I try to explain to them that Bonham is what real drumming feels like. 7. Two, the venue barred admittance to anyone under 21 years of age. Chuck would teach me a pattern and then ask me to come back the next week with four other ideas based on that pattern. Do you enjoy the opportunity to play a variety of styles? "It's important to know how to read music and to be able to make a cheat sheet for yourself," he says. Glen Sobel Age: N/A Place of origin: United States (West Hills, California) Gender: Male. I try to explain to my students that all the crazy drum solos they see on YouTube are a very small part of drumming. MD: Let’s talk about your first recording session with guitar great Tony MacAlpine, for 1993’s Madness. He’s like Ringo in that he’s got his own unique style that’s unmistakable. And then there was the cover tunes ban - it was a drag. Many people hear with their eyes, and the audience will notice a drummer that can keep the groove and give them something visual to connect with. "The night turned out anything than what we had hoped," Sobel says. I enjoyed all those gigs, but I didn’t want to get typecast into being a shred drummer. Alice got sober in the early ’80s, but most of the vampires are gone now. 11. So you need to play stuff that you know you can pull off with one hundred percent certainty.

MD: Do you feel there’s too much focus on technique today? Sobel grew up in Los Angeles and was schooled in the way of professional music making at the famed Baked Potato club in Studio City, where he soaked up the secrets of the world’s great fusion players.
In the ’90s, shred had kind of died off in the States, but these were the first gigs that allowed me to grow as a player, and they eventually led to other high-profile gigs. MD: Aside from the Alice gig, you work with artists in other genres. On a break from the Alice Cooper tour schedule, Glen just wrapped up a few shows in Brazil with Richie Sambora and Orianthi.
I feel there’s a time to be a chameleon and a time to be a stylist. I made the snare line in ninth grade and had lots of catching up to do with the older players. Glen performs alongside Joe Perry, Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Brad Whitford and Robert DeLeo at the Hilton Anaheim during the NAMM convention. Beginning in 1988, Guitar Center has hosted an annual Drum competition for young drummers across the United States. That got me in the habit of thinking and discovering new ideas. Glen: When I was in elementary school I got into Neil Peart with Rush and then John Bonham with Led Zeppelin. I would lose sleep over this stuff. Glen gave an hour long presentation and then stayed to meet with fans, check out the new gear and watch the days events.

Sobel likens it to a subtle form of psychology: "Caring about the gig but not caring too much to the point where you blow it," he explains. "I was concentrating on counting nine bars instead of eight and things like that. Find Glen Sobel's phone number, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading online directory for contact information. I tell my students that in order to really improve your drumming, you have to practice things over and over until you’re sick of playing it. However, this is the first time he's hit the number one spot. Alice was the president of the Hollywood Vampires, and they would meet upstairs at the Rainbow Bar & Grill in Hollywood.