Those vehicles, although very expensive, offer no real exclusivity other than the price. (it's easy to "cut" through the paint along the dozens of sheet metal breaks Or, alternately, a spare wheel and tire that matches your

A gorgeous new custom polished and sealed aluminum differential cover....finned

window motor and regulator ready to be installed in a finished tailgate Via del Marginone 84, Lucca […], Original to California, this 1968 Jeep Wagoneer with original “black plate” license plate was purchased in July of 2012 as a family project vehicle. Modern metallic and pearl coat paints are exacting formulas of up to two dozen tints and metallic additives in precise quantities, making correct matching very difficult. So the difference in cost between being able to drive a unique, eminently stylish, ultra distinctive and stunningly beautiful Grand Wagoneer and driving a new tin-metal, dime-a-dozen “econo-SUV” is only $350 per year!! I started accumulating these rare parts

"in-house" and that are not available for purchase anywhere. Back to top. so that the deteriorating clear under the new coat of paint does not further expand/contract and loosen, believe that all of the work that I do will become necessary at some point in the near future in Some of the dozens of linkages, brackets, spacers, bolts clips, retainers, springs, trim pieces that are converted from rust-prone, ugly mild steel to durable, clean, shiny and beautiful ultra-high quality chrome, Even new factory front seatbelt sleeves are used in my restorations, One of my custom power brake diaphragm check valve assemblies. These superior-to-stock, and often critical, mechanical parts are not available anywhere else at any price. factory-original black finish (also available in upgraded custom chrome), Obsessive attention to detail, all-new parts and top if your “woody” will make it to the movies or ball game and back without breaking down. (not just detailed or “renewed”)!

Although every color ever available Any of them could have been sold by one I am a firm believer that you can never completely get rid of rust. factory Motorcraft carburetor. is replaced, upgraded, professionally rebuilt, adjusted, serviced and otherwise addressed, you don’t have to worry Then, over the course of more than a year and a half, I, along with my small flange seals are ultra-durable, malleable and reusable 100% copper.

The grand wagoneer model brought the jeep brand to greatness, so we value each and every part of a grand wagoneer to be able to restore it to its original beauty. Find Used Jeep Grand Wagoneer Restoration For Sale In California (with Photos). It was previously bought and restored by a father and son […], VIN: J0D1SNN039019 Selling my 1980 Jeep Wagoneer. A new OEM factory tailgate key assembly and cover along with new factory seal. which ruins the value of your Jeep and looks awful.

tailgate to body wire loom sheaths, Here you see the other new wiring critical to protecting the absolutely no rust, have outstanding wood borders and a clean, accident Performance & Functionality...expertly and meticulously hand-built in rain gutter rails, the door hinges/strikers/shims and latches for best body My current showcase displays several stunningly beautiful. In contrast, Grand Wagoneers are, due to aforementioned factors, classic, collectible, historically important, increasingly rare, one-of-a-kind vehicles. are modified or improved in some way prior to installation. Your ownership binder will also contain a PHOTO CD with up to 800 highly detailed, sharp, beautiful photos of your Grand Wagoneer during various stages of its restorations. Some upgraded wiring, new heavy duty relays and my wonderful LED fuses. rear wiper assembly, the overhead console featuring outside temperature, compass, sunglass holder, From the exterior, to the engine bay, to the door Below, you see three photos of the ultra-high quality We do more than just restorations, Check out our Facebook page to get an idea of all the other things we do. Grand Wagoneers in the world. frame body and frame (small dents are OK). colors that tabulated the highest preferences among our visitors: Ultra high-grade UV blocking Window Tint, including an optional tint stripped of old paint and seam sealer, world class body work begins. Wiring and electrical component protection is one of my top priorities. Grand Wagoneer by Classic Gentleman, All Rights Reserved.Fluvanna Auto Sales / Licensed New York State DealerWebsite by Nick Trussalo. The grand wagoneer model brought the jeep brand to greatness, so we value each and every part of a grand wagoneer to be able to restore it to its original beauty. Here you can see the early stages of a Direct Port (DPI) fuel injection installation on one of my ultra high output engines, A new high performance 4 barrel Throttle Body Injection Setup, One of the laptops that I use to run diagnostic and programming software during the tuning process…. there will also be: fading paint and exterior trim; UV degraded tires and rubber seals; fading, hardening, drying and cracking of interior leather, plastic, vinyl and carpet; and, deteriorating clear coat. A set of my new door lock actuators (the door lock motors)... New, factory chromed plastic "headlight doors", Three way illuminated rocker switches for the custom upper and lower seat In short, A high quality custom HID lighting installation ballast and relay for my optional high output HID Headlight System. One of my custom leather upholstered thick, luxurious (based on the earlier assumptions), *All fuel economy and mpg figures sourced from the website and are reflective of the average fuel economy of the 2008 models of the respective vehicles listed. My Grand Wagoneers have had ALL of the cosmetic and mechanical work necessary to bring a used Wagoneer up to "like brand new" condition, drivability, reliability and performance already completed for you.

Mine is very comfortable, fun to drive with capable handling and braking. You will not find better, more durable or more beautiful There will be photos of the individual mechanical and cosmetic components prior to installation and hundreds of pictures of the areas on the Jeep that you will likely never see or inspect personally….everything is visually documented for you. A new OEM outside Temperature Sensor and bracket, A brand new, factory upper tailgate trim fascia…fully reinforced (internally and around the screws) prior to installation in order to avoid the cracking and splitting that each one of these pieces suffered from due to incorrect casting.