Around town its easy to forget that you’re driving a hybrid. Excellent, controlled ride, interior space is generous and comfortable both front and back. Highly recommend. The Optima Hybrid has 13.4 cubic feet of cargo capacity in its trunk, while the Plug In has 9.9 cubic feet. The actual transaction price depends on many variables from dealer inventory to bargaining skills, so this figure is an approximation.

Oh yeah - free charging stations in primo parking spaces! A lot of safety features. Save cars. But I've heard 2017 did better things with this problem. It has very comfy inside, and rides very smoothly. It is an amazing car. from Murfreesboro, TN on Mon Oct 16 2017, So far, so good. Great perf. 5 out of 5 people found this review helpful.

I have owned a lot of fabulous cars including several Audi's and Land Rover's, a Jaguar XK8, and a bunch of other great vehicles and I put this 2017 Kia Optima Hybrid EX at the top of the pack. Kia Optima z 2019 (46) Kia Optima z 2018 (60) Kia Optima z 2017 (53) Kia Optima z 2016 (45) Kia Optima z 2015 (29) Kia Optima z 2014 (22) Kia Optima z 2013 (11) Kia Optima z 2012 (23) Kia Optima … AND you don't know this is all happening automatically. Under the hood, the Optima Hybrid is powered by a 154-hp 2.0L four-cylinder that is mated to a 50-hp electric motor that generate a combined 192-hp.
LOVE this car! As an engineer I am really impressed with the design and particularly the ergonomics. That content can be enhanced with the EX Premium package, which adds a heated steering wheel, panoramic sunroof, upgraded audio system, ventilated front seats, and more. The instant torque from the electric motor is great for accelerating from a stop light, but its almost too easy to make the front wheels spin at the same time. So far it's telling me I'm getting about 618 miles to each tank. Love it's technology as well. from Madison, OH We made the purfect chioce. Even so, if you're set on a new Optima, wait a year or so to see what happens. EPA-rated fuel economy measures 40/45 mpg city/highway. I'm talking driven ALOT! I test drove VW Passat and I think the Optima was a better value and just felt like a nicer car. A full used buyer’s guide on the Kia Optima covering the Optima Mk2 (2016-2020), The covers have come off the next Kia Optima, however the Ford Mondeo rival has been dropped from the UK market, Prices for the new Kia Optima Sportswagon plug-in hybrid have been revealed, following a range facelift in 2018, We test the new Peugeot 508 Fastback against the Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport and Kia Optima to see which is the ultimate family car. Check out ⭐ the new Kia Optima Hybrid ⭐ test drive review: price details, trims, and specs overview, interior features, exterior design, MPG and mileage capacity, dimensions. The car is so quiet I have to strain to hear the engine.

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The ride is smooth and it can respond quickly in a pinch. Your don't have to drive slow. by Blackhorse88 It's an impressive set-up, and beats the diesel hands down if you have regular access to a charge point. I bought the Kia for my wife who is not a car nut like me. Kia does an excellent job of making both hybrids drive like normal cars, so the unobservant passenger might never notice a difference between an Optima with an electric motor and one without. by Robin E Like its combustion counterpart, the Optima hybrid is fairly adequate and hard to find real fault in. Still, the 2020 Optima is a sufficient option for families that want a sedan and that don't care about driving verve. The cabin is fairly spacious, but generally void of flair. I’ve only owned it a month but it’s averaging 40 MPG in suburban driving. With its sleek design it makes driving an ease. In the case of the Optima, Kia offers two variations on the theme. Read our in-depth review and buying advice. 3 out of 3 people found this review helpful. from Granada Hills, CA I had no idea before my purchase that batteries for these cars can be very costly. 10 out of 10 people found this review helpful. When I need power to enter I-90, both the gas and electric motors kick in for great performance. Leg room is amazing, tons of space in this car. Sign Up, Already have an account? I love this car. Kia reveals Optima PHEV for 2016 and fuel-cell car for 2020, New Kia Optima 2016: larger and more hi-tech than ever, Stylish looks, loads of equipment, low running costs, Not as fun to drive as a Mondeo, awkward boot. from Rockford, IL Also take full advantage of coasting. If you’re looking for a hybrid that is a bit more exciting to drive, you should look at the Accord. on Wed Aug 01 2018. Would you really pay almost $4,000 more to only get slightly better fuel economy?