Ewan McGregor on reuniting with Charley Boorman for Long Way Up, Outlander star Sam Heughan narrates a new animated film about the last fairy of Scotland - how to watch it, ‘WHEN was the entertainment industry a bastion of integrity and truth? I got this script, I read it and it was a no-brainer. There’s just time for a last word, after his paean to Los Angeles and before he heads out into hipster East London, we revisit Shetland. Douglas Henshall on British actors fleeing to US SHETLAND’S Douglas Henshall doesn’t pull any punches about why British actors chase their dreams abroad . Rickson's production gives Pinter's play an extra layer of emotional and physical reality: even the bridges between scenes, as Jeremy Herbert's ingenious set unfolds, are informative, so that we see Jerry clutching the crucial letter that will end up in the Venice post office. Plus the fact that it’s one show.”. I still really enjoy it. “They’ve refused to make the cheapest, lowest common denominator forms of entertainment for TV and instead have championed television drama as an important part of our culture. “It was my favourite. But then when I’m sitting here now I think no, I couldn’t do it. In the poignant scene where Emma and Jerry part in the Kilburn flat that has been their secret love-nest, there is a cold sadness to Kristin Scott Thomas as Emma, and a defeated solitude to Douglas Henshall as Jerry. Weekly schedule for Late Late Show with Craig Ferg... John Barrowman UK tour dates and new CD announced. The next time he went back, after the programme had been shown on the telly, everything felt different. “Depending on what age you are and what kind of parts you go up for – if you’re a young actor in your 20s or 30s you can be doing two, three or four meetings a day where you get handed ten pages of dialogue at 10pm to learn for 10am the next morning, to go with the other five or eight pages that you’ve to learn for the other two that you’re doing. That means they won’t be in touch with your agent.”, If the complaint about the entertainment industry, and indeed LA as a whole, is that it’s phony, Henshall is having none of it. Henshall started acting in Barrhead Youth Theatre in the early 1980s because lots of his pals were doing it. “It’s one of the nice things about having been around for a long time, seeing 
new talent and thinking, ‘Ooh, look at you’,” he says. “When I was there in September I thought about it, I wondered if I could,” he says. All of a sudden they could hear the most astonishing sound – it was whale song. And, watching Ian Rickson's beautifully lucid and perceptive revival, I became aware how much the play deals with the shifting balance of power in triangular relationships, and with the pain of loss. But when we went back again, whatever the percentage of people in Britain had watched the show, a very large percentage of Shetland had watched it with varying responses from ‘ah, you’re Jimmy Perez…’ to ‘let me tell you…’ I ended up leaving places because of that. And I’m so glad, because we haven’t.” I can’t help but feel that if there were two large glasses of red and no dictaphone on the table instead of two coffees and the red recording light winking at us, Henshall would be quite happy to tell it as it is – no polite skirting around the truth, no politic face-saving. Looking extraordinarily like the young Pinter with his long sideburns and accosting profile, he shows Robert as a man who conceals his emotional hurt under a sardonic mask and relishes his power over the unaware Jerry. By CLAIRE BLACK. He describes a moment when they were filming on two opposite headlands. And watching Ian Rickson's beautifully lucid revival, I … American TV is in rude health so why shouldn’t he? Kristin Scott Thomas as Emma and Ben Miles as Robert in Betrayal by Harold Pinter, directed by Ian Rickson at the Comedy Theatre. Tickets go on sale today (5 April 2011) for Ian Rickson's new production of Harold Pinter's Betrayal starring Kristin Scott Thomas, Douglas Henshall and Ben Miles. Not so for Shetland. Billy Boyd is new Patron of National Youth Choir o... David Tennant supports campaign to save the arts, Dougray Scott backing campaign to save RAF Leuchars. He liked it. When the pilot was made, Henshall stayed in Lerwick. “It’s where I’ve ended up,” he says. Far from being sentimental, it is symbolic of the moment when their union ends and becomes a thing of social custom. Fundamentally, I do a job at which I can make a living and I like it. And you’d be an idiot here as well.”. Not so much Barrhead, which is where he’s from, but Barrhead via 20 years in East London and various West End stages. I wonder if he can? Robert Carlyle To Star In London Cop Thriller ‘Dog... Kevin McKidd set to reprise 'Percy Jackson' role. “There was a seven-year-old inside me doing cartwheels every day.”. May 13, 2019 - Explore Arlene Stower's board "Dougie Henshall" on Pinterest. It turns out that means pretty much everything – the weather, the food, the architecture, the weird proximity of urban sprawl to oceans and mountains. This ability to pin down the terminal moment in a relationship is even more evident in the pivotal scene in a Venetian hotel where Robert learns of his wife's affair. News and updates on the work of Scottish actors around the world. It is beautifully written, in that her guilt confronts his seeming insouciance. “I began to get the remoteness more and what is attractive about that. Each production yields fresh insights. That is a measure of the infinite subtlety of a production which anchors Pinter's elegant theatrical construct in a world of emotional truth. The films for which Henshall is best known – Orphans, If Only, This Year’s Love and Lawless Heart – were all critically well received but they never quite found their audience. And, more than that, no matter the vagaries of the business he’s in, he still loves acting. “I got a phone call on a Friday saying I’m sending you a script, you’ve had an offer to do a Western in South Africa. “Everybody just mucked in together,” he says. Maybe that’s why he’s so up for his trip to the States. “I had a film career in the late 90s. Sitting in a trendy East London hotel, flanked by overly loud, overly enthusiastic entrepreneur-types who appear to have mistaken the lobby for Dragons’ Den, I can’t help but enjoy Douglas Henshall’s unabashed Scottishness – curmudgeonly, sweary and gruffly charming. ©JPIMedia Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved. And coming from Henshall that is high praise indeed. Torchwood: Miracle Day - poster, air date, and lau... Ewan McGregor is retiring from nude scenes. “It might be interesting to try. Where and when? “People say, ‘But everyone is so fake’, but I don’t give a f*** if they don’t mean it – firstly, they ‘don’t mean it’ very well, and secondly, I’d rather have someone who is nice to me in a really fake way than someone who’s being an asshole when all I want is a coffee.”. And then, just as inexplicably, last year it started again. They want it immediately. It’s mid-morning on a bright, cold February day and his Americano with warm milk has hardly been touched, so I don’t imagine that this is Henshall at full tilt for one minute. In his Crombie coat and dark denims, brogues on his feet, Ray-Bans in his top pocket, I can’t quite imagine Henshall living in Shetland. I like getting up and going to work. Here it acquires extra resonance in that Ben Miles's Robert first hurls a bed-cover at Emma's head, and then, as she looks pleadingly at him, leans across to wipe her tears. Those who know the play well will find new meanings in this revival; and those who don't will be ushered into a world where pain and loss are explored with poetic precision. He’s even quite looking forward to hawking himself in a series of meetings in the hope that some new plum role comes his way. He went to Mountview Theatre School and took the well-trodden route to the Scottish stage – performing with 7:84 and at the Citizens before moving on to the Royal Shakespeare Company. And, watching Ian Rickson's beautifully lucid and perceptive revival, I became aware how much the play deals with the shifting balance of power in triangular relationships, and with the pain of loss. Bakewell, Joan. “The first time I was recognised a bit but people didn’t feel the need to tell me, which I liked. “I am hopeful for it,” he says, “because I think it’s worth having around.”. “People just stopped thinking of me that way,” he says. All this is established. “We could hear it, but the crew on the opposite headland could hear it and also see four minke whales. It’s such a unique, specific place. He’s got the requisite intensity, that burning stare and the world-weary look of someone who’s seen too much bad stuff. Henshall reinforces this impression by playing Jerry as a man who proceeds through life in a state of jittery ignorance; he invests the character with the guilelessness of a man who seems oblivious, even to the fact that his own wife may be having an affair. I’ve spent my whole adult creative life doing this.”, He drains his coffee cup and fishes out his sunglasses, ready to leave. Variety reports that Douglas Henshall is to star alongside Kristin Scott Thomas and Ben Miles in a new West End production of Harold Pinter's love triangle drama "Betrayal," according to sources close to the production. “Sometimes they’re not even sure where it’s coming from, but you know that once they’ve worked that out they’re going to have a lot of fun with it.”. Douglas Henshall Performances will begin at the London venue November 4 prior to an official opening November 13. And then I stopped having a film career because suddenly I didn’t do anything. Although producer Sonia Friedman would not comment on the story, it is believed the production, helmed by Ian Rickson, will open in early June at the Comedy Theater. Each production yields fresh insights. It was such a beautiful place and people were being so nice to us, we had a great time.”, There were other special experiences too. “Twenty years ago we were what the Americans are at the present, and instead we’re talking about Broadchurch as being the best drama of last year, when basically it’s a poor imitation of a very, very good Danish show.