Lena is obedient, stays home after curfew, and listens to music that is approved by the DFA, but Hana is rebellious, goes to underground parties after curfew, and listens to music that is banned by the DFA. They make plans to escape, but Lena is discovered out past curfew at an abandoned house. Thomas Fineman: President of the DFA (Delirium Free America). Delirium is written for kids ages 14 and up. Jenny Tiddle: Lena's cousin and Grace's older sister. Before she can get the procedure though, she falls in love with an Invalid, Alex, one of the rebels living unaltered in the Wilds outside civilized cities. Delirium ; Summary ; Chapter 12; Study Guide. Lena Haloway: Narrator of the book, she is a normal teenage girl with an unusual background and is ready for her procedure until something steps in her way. The totalitarian government teaches that love is a disease, Amor deliria nervosa, commonly referred to as "the deliria." While trying to gain Lena's love, he finds out about her past life and family. A surgical cure for the deliria has been developed and is mandatory for citizens at least 18 years old. I want to read Pandemonium but I have no clue what happened in Del.

He was also a wroking guard at the Crypts. Lena discovers that much of her life is a lie, including the supposed suicide of her mother, and runs off to the Wilds, but in the process, Alex sacrifices himself for her. She doesn't speak and her family thinks she's stupid, but she has spoken to Lena before although no one is aware of this. No wonder Lena's scared. In this society, your own emotions can be your enemy. As the story begins, Lena waits anxiously for her procedure when all her pain will be removed. Alex wants to show Lena that her mother was alive. Lauren Oliver says that the inspiration for Delirium came to her one day at the gym. Lena Haloway: Narrator of the book, she is a normal teenage girl with an unusual background and is ready for her procedure until something steps in her way. [6], The pilot episode was picked up by Hulu and was available to stream for a limited time beginning on June 20, 2014. "[9], Last edited on 16 September 2020, at 00:58, "Emma Roberts to Star in Fox Drama 'Delirium, "Pilot News: Fox's Drama Orders Include Greg Kinnear's Rake, Modern Sleepy Hollow, Delirium", http://insidetv.ew.com/2013/05/08/delirium-pilot/, http://www.ew.com/article/2014/06/13/delirium-pilot-based-on-popular-book-coming-to-hulu-see-the-trailer, "Hooray For YA: Teen Novels For Readers Of All Ages", Children and Young Adult Literature portal, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Delirium_(Oliver_novel)&oldid=978622320, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 16 September 2020, at 00:58.

Lena Haloway: The protagonist in this novel is Lean Haloway. The intermediate books were compiled into one book, Delirium Stories subtitled Hana, Annabel, and Raven, released the same date. [7], Delirium was a New York Times bestseller. She messes up, but the evaluation is interrupted when Invalids protest by letting loose cows in the labs. Travel between the cities is highly restricted.

When she mentions her "dead" mother and how she always kept a specific necklace with her, he knew who she is. She was also in love with her husband before he passed of cancer when Lena was really young and carried around a pendent to remeber him. Electric fences separate the city from the Wilds, unregulated territory that was presumably mostly destroyed by bombs. Delirium is a dystopian young adult novel written by Lauren Oliver, published on January 1, 2011, by HarperCollins (HarperTeen), about a young girl, Lena Haloway, who falls in love in a society where love is severely seen as a disease.The novel is the first part of a trilogy, followed by Pandemonium. She had recently read a Gabriel Garcia Márquez essay that stated all books were about either love or death. Delirium Chapter 12. She lives in Portland, Maine, which like all U.S. cities is surrounded by guards and electric fences. Lena has looked forward to the procedure for years since she is convinced by the government that love is a horrible disease that must be destroyed from mankind's system. Conrad Haloway: Lena's father who died from a heart attack when she was very young. This study guide contains the following sections: This detailed literature summary also contains Topics for Discussion and a Free Quiz on Lena Haloway, our fearful narrator (yes, we mean fearful—this girl's afraid of everything), lives in a world where love is a sickness. She is relatively short at five foot two,  brown hair, and loves to run.

A cure. Fox ordered a television pilot based on Delirium. No one is allowed in or out and no one is allowed to live in the Wilds outside the fences.

Characters. They start drifting apart, but not before Lena runs into Alex again at an illegal party.

Rachel was in love with a boy named Thomas and had to be carried into the surgery room because she didn't want to be cured. Previous Chapter 11 Next Chapter 13. It was released to largely positive reviews, including starred reviews from Kirkus Reviews and the School Library Journal.