After heading towards the woods, Mystery Inc. discover the house. The bloodstain from the attack will remain after loading your game. Mystery Incorporated: The Complete Season 2, Scooby-Doo! To smuggle stolen Fraberge eggs into the country. Mr. E, however, warns her that Mystery Inc.'s days are numbered. Walter Gilman, a student of mathematics and folklore at Miskatonic University, rents an attic room in the "Witch House", a house in Arkham, Massachusetts that is rumored to be cursed. The rest of the gang is waiting behind them and confronts Velma about teaming up with Mr. E. After explaining her reasons, she tells the gang that they can trust her and that she only wants to protect the Disk pieces from Professor Pericles. She even tricked Viola's father into killing Viola (in Ellen's body, thinking he was protecting his daughter.) Velma and Marcy try to obtain entrance, but when they open the door, Baba Yaga is waiting behind it. Crimes Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ellen (in Viola's body) giggles after Viola is shot to death. Returning the Book of Death to the bookshelf with blue books will cause it to fall on Viola. In Version 1.07, the animation of this death has been altered: rather than simply killing Viola by decapitation, the Giant Skull will eat her whole and will chew on her cadaver. She felt sorry for Ellen's sickness. If it catches her, it will devour her head first. After taking damage to the leg, he commanded it to run off so he could repair it but couldn't achieve this due to Mystery Inc. following him constantly. Take over Viola's body.Take all of Viola's Loved Ones for herself.Kill Viola after she tried to take her body (all succeeded). Powers/Skills It would eventually kill her. Prying open the door and going through it will cause Viola to trip and lose her head. Deaths can be a result of: Traps, Getting caught while being chased by an enemy, Spending more time in a dangerous area than the timer permits, Making poor decisions while solving a particular puzzle Previously, Ellen was sick with an incurable illness that could only be treated, never cured. One day Viola came into her house, becoming "friends" with her. Alias While her friendship seemed genuine and Viola agreed to the (supposedly temporary) body switch out of pity for her disabled friend, Ellen had no intention of keeping her word. The House of the Nightmare Witch is the second episode of the second season of Scooby-Doo! Attempting to return to the kitchen then will cause the Cook to come out into the dining room and cut Viola in twain. Searching the toppled chair on the left will lead to Viola being attacked by a maggot. This villain was proposed but was rejected by the community for not being heinous enough or lacks what is necessary to be a Pure Evil villain. Trying to open the door leading to the scissor room after descending the ladder in the fireplace will cause a white statue to smash Viola to death. The Night the Clown Cried II - Tears of Doom! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Witch's House is a quest involving Harvey, a little boy whose ball had been lost in the garden of an unpleasant local witch, Nora T. Hagg. Entering any mouths except for the correct mouth in the. The House of the Devil is a 2009 American horror film written, directed, and edited by Ti West, starring Jocelin Donahue, Tom Noonan, Mary Woronov, Greta Gerwig, A. J. Bowen, and Dee Wallace.. The flying spear in the Hall of Distraction can actually kill Viola. If Viola does not leave the room or is caught by the toy soldier after inspecting the wall across from the black-haired woman, she will be shot. If the timer goes down to 00:00, Viola will evaporate. She is an elderly, evil witch who roams the forests that Thomasin's family occupies. Any act of adding this villain to the Pure Evil category without a proposal or creating a proposal for this villain without the permission of an administrator will result in a ban.Additional Notice: This template is meant for admin maintenance only. Velma and Marcy rush to the side to call Mr. E, whom tells them to find what is inside the house and retrieve it. There is a large variety of deaths that the player can experience while venturing in the Witch's House. After they leave, the figure of Baba Yaga comes to life and attacks the guard. She also demonstrates no regret at sacrificing a frog who had been helpful to her earlier. If Viola is caught by the Cook before escaping to the scissors room, he will cut her in twain. They can be proposed again (with the permission of an. Viola must run from the Legless Girl in the long hallway lined with windows. If Viola inserts the Stuffed Frog through the door window to the Snake Room, then enters without forcing the Frog inside, the Snake will attack Viola while the Stuffed Frog lays on the ground next to it. After Viola takes the Doll Head in the Medicine Room, Red Eyes will appear and kill Viola if she does not run. After arriving in America, Curator Vronsky and his assistant are ambushed by Baba Yaga's House; snatching up the assistant. If the player steps on any of the traps in the poison hall, they will either die or be slowed down until the timer runs out. Attempting to return to the snake's lair twice after running away from it will cause the snake to bust out the crack on the wall and capture Viola. Stepping into the poison without the glass shoes in the. In this mode, trying out any of the three options suggested by the red grasses to kill the white flower will lead to a game over. Ellen Goals Interacting with the glass case containing the Bloody Skull will cause it to jump at Viola. With Emily Bader, Darren Mann, Michelle Randolph, Arden Belle. This episode was aired in Latin America on September 8, 2012. When running from the Bloody Skull, running in front of the bookshelf will cause it to fall on Viola. Taking the Music Sheet in front of any painting, excluding the Black-Haired Painting, will cause Viola to get sucked into the wall and die. Interacting with the book "A Funny Story" will cause a gun to manifest from the bookshelf and shoot Viola. Hobby Ellen cut off her own legs and gouged out her own eyes, so that Viola would despair and die painfully in her body and her soul could be eaten by the demon. Legless GirlViola (while possessing her body) 魔女の家ver.1.07 死亡シーン集 The Witch's House - All Deaths. Ellen is depicted as a sociopath, who took everything Viola ever had. Viola was shocked to realize that the body she was in was falling apart. Fred returns to school, along with the others. That's got to be hard to take, I mean no offence Fred. Failing to do so in time will result in the Legless Girl catching Viola and ripping her face off. She has golden eyes and waist-length light-purple hair fashioned into a hime cut (cut to make sidelocks and bangs) decorated with a large red ribbon. Originally from the slums of a medieval time, Ellen was born with a curse which took the form of an incurable, terminal illness which caused her to be shunned by society. The correct method to proceed is to escape into the northeastern room. The house later awakens and tosses them out. The next diary entry says that her friends came into her house and they were all eaten by the house but it wasn't enough. Mystery Incorporated, and twenty-eighth overall. Step on the poison when wearing the Glass Shoes in the Poison Hallway or in the. If Viola offers incorrect eyes to the girl in the mirror, she will jump out and squeeze Viola's head off before disappearing. Ellen asked her for a saying that they should switch bodies, "just for a day" (the body-swap spell requires both participants to be willing.) Take all of Viola's Loved Ones for herself.Kill Viola after she tried to take her body (all succeeded). Mystères associés: L'intégrale de la saison 2, Let Viola walk into the Poison Hallway and do not let her step on the poison. Velma and Hot Dog Water have broken into the museum and are trying to break into Baba Yaga's house while working for Mr. E. When they cannot reach the house, Mr. E decides that the only option is to buy it. They also find a piece of Faberge egg, which was clarified by Daphne; whose mother owns Faberge eggs. Velma talks the gang into allowing Hot Dog Water (whose real name is Marcy) to replace Daphne. It would eventually kill her. He knew all about the legend of Baba Yaga. Velma announces the "previously on..." recap. He controlled the house with switches inside his cane. A letter shows that Viola's father knows of a witch in the forest, making a possibility that she had already trapped people in the house so many times that it is known even from the outside. Scooby overhears their conversation, and tells Fred and Shaggy later at Shaggy's house. Attempting to shoot the toy soldier in the wrong direction 11 times will cause it to turn around and shoot Viola on the twelfth incorrect shot. It includes spoilers. If Viola interacts with the black-haired woman while running from the Toy Soldier, she will be turned into a painting. The Disk piece was saved due to it becoming lodged in Mr. Trapples' eye. If Viola reenters the Skull Hallway after outrunning the Giant Skull, the latter will still be roaming the area and will kill Viola if she does not leave. While Viola is being chased by an enemy, if she keeps running from her pursuer without leaving the room after a certain period of time, the enemy will gain speed. If Viola tries to enter the mouth hidden in the wall, the mouth will bite down and chew her upper body. Baba Yaga appears and threatens the gang if they follow her again. If Viola puts the gold chopsticks anywhere except the ribs in the skeleton, an invisible person wielding a knife will kill her once she enters the Kitchen. She eventually made a contract with a demon who would give her a spell to "cure" her illness if she fed him souls. IntelligenceBlack magic She begs him to give her a second chance. Hot Dog Water: Daphne's stopped you cold again? Ellen is a witch and is the main antagonist of The Witch's House. Therefore, it is Viola who is trying to trap Ellen and get her body back, and that Ellen is the "real" protagonist. After Mayor Nettles, Sheriff Stone, and the Curator Vronsky arrive, they investigate the clearing and report the incident. She said the owners of Crystal Cove would get what was coming to them very soon. Mystery Incorporated season 2 episodes. episodes. Velma taking Hot Dog Water under her wing is really a cover up for what they are really doing: working for, Fred thinks Velma is working for Mr. E because they left her behind because she didn't tell them that, Daphne declined to return to Mystery Inc. and turned down Fred because she was with, Because of being one member short, the gang failed to capture. Deaths can be a result of: Here is a list of deaths that can occur in The Witch's House. It is presumed a lot of time passed since she became a witch, but as a witch, she is immortal and can't physically age. She was portrayed by Bathsheba Garnett (old) and Sarah Stephens (young). Origin Ellen gave her "medicine", which burned her throat and made her unable to speak because Ellen didn't want to hear her own screams. Hot Dog Water becomes "New Daphne" as Mystery Inc. face a haunted house with chicken legs! Afterwards, Marcy clarifies the liquid as being a type of oil used in roller-coasters, due to her father owning an amusement park. She chases them around the house, trying to capture them, but then crashes into a rock and the house hobbles off into the woods again, leaving behind a trail of black mysterious liquid. The doll head/cute bottle room now has a giant red eye roaming at all times. (, Once Viola goes down the chimney, she will find herself back in the dining room among many Male Bust Statues. After the house trips, Baba Yaga falls out and is taken into custody after being revealed as Curator Vronsky.