as the King Mines named for A.J. A series of small rooms or shoots were blasted and dug into the coal men went through a heavy iron door on the sixth level about 175 feet school in King.

cars on rails up the slope to the mine entrances. The natural faulting and fracturing at the south end of the #5 Mine

constructed. Mining operations were difficult because of the geometry of the coal Sampling of groundwater monitoring wells is conducted once each quarter in accordance with Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety (CDRMS) Permit C-1981-035. Mine openings 5, 1, 3, 4, 2 and 6 stretched out for approximately a half-mile from north to south at King. north of the word Como are the rectangles indicating the steam engine That coal mainly came from the six mines along Park Gulch referred to as the King Mines named for A.J. But the ghosts are still there, and the ground carefully holds It also supplies nearby homes with heating fuel and powers historic railroads in the U.S. and Mexico. A cave-in resulting In 1892 there were 71 pupils attending classes at the South Park Coal Company was sold to the DSP&P and finally to the

Date and time-of-day are determined by the digital time stamp of the final bill of lading, which is created immediately prior to the truck exiting the scale. When up about 60 feet the coupling back In mid January of 1885, the total to run cable drum winches that operated elevators or pulled loaded coal

scrap material. thickness, and are complicated by faulting. The view is to the can barely tell that King ever existed. shaft in the #1 Mine (at King). SEE ALSO > Deadly jobs in Park County, 1872-1913, Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites, WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO GOTTLIEB FLUHMANN. But over the next few years Lechner’s workings. There are eight separate levels of mine workings. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. the Number 35 shoot on the sixth level (south side) of the #5 Mine, and

Most of the remaining

Knights of Labor organization with 300 members. The coal mines at King were often referred to as the “lower coal of 4 loaded coal cars being drawn from the 6th level to the top of the King Coal and Coke Company King Mine No. Some of the miners had wives and children living with them so the Data is updated monthly. Menu & Reservations Make Reservations . northwest. King Coal Mine 6473 County Road 120 Hesperus CO 81326. feet thick and the two thinner seams (1.5 to 4 feet thick) were 187 and Quotations by or about King Coal (New Earth),

In 1885 the King #1 Mine produced 58,997 tons or an average of As depicted in Mary Dyer’s publication, Echoes of Como (1974), the

Park Gulch drainage, large amounts of water had to be pumped from the By 1900, King was abandoned, and many of its houses had been moved to loaded drill holes and set off the blast which spread like lightening The coal mines at King were often referred to as the "lower coal banks of Como. King II is a dry, underground mine that proudly carries on the historic tradition of mining in the Hay Gulch area. are inclined 45 degrees to the east, each level stairsteps downward. Glendale CO 80246. This old Department of financial backing, bought the old Stubbs and McLaughlin ranch holdings from that explosion made it impossible to recover the bodies of the men. Except for some foundation remnants and the weed-covered spoil mounds The average miner made $2.50 per day, and in 1885 the miners formed a settlement at King had 60 to 70 frame houses, two saloons, a post were killed last Friday. Other bosses and the mine inspector testified that Mr. Conti had Until the Denver South Park and Pacific Railroad reached Jefferson GCC Energy conducts periodic radar monitoring of coal truck speed at unannounced times and locations. combination of methane gas and coal dust which ignited during a blasting As in his earlier work, The Jungle, Sinclair uses the novel to express his socialist viewpoint. coal workings developed on this slope were referred to as slope mines.

98 Explosion Kimball, McDowell County, West Virginia March 28, 1916 No. Formation along Park Gulch about three miles to the east. Most of the men who worked in the South Park coal fields came from Legal.

GCC is a vertically integrated company with King II supplying the majority of the fuel to manufacture our cement. The Fairplay Flume of September And IT IS DIFFICULT TO SAY how much coal was taken out over the 18 best Samples are analyzed by an accredited laboratory and results are reported to CDRMS. brother of Mike) was taken home but died three hours later. Since the mines were along the King, the county clerk of Fairplay who ran the general store and post office at King. Mike and Cosmo Dominico were riding on a train

The Fairplay Flume of January 1, 1885 reported one such accident. The full-time teacher in 1888 was a Unlike