'"[8] Rickards joined the main cast of the show from season two onwards. Felicity demanded that they mend their friendship or else. Later, they set aside the Sara issue to locate the Mayor's hideout to take back stolen weapons crates of military-grade armament. Labs, keeping Oliver's identity a secret from Harrison Wells. Filming took place in Los Angeles in May 2016. When Barry asked to do the mission alone, Felicity told Cisco and Caitlin to follow. Felicity tried to give Oliver the ring back, but he assured her that their commitment to each other was for better or worse. In response, an upset Felicity locked herself in her room for two days. As they worked, Samantha assured Felicity that Oliver wanted to tell her about William and asked her to remember that it was the former who put him in that position. As Oliver rushed Isabel out, one of The Hoods members pointed a gun at him and Felicity hit him with a statue.

Oliver explained that his mother, Moira, had known who kidnapped Walter all along and he'd followed her straight to Malcolm Merlyn after giving them the news that Walter was found dead. Oliver catches up with her and asks her about her work. Later, Felicity talked with Mia privately, and the two made amends, since Mia left Felicity after learning she was still a vigilante, something she despised, but on that day she realized the error of her view. She discovered his secret and despite some initial reservations joined his team, coining the name "Team Arrow", and after many adventures, the two fell in love. As Oliver was occupied with his mother's on-going trial, Felicity worked with an ill Diggle to try to figure out why a random mix of people were infected. She also assisted Oliver with his hurt knee and helped him inject an entire bottle of Lidocaine into his knee. [73] Advocating for more women to take up careers in the field, European Space Agency engineer Vinita Marwaha Madill referenced Felicity as a positive role model for young girls. [3] In her early childhood, Felicity had a teddy bear named Mr. Square Bear, who was her favorite stuffed toy. Learning Oliver will face Ra's al Ghul to protect Thea, Felicity begged him not to go, knowing very well Ra's could kill him. However, Felicity felt she could no longer be a part of the team.

Felicity discovered that Tockman's sister, Beverly Tockman, was suffering from Cystic Fibrosis and all the money he stole was to pay for her lung transplant.

: By surprise, Cisco and Caitlin arrived to visit them and introduced themselves to their hideout, something Oliver didn't like.

She was implied to have successfully gotten away with winning money through this method more than once.
She explained that the only reason that Slade was still after him was because Oliver tried to kill him on the island when he had the chance to cure him instead.

After Malcolm and Laurel's timely arrival, Laurel's Canary Cry shattered the glass enough for Oliver to break the glass and rescue everyone. [146] Rickards also filmed a Public Service Announcement in conjunction with the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation advocating for advancements in the treatment of spinal injuries, released on the air date of the episode. [98] Routh echoed similar sentiments, contrasting Ray's "lightness, and his naivete" to Oliver's darkness, and felt that was something Felicity was attracted to. Emily Bett Rickards has these qualities. [225] Similar concerns were expressed by Caroline Schlafly, writing for TV Overmind in 2016, who felt that at times the show gave too much focus to Felicity. Oliver explained to Felicity that he doesn't have the luxury to grieve since everyone is looking towards him to handle everything. [60] The production premiered on June 20, 2018.

[41] filmed over fifteen days[42] in Los Angeles, and on location at Topanga Canyon and Big Sur. A week after Green Arrow's broadcast, Felicity continued to help Team Arrow while they tried to stop the Ghosts from setting off a bomb. She then gave Oliver his new bow, which she personally designed. [251] Felicity also features in Barry Lyga's novel The Flash: Green Arrow's Perfect Shot, published in 2019, set on an alternate earth. After scanning several databases, she discovered that the thief in question worked for Milo Armitage, and was ultimately able to track him down based on a shipment that was based at the Starling City docks.
They debriefed at the lair where Quentin tells them the equipment they used was former anti-vigilante task force gear and that he would give Felicity access to SCPD's database to figure out who the rogue cops were.

Upon checking Veronica's autopsy, Felicity discovered traces of chlorpromazine in her system as well.