Top speed. rhodomel. When I "hyper miled", a term for driving technique for maximum fuel efficiency, I was getting far more than EPA figures. EPA-estimated 53-mile range based on 106 MPGe combined city/highway (electric); 367-mile extended range based on 42 … The trademarks, marques and logos of the manufacturers of devices, software, hardware, etc. there is one near work at the chevy dealer they said i could use but im trying to not ware out my welcome there charging for free. And , really , for good reason , unless you lived in the major metropolitan areas . Hooking a big 50KVA inverter into the HV feed of the Volt would power 2 or 3 typical houses easy.... HV inverters, such as that inside of a datacenter grade UPS, have an extremely high efficiency rate due to their high battery string voltage. Previously, I wrote about SparkEV range by finding a polynomial that fits observed power at various speeds.

Im retired and wish I had a car like this 10 years ago. 2016 Chevrolet Spark EV 51.0 mi / 82.0 km In previous blog post, I analyzed SparkEV acceleration performance. We drive it at a constant 70 mph to see just how far it will go. It is where I turned to last year when I picked up a Chevy Spark EV of 2015 vintage. Traffic gets worse every year , but nothing like you have . I live in a smaller town and use it just around town for small trips, its really saves wear & tear on my other 2 older gas cars and will help them last longer. Range in winter about 60% of ideal 70 degrees without going too crazy using a lot of cabin heating. It might make for a good excuse to visit Los Angeles. While waiting for the fuel cell gen set, the Spark EV could use one of these and would still come out cheaper than the Volt: While I haven't had to push it or pay a tow truck to carry my car to a plug, I was also unsure how far I can drive it in real life without worrying about the location of the nearest charging station. for very long downhill.

Any third party hacks out there? Greater than infinite miles (?) As explained in the video above, the plan was to travel in both directions in order to negate wind or elevation changes. LOL. EPA tells us so., I picked up a Chevy Spark EV of 2015 vintage, Tesla Owner: What An Honest Model Y Vs Model 3 Review Should Look Like, GMC Reveals 350-Mile Hummer Electric Pickup Truck: $79,995 To $112,595, Tesla Model 3 Towing Huge 26-Foot Airstream: Range & Power Test, Smart Summon Allows Tesla Model Y To Escape From A Very Deep, Big Puddle, Tesla (Sort Of) Recognizes Model 3 Rear Bumper Has A Design Flaw.
Doors: 5, Seats: 4Length: 146.5 in / 3720 mmWidth: 64.1 in / 1627 mmHeight: 62.6 in / 1590 mmCurb weight: 2866.01 lb / 1300 kgElectric motor: 105 kW, 444 Nm, Location: FrontBattery: 18.4 kWh, Voltage: 400 V. The information on this website is provided on "as is, as available basis" without warranty of any kind. "It did very well in comparison to the Nissan LEAFs that have been tested on the same course.". Have you thought of shipping it? If I say SparkEV is the quickest charging EV in the world, you should ask "are you insane? Spark EV General Discussion, News, and Events, MPG, 98% Electric, 2% gas, Saved 6 gal., 28 kW-hr/100 miles,,,,,,,,, Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events. Tesla Model Y 70 MPH Highway Range Test: How Far Did It Go? My battery capacity using a Torque Pro is still about 17 kWh. I use the simple 120 cord and it works fine for me. I can estimate battery capacity by taking measurements from state of charge (SoC) percentage and energy taken in kWh. You can adjust the range by driving slower, use REGEN in L and not using Heat or Air Cond. Very little infrastructure to support them . Yea, so who exactly would be regulating the tailpipe emissions of the gen-set?,,^2&FuelWh=33557&IceEfficiency=.9&DrivetrainEfficiency=.95&ParasiticOverhead=500&rho=1.225&FromToStep=5-200-5,,,,,,^2&FuelWh=33557&IceEfficiency=.8&DrivetrainEfficiency=.95&ParasiticOverhead=500&rho=1.225&FromToStep=5-200-5,^2&FuelWh=33557&IceEfficiency=.3&DrivetrainEfficiency=.95&ParasiticOverhead=500&rho=1.225&FromToStep=5-200-5,,,^2&FuelWh=33557&IceEfficiency=.9&DrivetrainEfficiency=.95&ParasiticOverhead=1240&rho=1.225&FromToStep=5-200-5,, SOLUTION: SparkEV's problem with DC fast charge, SparkEV is the most efficient car in world history, Year of DC fast charging and battery degradation estimate, SparkEV is quickest charging EV in the world, Current Lease Offers for Selected 2015 and 2016 EVs. JavaScript is disabled. I got my Chevy Spark EV on Apr. Mine is a 1600W unit that will power the fridge and furnace as long as they don't start at the same time. Plug-in Hybrids also use a small gasoline engine and with this system, you’re sort of turning your EV into a PHEV. GM-Volt: Chevy Volt Forum > Spark EV Forums > Spark EV General Discussion, News, and Events > Range Extender for Spark EV PDA View Full Version : Range Extender for Spark EV I do have DC Fast Charging and that is handy for trips but I like free Level 2 charging the most. 90+ miles at 55 MPH windows up with slight elevation gain (about 500 ft).

The EPA number, of course, is only an estimate and real-world range can vary widely depending on speeds, weather, and driving behavior. But 2015 SparkEV is lighter by about 80 pounds as well as having lower gearing that's better for low speed (3.17 in 2014 vs 3.87 in 2015). Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel here. The Spark EV. I honestly appreciate you bringing it up . In most cases they are dropping the voltage, rather than boosting it inefficiently like in normal 12V->120VAC inverters. Previously, I wrote a blog post in trying to analyze SparkEV's range. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. contact us

The car only charged to 72 miles. That could add thousands of dollars, wiping out any potential savings. Thank you for all the number crunching. There is a kit available, if you do a little searching you can find it. My 2016 Spark EV with 28K miles on it still gets 110 miles on the Guess o meter. EPA-estimated 238-mile EV range. Your range vs speed chart was particularly illuminating. When there is a blackout, you can use it to power your house, maybe plus three other houses. I won't be lugging around (and parking) a trailer. Overview. Assuming it was 82 miles when new with your driving style, it could be that the battery is now 88% of what it was when new. Now if only the Volt's gen set could be hacked to provide electricity during camping or power up the house during blackout. cookie policy |

So, it's either not suitable for emergencies (it's back home), or I'm always towing a trailer, just in case. It all denpend on adjusting the lose nut behind the wheel, the driver.