Subscribe to our newsletter for the occasional update. Explore Jason’s process from concept to creation, learn about the tools he trusts, and follow his progress from design to delivery. Heat treating is a mystery to many bladesmiths. Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Jason Knight was passionate on the forge since his young age. report. His mastery of the art--especially with his reputation in creating kukri and recurve bladed knives--allowed Jason Knight to be a judge on the television show, Forged in Fire. As a kid, he started believing in the existence of it which encouraged him to make wooden knives and swords. In this course, Mastersmith Steve Schwarzer, one of the pioneers of the technique, will walk you through his process and show you how to achieve consistent results in your composite work.

It all comes together with a dark rich durable finish that only gets better the more you use it. Chef’s knives are the most widely known and used type of blade in the world but in this class, Jason Knight teaches how to make a chef’s knife that goes well beyond the run-of-the-mill standard. Capture your ideas and forge them into reality. Jason is awesome and he’s also hilarious!”, “For those that can’t make it to his classes in person, I HIGHLY recommend this online training!”, “This series is an incredibly useful tool that I can reference at anytime for the rest of my life. Lost your password? Born in Charleston, SC and raised in the hinterlands where his familiarity with knives came at an early age, in a time when all a boy needed to keep himself occupied during the day was miles of open swamp and a good knife to use for hacking new trails to wherever his imagination would take him. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. He was initially brought in to cover for J. Neilson's surgery, then when Neilson came back he's been switching out with Ben Abbot. Jason Knight is a dreamer, but he is also a Master Bladesmith who has been creating and forging knives for the last seventeen years. It will be a great asset to have moving forward.”, “I really enjoyed the Forged series. Hughes Award for the best knife by a Mastersmith candidate. Forged: Online Course takes you on an in-depth journey from the concept to creation of his Elemental Knife. Jason currently resides in East Tennessee with his wife and two children.

Jason Knight got passionate about crafting Knives since his young age In 90s, Bladesmithing was not considered as the respectabl… Jason Knight, Master Bladesmith – Designer & Consultant. 6 comments. Even then he was making his own knives, but as he grew his talents needed focus as with all great artists. Not a bad way to start for a newbie. Steel moves like clay. Jason’s unique techniques for shaping steel, heat treating, and handle design all contribute to his production of one of the most loved blades in the knife industry, the Brute de Forge Chopper. You will experience digital access to Jason’s studio, learn about the tools he trusts, and follow his process from design to delivery. This thread is archived. hide. His dad read him stories by Edgar Rice Boroughs, while his mom made costumes for this little boy with a huge imagination.