he says he's got a plan for it. biden with this blunt rebuke of the president -- the caption?

>> reporter: on capitol hill, the nation's top health experts trying to convince americans to take a vaccine when one becomes available. Your browser may not be compatible with all the features on this site. president trump says he will be on that debate stage tonight. his statement enraged some of those who have lost loved ones.

to they do one of the most deven in normal times.s, our frontline health care workers. right now, it's a cat 4. let's get right to ginger zee with the latest track for us. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. mary bruce up on the hill tonight. >> all right, more to come in the case. witnesses say that price was simply trying to stop a domestic dispute. TV Archive

added cardio protection. the state a.g. saying two officers were justified, since her boyfriend shot first. members of the supreme court police force carried the casket up the stairs into the great hall, followed by her family. In adults 25-54, the numbers were 2.14 million for World News Tonight, 2.08 million for NBC Nightly News and 1.14 million for CBS Evening News.

>> tense moments on the hill today. our linsey davis today asking vice president pence what kind of message that sends, thousands packed together, few with masks. >> search your hearts, and your conscience, and then vote for joe biden like your lives depend on it. we've trusted governors in our states and, most importantly, we've trusted the american people. million millions already voting across this country. so many of us were fans. thank you for joining us. >> reporter: at the supreme court this morning, a tableau of honor and grief. i'm on it. serious and sometimes fatal infections,... ...including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened,... ...as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems,... ...serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. adding -- "he was the best father i could ever ask for. no more. election day, as you know, exactly four weeks away now. why are you bragging?

>> i certainly would take that vaccine. a pentagon spokesman says even though the military leadership now must work from home, "there is no change to the operational readiness or mission capability of the u.s. armed forces." plus stanford experts quantify the cost of our recent bad finally tonight, paying tribut finally tonight, paying tribute. there was an absolutely no justification for the use of force. >> reporter: when getting on a bus in san francisco, the rules are in plain sight. >> reporter: trump even taking on his own cdc director last week, when redfield predicted americans won't be able to take advantage of a vaccine until mid 2021. his death sparking marches. At ABC News, Muir has won multiple Emmy and Edward R. Murrowawards for his … >> reporter: as the nation marks a horrific milestone, 200,000 killed by the coronavirus, today, the head of the cdc dr. robert redfield with a stark reality check.

on average, 90% of passengers. tiny droplets lingering in the air for minute us, possibly hours.

my life has been redefined by coronavirus.

>> next at 6:00 we are live with local reaction to the grand jury's decision in the breonna taylor case. her boyfriend firing a shot, claiming they never identified themselves. overnight, he said the president bears some responsibility for contracting covid. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow night.

that's why his campaign is spending more money in florida than any other state. twitter flagged that tweet for misinformation. nineteen will help rebuild lives. since april 22nd, when the mask ordinance went into effect, the san francisco municipal transportation agency kept a record of the number of people who wear a mask while on board. cindy mccain, a republican, of course, senator john mccain's widow. balanced nutrition for strength and energy. call 1-800-quit-now for help getting free medication. all told, 22 people who have been at the white house over the past ten days have tested positive. ♪ his group van halen was one of the most popular rock bands of all time. ask your doctor about humira citrate-free.

3-year-old lucille wilson and 2-year-old frankie frezzell dressed as justice ginsburg. masks matter.

>> linsey davis with the vice president.

>> reporter: a lawyer for the family says price was unarmed. in some instances, the protests turned violent with periodic clashes with police. He’s also co-anchor of ABC News’ '20/20.' >> i'm hoping that i can convince suburban women who are kind of on the fence about things to come with me on this and join team biden and vote a man in who would be not only a marvelous president, but who shows the character, the. Uploaded by

let's just set partisanship aside. and you really don't. >> reporter: he said his investigation did not examine how that warrant was obtained.

president trump tweeting out this picture of his massive rally in pennsylvania overnight, where he mocked joe biden for wearing a mask. >> we don't think that he should be ever, ever free again. Muir previously served as the weekend anchor and primary substitute anchor on ABC's World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer, subsequently succeeding her on September 1, 2014. i've seen that pain in the community. >> they are fighting to reverse judge ginsburg's legacy, not honor it. >> reporter: but a growing number of americans are skeptical, as the president sends mixed messages on the virus and amid growing concerns that his administration is putting politics ahead of science. the race for 2020. cindy mccain endorsing joe biden. david? gillette proglide and proglide gel.

and of course, now that quarantine involving the joint chiefs.