”; Knem (Egy) “subdued”; Menkar (Arb) “the bound or chained enemy”; Diphda Kaitos (Gk) “overthrown”; Mira (Gk) “the rebel”.

First, a river of God’s wrath is scorching the paws (the flesh); next Aries is pressing down on top of the head and neck (the Devil and the world), and finally Taurus the Bull is trampling down on its head (the Devil). The neighboring constellations are Aquarius, Aries, Eridanus, Fornax, Pisces, Sculptor, and Taurus. This monster enlists its sons in an onslaught on the deep and a butchery of scaly creatures; theirs will be a passion for ensnaring the deep with nets spread wide and for straitening the sea with bonds; they will confine in spacious prisons seals which deem themselves as safe as in the open sea and shackle them fast in fetters; the unwary tunny they will draw along in a network of meshes. Here is the seed of Satan receiving the crushing bruise to the head from Aries (the triumphant Lamb that was slain) who is trampling this sea monster under its feet with the same forepaws that are severing the band (The Band) that binds the fish (Pisces). You have to have a whale of a lot of luck to be born under the "sign" of Cetus, the Whale (or Sea Monster, prominent in the legend of Andromeda and Perseus, but that's a story for another night… Moreover, such men will be able to fill great salt-pans, to evaporate the sea, and to extract the sea’s venom, they prepare a wide expanse of hardened ground and surround it with firm walls, next conduct therein waters channeled from the nearby sea and then deny them exit by closing sluice-gates, so the floor holds in the waves and begins to glisten as the water is drained off by the sun. This is a picture of complete defeat. Or when, presenting the very likeness of the dark-hued sea, a shoal of the scaly creatures has come to a stop and cannot move for their numbers, they are surrounded and drawn from the water by a huge drag-net, and fill large tanks and wine-vats, their common endowment of liquid is exuded upon each other, for their inward parts melt and issue forth as a stream of decomposition. Look closesly. Home  /  Fixed Stars  /  Constellation Cetus. Cetus, one of the equatorial constellations, is a large constellation across the equator. Many asteroids in belts have longer phases occulting the north-western part of Cetus, that bulk with a slightly greater inclinationto the ecliptic than th… Cetus, the Whale or Sea Monster… has been identified, at least since Aratos’ day, with the fabled creature sent to devour Andromeda, but turned to stone at the sight of the Medusa’s head (Algol) in the hand of Perseus. Equally veracious additions to the story, from Pliny and Solinus, are that the monster’s bones were brought to Rome by Scaurus, the skeleton measuring forty feet in length and the vertebrae six feet in circumference; from Saint Jerome, who wrote that he had seen them at Tyre; and from Pausanias, who described a nearby spring that was red with the monster’s blood. by The Band. [4]. Cetus is not among the 12 true zodiac constellations in the J2000 epoch, nor classical 12-part zodiac. This is what we see in the second section of the chapter, the second constellation in ARIES. Cetus is the fourth largest constellation in the sky, occupying an area of 1231 square degrees. But as an alternative signification of the word ketos is Tunny,3 [This tunny, the horse-mackerel of the American coast and the Attacora thynnus of ichthyology, is found in the Mediterranean up to 1000 pounds’ weight.] Cetus spans 50 degrees of the Zodiac in the Signs of Aries and Taurus, and contains 20 named fixed stars. Thus the moon and planets will enter Cetus (occulting any stars as a foreground object) in 50% of their successive orbits briefly and the southern part of the sun appears in Cetus for about one day each year. The next, β (in the tail), is called Diphda, or Deneb Kaitos, overthrown, or thrust down. also a signification of Khelidonias, applied to the Northern Fish of the zodiac, it is not unlikely that the latter figure should be substituted in the story for the time-honored Whale. And finally, the bands that had been his only source of power and influence in the believer’s life are being cut! The Great Enemy Bound In all the legends and myths of the ancient world, Cetus is associated with the idea of wickedness, or of ferociousness. Remember in Genesis 3:15, God gives a prophetic message to Eve. [3]. When the sea’s dry element has collected, Ocean’s white locks are shorn for use at table, and huge mounds are made of the solid foam; and the poison of the deep, which prevents the use of sea-water, vitiating it with a taste, they commute to life-giving salt and render a source of health.