This classic muscle car wins over buyers with its eye-catching … While practicality can suffer due to stowage of the roof, the best convertible cars … In the 2020 Fiat 124 Spider, you’ll get a Japanese-built but classically styled Italian roadster as affordable as it is handsome. Convertibles offer an open-air driving experience you can't replicate with even the largest of sunroofs.
Cost: Carries a significant premium over the equivalent coupe. The all-new 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera maintains the model’s inherently charismatic DNA while delivering more power, comfort and efficiency. It’s no different when trying to draw up a list of the best drop tops. Taking the top spot on our list of best convertible cars for 2020 shoppers is the hoof-pounding Ford Mustang. The 2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider may be the most basic exotic roadster in production; it’s not refined, but it is a blast to drive. Some are simple, with manual fabric roofs and minimal equipment to keep the price down. starting at $64,650. The 2019 Mercedes-AMG E-Class takes an already great luxury line and turns it into a foot-to-the-floor, flat-out performer. For those with especially deep pockets and who want to snap endless pictures of their pride and joy, there’s the stunning Ferrari Portofino. Power, performance and flexibility are the hallmarks of the 2020 BMW 4 Series that consists of a coupe, convertible and 4-door liftback. The best convertibles in the USA provide a more immersive driving experience than their coupe counterparts. As within any other segment, this body style has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Looking for a playful car that allows you to soak up gorgeous weather? Higher-end options are engineered so well that the most discerning buyer wouldn’t be able to tell that they aren’t in a full-size luxury sedan. Research the latest Convertible models. The 2020 Mercedes-Benz S-Class is more than a range of luxury sedans, coupes and soft-tops. Based on the SLC 300 hardtop roadster, the 2019 Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 offers significantly more power, style and features, as well as cost. Range and practicality are different matters. And this year brings a new flat-6 engine. The 2019 Aston Martin DB11 coupe and convertible project an image of sophistication and style that hints at the raw power hidden within. The 2020 Jaguar F-Type has the looks and the moves to maintain its status as a desirable luxury-sports coupe or convertible.

The 2020 Porsche 718 Boxster is a superb premium 2-seater-convertible sports car, a joy to drive.

Shopping for automobiles isn’t what it used to be. 2017 Mercedes-Benz SLC 300. The 2019 Lamborghini Aventador is a supercar dream machine, providing your dreams include a raucous V12 and a top speed of over 200 mph. These vehicles are more desirable than other body styles, An open top car is enjoyable in warmer regions or seasons, Typically heavier and slower due to extra chassis stiffening. The 2020 BMW Z4 delivers open-air driving in a performance-oriented 2-seater as capable as it is luxurious. may record phone calls for business purposes, by calling you agree to's  Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy. See good deals, great deals and more on a Used Convertibles in Trenton, NJ. 60 Photos. A great cabrio car that won’t break the bank is the Ford Mustang, followed closely by the Mazda MX-5 Miata and the Chevrolet Camaro in our ratings. The best convertibles in the USA provide a more immersive driving experience than their coupe counterparts. Our Editors rank the best Convertibles in each subcategory. Some brilliant two-seaters include the 718 Boxster and BMW Z4 Roadster, the former being one of the highest-rated competitors. Rivals cost less and have more tech, but can’t match its prestige. Practicality: Seating and trunk space differs broadly. It’s not cheap, but it does everything well. The best convertibles in the USA provide a more immersive driving experience than their coupe counterparts. On the upside, cabrios tend to look more stylish than a coupe. Hybrid dropheads are rare, but the Mercedes-AMG E53 is one such example. 2020 BMW 2 Series. The 2019 BMW i8 Coupe and Roadster are an exotic pair as good for the environment as they are your ego.
Edmunds expert reviewers rank the best convertibles of 2020 and 2021 on a 10-point scale that includes performance, comfort, interior, technology, and value. Many are equipped with amenities like wind deflectors and neck warmers. The 2020 Ford Mustang continues an American automotive tradition yet also reaches a new pinnacle with a 760-horsepower Shelby GT500 model. See all Car Buying Tips, News, & Features » Recommended Articles. The 2018 Smart Fortwo is a 2-seat electric commuter car big on style and maneuverability, but short on range and accommodations. And this year brings a new flat-6 engine. Some cabrios offer a truly exhilarating drive, such as the 2020 Mazda MX-5 Miata and the Porsche 718 Boxster. However, they tend to be heavier, slower, and more expensive than coupes. 10 Best Convertible Cars for 2020: Reviews, Photos and More.