At the trial, he is sentenced to be electrocuted, but a bleeding heart liberal has the sentence commuted to a ... See full summary ». This is the 1st of the Ernest Movie Series even though Ernest himself only has about a minute or 2 of screen time. He is plotting world domination using his "gloom beam," an electromagnetic device that he uses to launch attacks on financial institutions to erase their contents and cause worldwide chaos.

Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? He plans to use his Gloom Beam to render all the computers that keep people's financial records and bank accounts useless which would make him the only one with access to all this dough. The film was released on video in 1992 by GoodTimes Home Video. Title: It was shot in Fall Creek Falls State Park, Boxwell Scout Reservation, and Nashville, Tennessee. And if that doesn't do to save the day,put another quarter in and try another play.". Myke R. Mueller - Lance Sterling, All-American boy, gifted from birth yet lacking common sense and a failed Senate candidate.
In a post-critical thought dumbed down world, art and theatre is outlawed.

It is the first film to feature the Ernest P. Worrell character.

Meanwhile, the gloom beam continues to cause chaos around the world, with comical effects: the President of the United States, for example, is overjoyed that Dr. Otto has effectively wiped out the national debt. ", The film was originally distributed on VHS by GoodTimes Home Video in 1992. And to stop this horrible twisted trick,just exchange the poles of old Saint Nick. ", Laughing Jack O'Cockney, pirate captain, "he who had one eye and yet couldn't see.". Johnny's sister is brutally attacked and murdered by a sadistic serial killer. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When everyone’s favorite mad scientist begins to grow a hand out of the top of his head, he tries to destroy the world with his special Gloom Beam. Fall Creek Falls State Park, Spencer, Tennessee, USA.
With Jim Varney, Glenn Petach, Myke R. Mueller, Jackie Welch.

At a gas station, they encounter Ernest, who informs them that they, have had no gas since the money went bad. To foil Lance, Dr. Otto uses a "changing coffin" and transforms himself into various characters in an effort to stop the heroes: Rudd Hardtack, Australian trainer of child militants; Laughing Jack O'Cockney, pirate captain; Auntie Nelda, the cantankerous elderly woman; and Guy Dandy, wealthy playboy. It is I, Dr. Otto von Schnick-ick-ick-ick,who has played on you this trick-ick-ick-ick."

Dr. Otto and the Riddle of the Gloom Beam is available to watch on Amazon Prime. This movie was so crazy. Ernest introduces a contest for a viewer to win 10 thousands dollars, if they can properly name the right number of times he says, 'vern' and, 'knowutimean' throughout the whole video. As they all push the car down the road, Ernest takes his hat off to reveal Dr. Otto's third hand, as he says "Have a nice day, knowhutimean?