Now that your Portfolio is under way, click Edit your Portfolio to add media and modify it. Adobe Portfolio … An online portfolio can work for anyone, so let your creativity flow as you craft the site that perfectly suits you. Find the layout you want and click Use This Layout to apply it. Open in a web browser and sign in with your Adobe ID and password. You can also embed media from other sources, such as YouTube, directly into your project. Select an image thumbnail to use as the cover photo, use the slider to adjust its size, and click Crop & Continue. Click Done. Anyone with a free Creative Cloud membership can publish a Portfolio … This offer expires on December 31. Note: Your project is only publicly viewable when you select to publish it to Behance, or when you publish your Portfolio. Let your portfolio be a creative outlet for you to showcase your accomplishments, as well as a strong case to support your hard work and efforts. If you work in business, use your portfolio to showcase your projects and detail some of your biggest accomplishments at your workplace. When you’re ready to share your hard work with the world, click “Share” to publish your portfolio and send to others. Experiment with the settings in the different categories to achieve the overall style you want. Portfolio and Behance are Creative Cloud services for presenting your work and interacting with the creative community online. Building a portfolio website might sound intimidating, especially if you don’t have any web design experience under your belt already. Note: Behance projects are automatically synced to your Portfolio. Click the pencil icon next to any of the elements and choose Reorder. No new users can elect into the offer after December 31. We're committed to giving you the tools you need to improve your creativity and workflow. Whether you work in a creative industry or more corporate field, having an online portfolio is an excellent personal resource. Don’t forget to include contact info in easy to find places so that your readers know how to reach you once they get inspired by your work! You can republish when you purchase a Creative Cloud plan. An online portfolio provides a landing page for your audience to enjoy photos, videos, or write-ups of your work and accomplishments.
After 60 days, you’ll have a two-week grace period to purchase a Creative Cloud membership in order to keep your site published. You can also link to a custom domain. Click Edit Global Styles to customize the style and layout of the text and media featured for your individual project or gallery. This offer is available through December 31. Portfolio remains part of your membership during this offer period, as well as after. Enterprise use of Adobe Portfolio will be governed by sharing restrictions at the enterprise admin level. If you elected into the offer, you will retain your published site for 60 days. When evaluating a layout, grab your phone or tablet and test the layout on multiple … Scroll down and click Create Your Portfolio, and then choose a layout from the existing options.
Click Add Text to add a description or details about your project.

Luckily, with Adobe Spark Page, you don’t need to build a portfolio … If you aren't a member with a Photography Plan, Single App, or a full Creative Cloud account, you will be prompted to subscribe to the plan of your choice. Draft a paragraph or two that provides insight to you as a person, your career goals or ambitions, and what makes you, you, with any relevant experience to back it up. Instead, browse through some Spark Page portfolio examples, and use Spark Page’s intuitive editor to explore preset layout options that will help you craft a dynamic web page in no time at all! What happens to my portfolio after 60 days?

There are several options for photo layouts, including grids, glide shows, and split layouts to name a few, so explore these possibilities to see how they interact with your work, as well as with each other as a whole as you scroll through your page.

A comprehensive portfolio will impress your audience, so make sure to have your contact info readily available on your page when your readers will inevitably reach out to you, eager to learn more about all you have to offer.

Once you get started working with Spark Page, click the “+” signs to choose the type of section you’d like to build. Selecting a region changes the language and/or content on What if I’m already a Creative Cloud member?

Click the plus (+) icon in the toolbar and choose Project from the content type options.

Adobe Portfolio is free to everyone through December 31, 2020.