Use of Companion for entering and managing events is available at participating Wizards Play Network retailers who are using our new event management software EventLink during its open beta. MTG Arena Tutta la strategia, tutta l’azione: MTG Arena dà vita a Magic su PC per principianti ed esperti. Companion rule change via June 1 MTG Banned and Restricted announcement. Abilities you activate that aren't mana abilities cost less to activate. Download Companion for Android here. Unlike the old system, however, Companion ensures both players can verify what the submitted result was at any time until the next round begins. Now you can join events from your participating WPN retailer directly through the app (you'll still pay entry fees directly to your retailer) receive your pairing and seating assignment, record match results, and check standings. on July 15, 2020. To fill out a match slip, tap the win/loss prompts the appropriate amount to properly reflect the results. Note: Companion is an awesome way to make accessing tournaments faster, easier, and more accessible. Companion is available for free download now, but we're not done! Check out all the mechanics from the upcoming Zendikar Rising, some returning and some new. Introducing the official Magic: The Gathering Companion App, the quickest way to participate in events at your store - Show up. Before I dive into the what, here's the where: You can download Companion for Android here. This is a big improvement over the options previously available for submitting a match result and was shown during our testing to make events run much more smoothly. If you're logged into your Wizards Account, you'll be able to host events with up to 16 players and advanced settings that allow you to adjust the tournament type to something like a Booster Draft or change the tournament structure from Swiss to single elimination. Lifelink A companion "zone" would be helpful. For example, if you pick the "Legacy" format, your life total will automatically start at 20 life and your game tracking options while you use the app will include mechanics specific to the Legacy format. Once you've determined the structure of your event, you can add players in one of two ways. r/mtg: A place for general discussion of Magic: The Gathering. If you have push notifications turned on, we'll even send you a reminder directly to your phone when it's time to play again. The day is finally here! If you minimize your event and need to rejoin for any reason, you can easily do so in the event lobby, the first screen that loads in Companion and shows all active events you're participating in. That means if you've submitted your match result for round five of your event, you can see how you ranked through the first four rounds of the event, but you won't be able to see standings from round five until everyone has completed the round. Spells you cast of the chosen type cost less to cast. Sample Card (If this card is your chosen companion, you may cast it once from outside the game.) ), join the events hosted by participating Wizards Play Network stores, record match results, view pairings, and track life totals, all directly from your phone. Acquista nel tuo negozio di zona o gioca su MTG Arena. I'm just putting companions in the sideboard for now. Now when you submit a result, your opponent will see this screen: You can also view the standings of the event to see how you're doing in Companion. Companion — Your starting deck contains only cards with even converted mana costs. I read every single comment that comes through, including that one guy who claimed, "Your mom is still disappointed in you for playing Turbo Stasis." When Yorion enters the battlefield, exile any number of other nonland permanents you own and control. Finally, it'd be remiss of me NOT to thank the incredible team for all of the hard work they've done in making Companion a reality: Cindy, CJ, Richard R., Max, Ben, Yael, Shikha, Dakota, Nathan, Dave, Henry, Shaunte, Ryan, James, Sai, Leah, Vicki, Brandon, Patrick, Safa, Thach, Richard S., Hodgins, our offshore team, and the many players, judges, retailers, and fans who took the time to provide feedback during our playtests of the application. You can sign up for one directly in Companion, or at this website. You'll see the settings screen, which looks like this: Here, you define important things about your game like what format you're playing and how many players you want to track life results for. Our life tracker allows you to track important game stats for up to four players. Pauper, Sleep Mode, and More in Companion, New Features and Improvements in Companion. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Play Magic the Gathering Planechase using the Smartphone!