Dentro do portfólio da Ford nos EUA, só existem dois modelos com lugares adicionais: Explorer e Expedition. (The one shown above is the 2.7 EcoBoost out of a 2016 Ford F-150). O estofamento e os botões do painel, por exemplo, são à prova d’água e o piso é emborrachado e conta com tampões para drenagem – como o novo Land Rover Defender. Há 12 anos trabalha como jornalista no Notícias Automotivas, escreve sobre as mais recentes novidades do setor, frequenta eventos de lançamentos das montadoras e faz nossos testes e avaliações. Again, without the 35s, the Jeep has the advantage. © 2020 MotorTrend | MOTOR TREND GROUP, LLC. Quer ter acesso a todos os conteúdos exclusivos de Quatro Rodas? On other less-off-road-ish trims, though, the Wrangler goes to a 186mm ring gear up front and 200mm rear, and Bronco goes to 190 front but keeps it 220 outback. Both vehicles use a body-on-frame setup, with the body made predominantly of steel (but also containing some aluminum closures) and the frame a fully-boxed, high-strength-steel ladder design. And all Ford had to do to get this extra publicity was fly some Broncos in to one of the world's most well-known off-road destinations on a busy weekend and let fans' photos and videos speak for themselves. Full disclosure: I worked for Ford for 19 years as a suspension engineer and supervisor and Jamie Groves is very close friend. The same goes for the damper and depending on the way the suspension is designed, the spring and damper motion ratios can be different. Although the real battle is some time away, we look at how these two shake down on paper. Pumps can be located high on the engine to keep it safe from major impacts. A performance de vendas do Blazer reflete bem isso”, analisa Franz.

Met de Bronco wil Ford auto's als de Jeep Wrangler het vuur na aan de schenen leggen. In an independent suspension, the motion ratio of the springs and dampers will always be the same whether the vehicle is moving straight up and down or rolling in a corner. Some early swing arm suspension vehicles suffered from this badly and got bad reputations for roll-over accidents. laterally across the car—see double-sided arrow below). “We’re night and day from the competitor in regards to just on-road comfort and handling, steering feel, and we’ve got lots of experience doing rack [electric power-assisted steering] on virtually every product... we get good off-road and off-road performance out of it, and the ability to do lots of things with tuning and change things with different drive modes,” he said. Ford staat samen met een kleine 2.000 kopers ongeduldig naar de horizon te turen, wachtend... Het Nederlandse belastingklimaat zorgt ervoor dat traditionele Amerikaanse auto’s in ons land... Houd me op de hoogte The JL Wrangler’s front suspension, by contrast, uses a five-link solid-axle design pioneered by the 1984 Jeep Cherokee XJ. Sr. Technical Editor, Jalopnik. The steering engineer finished by saying that he thinks the Bronco will be “a huge winner because it will have more responsive steering feel and all of the fun, fancy assist features that are almost standard on new cars these days.”. I don’t see many great shots of the rack and pinion setup on the new Bronco, but here’s what I can find in the press images. De acordo com a Ford, o modelo foi projetado para o desempenho e não para a estética e, de certa forma, seus atributos confirmam tal tentativa: o Bronco 2021 tem a maior distância em relação ao solo da categoria (29,4 cm) e a melhor capacidade de submersão (85,1 cm). een opmerking bij plaatsen. Probeer het later nog eens. over de Ford Bronco. As the output shaft rotates, the end of the pitman arm swings in an arc, pushing and pulling a big metal bar called a drag link, which hooks to the steering knuckle. The Ford has a much better steering feel plus the future proofing on the lane control abilities.

By contrast, even a Wrangler Sport has a 41.1-degree approach angle, 35.9-degree departure angle, 25-degree breakover angle, and 9.7 inches of ground clearance. Until then, let’s go through the hardware and get input from engineers to understand how the two vehicles compare. I’m super impressed with this vehicle! There’s still so much more we could talk about. With optional 35-inch tires, its off-road geometry (other than overall size) is favorable when compared with the JL Wrangler’s. The four-door Bronco’s wheelbase is smaller at around 116, and its overall length reaches roughly 190—so, a bit longer than the Jeep.