Ignore Them. They want you to make noise, get upset, and voice your anger. Four Guidelines to Dealing with a Toxic Gamer. More than anything they want to get a reaction out of you. Toxic gamers love to pick at others and get in their head, especially as a way to psych them out and cause them to lose focus on playing the game. In … If you start losing because a troll is keeping you distracted, that’ll only make you more upset.
Honestly this is the best thing. So just don’t do it. They’ll just pull you down to their level and make you look foolish too.

If you play online multiplayer games you will run into a toxic gamer pretty fast. Toxicity in games exist and will never die. Toxic gamers LOVE to get a rise out of those they’re abusing. A toxic gamer will never admit that it's their fault, they will always blame their teammate, or they will be a sore winner, trash-talking constantly even though they are winning. Utilize mute, squelch, or other video game mechanics to completely ignore them.