Even though their classification is uncertain, Omotic languages are also spoken. Kachama-Ganjule language; Kafa language; Kambaata language; Karo language (Ethiopia) Kayla dialect; Komo language; Konso language; Koore language; Kunama language; Kwama language; Kwegu language In Amaric (the Ethiopian language), Addis Abeba means the New Flower. 1998b. Les facteurs contribuant à l'extinction des langues sont complexes et il est difficile d'estimer quelles langues et combien sont vulnérables. As far as diversity goes, Ethiopia has over 80 different ethnolinguistic groups. Amharic has been spoken in Ethiopia since the late 12th century in various industries including the legal system, commerce, communications, the military and religion.

If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to receive more just like it. Tourists in Ethiopia during Timkat are treated [...], What to Wear in Ethiopia: Dress Code for Visitors, Celebrating Timkat, One of Ethiopia’s Biggest Festivals, Visit Turmi: Home of Ethiopia’s Hamer Tribe, Entry and Travel Restrictions for Ethiopia: COVID-19. It is home to people of the Oromo, Amhara, Tigray, Somali, Sidamo, Gurage, Welayta, and many other ethnic groups. Though it is the official language of Ethiopia, only about 29% of the population speak Amharic, compared to the approximately 34% who speak Oromo. The Ge’ez script is supported by most computer systems and online Amharic keyboards can be used to write in Amharic, Tigrigna and other Ethiopic languages. How to say it correctly for a man and woman :) Support my channel by commenting, sharing, subbing With the assumption that a language in Ethiopia with less than 10,000 speakers is most likely to become extinct or endangered, about 22 languages are on the list as endangered.

The real number may be lower or higher. Amharic is also the official Ethiopian language and also the main language of the Amhara region. Some languages are at risk of extinction as they are only spoken by a very small number of people. @TriviaPhoenix got a lot of responses on her tweet as well. [citation needed]. 100 langues sont parlées en Éthiopie2. The Ethiopian Constitution of 1995 gives all ethnic groups in Ethiopia the right to establish first language primary education systems and develop their own languages. Look no more! According to current data, nearly 22 million people speak Amharic as their first language in Ethiopia and it has over 4 million second-language speakers within the country and a further 3 mi… Certaines comptent moins de 10 000 locuteurs.

Of the 88 languages in the country, two are extinct while 86 are still living. This diversity is one of the reasons why Ethiopia is such a vibrant and exciting place. It is the first language of the Oromo people. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Amharic is considered a Holy Language for the Rastafari religion, whose name itself comes from Amharic words Ras, literally signifying ‘head’, and having a similar meaning to the title ‘Duke’, and Täfäri, the name used by Haile Selassie I prior to his reign as Ethiopian regent and emperor until 1974.

After the fall of the Derg in 1991, the 1995 Constitution of Ethiopia granted all ethnic groups the right to develop their languages and to establish first language primary education systems. If you’re planning a trip to Ethiopia to discover more about the Amharic language or simply to visit this enchanting, ancient land, you’ll need much more than a simple understanding of the linguistics of its people. There are 86 individual languages indigenous to Ethiopia according to Ethnologue, with the 1994 Ethiopian census indicating that some 77 tongues were spoken locally. [ONLINE] Available at: Ethnologue. It is the only African country to successfully resist European colonization, and was one of the first in the world to adopt Christianity as the religion of the state.

Languages are not simply a tool for communication but offer an insight into a different world, culture and way of living.

What Are The Major Natural Resources Of Ethiopia? Gurage and Hareri are less common and mostly spoken by people in the south and east of the country. The Ongota language is the next in line at the brink of extinction.

Ethiopia is the one landlocked country in the world with the most inhabitants, and is also the home of archeological sites where some of the oldest human remains were found. In Ethiopia, English which is the medium of instruction in universities and secondary schools is the most widely spoken of the foreign languages. 2004. 7674 Audubon Meadow Way • Alexandria, VA 22306 • (USA) T: 877-421-5958 • F: 703-995-0949. Rodolfo Fattovich, "Akkälä Guzay" in Uhlig, Siegbert, ed.

The Aksumites developed Ge'ez, a unique script derived from the Sabean alphabet, and it is still used by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church today.

Speaking Amharic in Ethiopia. In.

A collection of useful phrases in Amharic, a Semitic language spoken in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Charles A. Ferguson proposed the Ethiopian language area, characterized by shared grammatical and phonological features in 1976. A number of Ethiopian languages are endangered: they may not be spoken in one or two generations and may become extinct, victims of language death, as Weyto, Gafat, and Mesmes have and Ongota very soon will. - September 30, 2020. Languages of Ethiopia and Languages of the 1994 Ethiopian Census. Ethiopia is a country in northeastern Africa, specifically found in what is known as the “horn” of Africa. Of all the Cushitic languages, Oromo has the largest number of speakers. People who speak Amharic in Ethiopia as a mother tongue are known as Amharas. Zelealem Leyew.

Most people living in the northern and central parts of Ethiopia speak Semitic languages including Tigrinya, Amharic, Gurage, Geʿez, and Hareri.