He does not remember that at all. Debut tim nasionalnya terjadi pada Juni 2005 saat partai persahabatan melawan Finlandia. He was being taken to the airport because he didn’t think that I was ready for the Premier League. Agger mencetak gol pertamanya untuk Liverpool pada 26 Agustus 2006 saat menang 2–1 melawan West Ham United. He then feel asleep during the 15-minute bus journey to Parken and his team-mate Martin Ornskov woke him up. He stopped taking anti-inflammatories that day and this summer, having quit football in May, aged 31, the Danish paper Jyllands-Posten published a series of interviews with the player, conducted over a two-year period, in which he opened up about his career and what he put his body through in order to play. “After the game he did not speak to me. “Often we had eight forwards playing against me and Martin Skrtel [apparently to let Fernando Torres score to regain his confidence]. Pada jendela transfer januari 2006, Agger menandatangani kontrak bersama Liverpool. He lasted 29 minutes before being taken off. Benítez was there [pushing his hands downwards as to say ‘stay calm’].

Dia juga bermain secara penuh dalam 2 pertandingan Denmark berikutnya, sebelum mengalami cedera dalam musim Liga Super Denmark 2005-2006 pada bulan September yang memaksa dia melewatkan musim tersebut. Lars Ronbog. He now has pain in his back all the time and estimates that he was able to perform to only 70% or 80% of his capacity during his last two seasons at Liverpool and at an even lower level at Brøndby. He often compensated for this with caffeine. These 50 Celebrity Tattoos Went Horribly Wrong, Top 50 Most Shocking Pictures Ever Made of Celebrities Without Makeup, 30 Whopping Homes & Cars Of Celebrities That Will Amaze You, Top 55 of World’s Richest Actors – Current Net Worth, Top 50 Craziest Tattoos Of Celebrities in 2020, Top 15 Highest-Paid Soccer Players (Salary & Net worth), Charlie Zelenoff: The Self-Proclaimed Greatest Of All Time (Spoiler: He’s Not), June Shannon & The Success Of Mama June In Reality TV, How Kirsten Storms Became A Successful Actress While Overcoming Illness And Severe Stress, Lisa Vicari, and Why She’s Called The German Cate Blanchett, Robin Dearden and Bryan Cranston Are One of The Happiest Couples in Hollywood, Mor Shapiro Doesn’t Like The Spotlight As Much As Her Husband Ben Shapiro, Arlene Silver Doesn’t Give A Sh*t What Anyone Thinks About Her Older Husband. Family photo of the football player, married to , famous for Denmark national football team, Brøndby IF & Liverpool. He then collapsed and was taken to the physiotherapist’s room at Parken. Agger mencetak gol keduanya untuk Liverpool dalam pertandingan tandang Piala Liga melawan Birmingham City 7 menit sebelum babak pertama berakhir.

He sat down on the substitutes’ bench but later had to be helped down to the physio room.

Agger played for Liverpool from 2006 to 2014 before rejoining Brøndby to play for another two seasons. Rodgers was criticising the two central defenders, Skrtel and Agger, for letting Wilfried Bony have too much of the ball. These Are The 15 Hottest Wives And Girlfriends Of Hollywood! But in 42 days I went from being first choice and the club’s new vice-captain to be fourth choice centre-back. So I have thought a lot about it.”. Daniel Agger - 2020 Light brown hair & Bohemian hair style. I also remember when we went 1-0 down against Barcelona at the Camp Nou. Dengan nilai transfer sebesar £5.8m membuat dia menjadi pemain termahal yang dijual oleh klub Denmark kepada klub asing,[6] serta menjadi pemain bertahan termahal yang pernah dibeli Liverpool waktu itu. Di Liverpool maupun di timnas Denmark, Agger bermain sebagai bek tengah. Not physically but mentally. On 12-12-1984 Daniel Agger (nickname: Danny) was born in Hvidovre, Denmark. Daniel Agger announcing his retirement on 9 June, 2016 after a 384-game career. Ornskov later told Agger he had never seen anything like that before a match. “And it also means something to me that I feel that I can still play at a good standard. Pada semi-final pertama Liga Champion 2006-2007, Agger mendapat kritik atas kekalahan 1-0 saat berhadapan dengan Chelsea. He made his 13 million dollar fortune with Denmark national football team, Brøndby IF & Liverpool. “He had asked us whether he could meet me and my parents after the game and we said that of course he could. Earlier that day, 8 March 2015, he had led out Brøndby to face their rivals FC Copenhagen in a Danish league game. Agger believes their relationship broke down on the day of the game against Southampton on 21 September 2013 when Agger played despite an injury and was at fault for Southampton’s goal. “I completely lost my desire to come to work because his training sessions were really hard to get through. These 10 Whopping Homes & Cars Of Celebrities Look Amazing! A few of us panicked a little bit and thought we’d get our arses kicked but he was ice cool. “I only had one thought and that was to remain in the dressing room after the warm-up but then I put the shirt on and decided to play,” he said. And what, It’s no secret Hollywood, or acting in big movies in general, pays well. Something went wrong. Dari Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas, "Premier League Clubs submit Squad Lists", Agger shows bottle to leave Drogba thirsty, https://id.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Daniel_Agger&oldid=17257510, Infobox football biography image param needs updating, Halaman yang menggunakan sintaks gambar usang, Nama pengguna Twitter sama seperti Wikidata, Rintisan biografi pemain sepak bola Denmark, Lisensi Atribusi-BerbagiSerupa Creative Commons.

Earlier that day, 8 March 2015, he had led out Brøndby to face their rivals FC Copenhagen in a Danish league game.

Nejvýznamnější období … Day in and day out. In order to play he took anti-inflammatory drugs used to treat rheumatism, often Celebrex, and at times exceeded the recommended maximum dose, putting his health at risk. It can’t be explained but it should be experienced.

I am not gaining anything personally from saying this but I can only hope that other athletes do. He was carrying a knock from the week before and, like so many times in his career, he took a lot of anti-inflammatories – far more than the recommended dosage – and his body had had enough. Of course, at television, in the magazines and in the, You might wonder where celebrities with so much money on their bank account live. Then fair enough because the most important thing is for Liverpool to win football games. They had hardly run a kilometre and it was so uninspiring.”. He played 384 games in total – 232 games for Liverpool, 77 for Brøndby and 75 for Denmark – but his body gradually broke down. Setelah sukses di Liga Super musim 2004-2005, Agger dipanggil untuk memperkuat tim senior Denmark utnuk pertama kali. Pada awal musim kompetisi 2006-2007, Agger secara penuh saat Liverpool memenangkan Community Shield 2006. Agger still felt very sleepy so he took a caffeine shot and drank an energy drink before the warm-up. Agger diproyesikan sebagai pemain bertahan masa depan Liverpool. Agger’s main problem was he was hypermobile, meaning his joints overextended. Agger made his debut for Brondby as a 19-year-old in 2004 and, despite all his injury problems, played at the highest level for 12 years. Musim pertamanya bersama Liverpool tidak terlalu sukses, cedera membuat dia hanya bermain sebanyak 4 kali di tim utama sepanjang musim panas 2006.
The football player is married to , his starsign is Sagittarius and he is now 35 years of age. She did not need to. Dipertandingan selanjutnya, Agger hanya menjadi pemain cadangan dan kembali bermain secara penuh saat Denmark berhasil menang 4-1 dalam laga persahabatan melawan Inggris pada 17 Agustus 2005 berpasangan dengan Per Nielsen. “I know that full well, and it sucks, but I did stop it [in the end]. He just stood there on the sidelines and said: take it easy, carry on doing what you are doing – and in the end we won 2-1. Pada Juli 2004 dia pindah dari tim junior ke dalam tim utama, menyusul kepindahan pemain bertahan Denmark Andreas Jakobsson. The side-effects vary from person to person and Agger often felt lethargic after taking the drug. “He was, without a doubt, the best tactician I have played for. Things came to a head again when, according to Agger, there was a heated conversation between him and Rodgers at half-time against Swansea City on 23 February 2014.

I have always said that that was important for me and therefore I stop now.”.

After the game I went back to my parents and waited for him and [and Agger’s agent] Per Steffensen to come but then Per phoned to say that David Moyes wasn’t going to come after all. That is dedication and I thought a lot about that.”. Neither are celebrities. In the interviews with Jyllands-Posten, Agger also spoke about …. When the head can’t work it out, then the body had to do it.”, A year and two months later he retired. “The maximum dose should be taken for only three days. Skrtel and I had a really hard training session as we were defending against eight with two but the eight players attacking were just faffing around. The first thing Daniel Agger remembers is that he was unable to control his body. He then collapsed and was taken to the physiotherapist’s room at Parken. After 29 minutes, he had to come off.