He is punished for being a loyal lover not once but twice. Ishqiya is the story of two people madly in love with each other, but could not end up together. TARAP: A Drama, A Soap Or A Waste Of Time? Ishqiya, the freshly concluded tale was all about love, trust, importance of relations and betrayal from the loved ones.

In Ishqiya many characters did many bad things.

that true love is all about protection and never about vengeance. Drama serial Ishqiya has ended with a high note, leaving a deep message for the new generation. One after the other, Hamna (Ramsha Khan), Azeem (Gohar Rasheed), and Hamza’s mother (Seemi Pasha) all ask for forgiveness from Rumi.

The audience often named it as “unfair ending” when expressing their frustration on …

Hamna after spending four years of relationship with her university mate Hamza, gets married to Azeem, selected by her ill father. Hamna, who spends the entirety of the drama making decisions that only cause further troubles instead of every providing solutions, actually gets rewarded for causing much ruination to three people. Read More: Upcoming drama Prem Gali stars Sohai Ali & Farhan Saeed. If she was forgiven, why not Hamza??

She doesn’t wallow in self-pity but confronts her husband and makes a decision to walk out of her marriage. Who thought that the love story of four people would become this tragic? Ishqiya (Urdu: عشقيہ‎; transl. However, Rumi who was expecting, unfortunately miscarried her child amidst all the stress and tension. Hamza was Hamna’s love interest but due to some reasons Hamna got married to Azeem, Hamza in his anger and revenge sent marriage proposal for Romaisa.

Romaisa or Rumi for short played by Hania Amir was a woman that is rarely, if ever, shown in Pakistani dramas. It is a pity that Rumi lost so much in this manipulation. Ishqiya included all-star and much loved cast that added to its huge fame. While Gohar did win us over in most scenes and did justice to his character, we wish Ramsha’s role was given more room to grow and express herself. Additionally, the disheartened fans flooded twitter with their responses, as #Ishqiya still trends first on twitter in Pakistan. I HATE THIS.#Ishqiya, Okay Hamza did wrong humna who's awkward behavior,she spend 4years with a boy and at the she suddenly realize that Oh shirt Abbba jaan tu manny gy e nh bhai what is this behavior humna chalu maafi mill gae tu Realize tu hamza ko b hoa dramay m is couple k ilawa tha kia #Ishqiya pic.twitter.com/6cucJCRl4a. Best Ending….ye aik lesson tha sb k liye….Jo kisi k sath bura krta h us k sath bura hi hota….agr happy ending krte to dramay m koi lesson ni bachna tha …..Hamza jasay kafi boys hmre environment m ye soch kr sb kr lyte k maafi to mil hi jati h ……n no doubt asay boys se hmra environment bhara para h Jo blackmail krna start kr dyte hn girls ko Allah ki pakar se ni darte…and Hamna ne wohi kiya Jo hr girl apne parents ki Khushi k liye qurbani dyti h…Romi k sath bht bura howa khair asay logo ko Allah thamny m dair ni krta But on the other hand, the drama trended every week and raked up views in millions on Youtube for its every episode, showcasing how despite all the drama’s weaknesses, it had the audience fully invested in it. But was it really all that bad? The most epic scene was the tight slap given to Hamza by his mother as she shamed him for ruining so many lives in the process. Ishqiya Finale: The Drama Finally Ends With No Mercy for Hamza. She begins a new chapter in her life and returns to teaching children at her old school. The chemistry was indeed the highlight of the drama and their couple will be shipped for years to come. Drama serial Ishqiya was on the receiving end of quite polarizing reactions during its entire run.

Even Rumi’s own mother-in-law is shown telling her not to compromise on her self-respect by giving her marriage a second chance. So, when Ishqiya finally ended its journey with a special double episode broadcast, the reactions on the show’s ending poured in quickly all over social media. Your email address will not be published. Azeem finally decided to begin a new life with Hamna by deleting her past from their relationship.

Rumi delivered the entire central idea of Ishqiya in her dialogues i.e.

In addition, the male lead of Hamza is flawlessly delivered by the Pakistani heartthrob Feroze Khan.

Well, this question calls for some elaborate discussion. As a daughter, a sister, and a wife – Rumi never stayed quiet when it came to demanding love and respect. Not fair ending.

The drama ends with no compassion for Hamza.

She doesn’t forgive a man for planning to ruin her sister’s reputation, even if that man is her husband whom she loves.
So, let’s discuss it. The fascinating and joyous character of Rumi is portrayed by the elegant and cheerful young starlet Hania Amir.

Hira Baloch yeh achi larki apney parents sey chup key eik larkey sey ishaq larati hai us sey shadi key promise karti hai aur phir apney parents ki baat achi larki ki tarah maan leti hai , this is your criteria of ACHI LARKI …wow!! #Ishqiya pic.twitter.com/2ib36dG5OB, Man i feel bad for Hamza even tho he was wrong but HE STILL WAS LOYAL TO HAMNA BEFORE?! Independent News Coverage Pakistan - INCPAK, Independent News Coverage Pakistan - INCPak © Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved  |, Drama serial Ishqiya ending leaves fans disappointed, Upcoming drama Prem Gali stars Sohai Ali & Farhan Saeed, Maya Ali returning to TV with drama Pehli Si Mohabbat, 50 Crore movie might just be an ad campaign, 50 Crore Movie being labeled as rip-off of Netflix’s Money Heist, Mehreen Jabbar to produce ‘Waham’ a psychological web-series thriller, Waqar Zaka hits back at Jannat Mirza for calling him a hypocrite, Sad moment for fans after watching ‘Misha’ dying in ‘Jalan’, Aamir Liaquat gets backlash for comment on Gujranwala rally, Jannat Mirza claps back at Waqar Zaka over TikTok reactions, Komal Aziz Khan slams moral policing comment, TikToker Ali Khan bashed for making fun of a girl on a live session, Meray Dost Meray Yaar Season 2 trailer is out now, Jannat Mirza criticized for her reasons of moving to Japan, Hande Subasi under fire for sharing bold pictures, United unveils new stickers for United US 70 2021 Model, Govt launches ‘Baytee’ app to empower women, Motorway gang rape victim identifies Abid Ali & Shafqat, Indian media spreads fake news of ‘Civil War’ in Karachi, Two Muslim women stabbed in Paris under Eiffel Tower, Lahore CCPO Umar Sheikh verbally abuses woman on call, Currency Exchange Rate in Pakistan Today [21 October 2020], USD to PKR: Dollar rate in Pakistan [21 October 2020], Karachi blast: 5 killed, 28 injured at Maskan Chowrangi in Gulshan-e-Iqbal. The way that the drama spent weeks getting the audience invested in the story of two characters, getting them attached to their journey, only to give them an ending that provides no logical closure to their story just feels so unjust. A man shouldn’t get away so easily for blackmailing a woman and should suffer from the same degradation he intends the woman to go through.

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It was a relief as he so much deserved it. If it would not have been the star power of Feroze and Hania, we believe Ishqiya would never have garnered so many eyeballs. The drama remained true to this reality. The episodes were sometimes too cumbersome to watch; with weak developments, various loopholes, clichéd story, and boring scenes. Of all the dramas I have seen so far, the most messy ending was that it ruined the whole image of Ishqiya drama. Much celebrated drama Ishqiya left a huge population of fans disappointed as majority desired a happy ending for both the on-screen couples. They have different personalities and pay a heavy price due to misunderstandings created in their life. Hamna (Ramsha Khan) who is at the root of all the mess is never questioned for her mistakes.

Hamna and Romaisa who were sisters. The story revolved around 4 characters.

Director Badar Mehmood and his lead actors had been superb throughout the series. All Rights Reserved. Now that everyone knows the entire spectacle created by Hamza, the finale became all about confrontations.

The ending of the drama Ishqiya was not about them. Rumi was loud, spunky, bratty, came across as insolent yet was full of love and affection for the relationships she shared with everyone. What do you think of Ishqiya’s ending?

I was happy with the end.It’s not necessary that end is always happy.It gave a huge lesson to us. However, where the show failed miserably was the way it treated its own audience’s investment and emotions. Manzoor Qureshi Steals The Show In The Latest 'Mushk' Episode. They were the show’s strength as the better writing and the better scenes all belonged to them. And that is where the absurdity of Ishiqya’s ending lies. A lot of souls suffer because of the errs of one vile person. It is a story of love, trust and betrayal which revolves around two sisters, Roomi and Hamna, played by Hania Amir and Ramsha Khan, respectively. Ishqiya pulled off a double episode this week in light of finally bringing the drama to an end! Other than that, the screenplay also showed the self-esteem and pride that a guy should retain, and the just decision that he should own in forgiving his wife’s past.