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"We had won 2-0 at home, but the Germans of the 80s were like the Madrid of today, competitive animals," Agustin remembers.

"We finished our game and we were champions, and we were waiting on the pitch when Zamora's goal came at the Estadio El Molinon. ", If those were the days before mobiles and camera phones took all the fun out of that sort of stunt, they were also the days when Liverpool's reputation as ­England's leading team in Europe was still being forged. The fans take great pride in ­chanting "We won it five times" now, but in 1981 Liverpool had only won the ­European Cup twice and Forest had matched that achievement with wins in 1979 and 1980. "You applaud but at the same time you think it could've been me, but that's the way life is. And on the wing was the late Laurie Cunningham, the former West Bromwich Albion hero who had just added the honour of becoming Real Madrid's first English signing to the distinction of being the first black player to represent England in a competitive game. There are two things in his thoughts which the others echo: that Liverpool of 81 was superior to Madrid and that today the scenario is just the opposite. "I've imagined it many times," he admitted. Santillana, nevertheless, never thought Real would win. He thought we should be focused on the game.". "But this Madrid is the best team in the world, and are going to show it in the final.". I didn't even want the ball when Ray Kennedy took his throw in, I was just making a run to try and make space for someone else. He is being too modest there, though he was able to take advantage of a lucky break and some shocking Spanish defending. LFChistory.net is all about the history of Liverpool FC. Not that any of that mattered, once the ball was in the back of the net with just eight minutes left to play. "We had won the League Cup earlier in the season and ­actually managed to leave it on the coach overnight, so when we got home from Paris [the Liverpool secretary] Peter Robinson explained to me that as captain I was in charge of taking care of it, even if it meant taking it home. Camacho had a one on one in the game when he faced Clemence alone. It wasn't a minor problem either, as Del Bosque explains. "But they are there on merit, and the two teams have a long European tradition.". We have got all the match results from 1892 to today along with great player profiles Matchdetails from Liverpool - Bayern Munich played on Wednesday 8 April 1981 - LFChistory - Stats galore for Liverpool FC! "We were in Versailles, far from the noise of Paris, and it gave me a lot time to think about the final, how we would play and what it would be like to pick up the trophy.

But the ball hit me on the chest and dropped perfectly. "A great team, yes, but what about the referee," Camacho interjects. "It was for me anyway. "I was lucky that Jose [Camacho] was injured for almost two years and they put me into the first team. Well I didn't need telling twice. "This Liverpool has a lot of goals in them, but also a lot of problems defensively. Liverpool won the European Cup for the third time in the 1980-81 season, on May 27, 1981 in Parc des Princes, France. "That year I played a lot in the middle, and I was up against Graham Souness, who was great," he said. This win salvaged the season for Liverpool, finishing just 5th in the league. "Always keeping the 0-0 was the plan, to get to extra time, then penalties. Aston Villa would win it the ­following year, meaning that three ­ ­English teams (the other was Nottingham Forest) shared in a period of unprecedented ­dominance by one league. "There were 31 teams, plus Honved, at the start of the tournament, and the Paris final had the weight that the team that lost was not going to play the next edition.". Alan Kennedy's goal won the 1981 European Cup for Liverpool, the last time they met Real Madrid, When Thompson's men were kings of the Parc des Princes, Alan Kennedy celebrates with the European Cup after scoring the winning goal in the 1981 final. They had however won the League Cup, beating West Ham in the replay at Villa Park. They had however won the League Cup, beating West Ham in the replay at Villa Park. Todos los derechos reservados. 2018 There was the German midfielder Uli Stielike, who had played for Borussia Mönchengladbach when Liverpool won their first European Cup, in 1977. "A final is won, it is not played," Carlos Santillana, the captain of Real Madrid in 1981, said. Liverpool won 1–0, Alan Kennedy ­popping up to supply an unexpected late winner, and the European Cup stayed in English hands for a fifth successive ­season. "In extra time, we had chances to win that European Cup.". "I hadn't played a competitive match for six weeks before the final but I was determined to play," Dalglish said. "That's why now when we look at the final in Kiev we must always do it with the prudence that anything that can happen: an injury, a red card, an error...". https://liverpoolfc.fandom.com/wiki/1981_European_Cup_Final?oldid=21509.

The defeat in Paris was hard for a team that had spent 15 years away from the trophy around which it has built a unique history. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Liverpool won the 1981 European Cup Final, beating Real Madrid 1-0 on 27 May 1981 in Paris. "If Juanito hadn't had knee problems, if Cunningham had played ( he didn't because of months out with injury), and if Stielike wasn't injured 10 days before the game which made him play at 40 percent...". League Cup: 1978 • 1981 • 1982 • 1983 • 1984 • 1987 • 1995 • 2001 • 2003 • 2005 • 2012 • 2016, European Cup: 1977 • 1978 • 1981 • 1984 • 1985 • 2005 • 2007 • 2018 • 2019, Intercontinental/Club World Cup: 1981 • 1984 • 2005 • 2019, UEFA Super Cup: 1977 • 1978 • 1984 • 2001 • 2005 • 2019. The goalscorer was short of match practice as well, after missing games while recovering from a broken wrist, but Kennedy was just as concerned about all the distractions surrounding the game. So there was still a competition going on between English clubs for European supremacy, Vujadin Boskov, the Real Madrid coach, suggested that Bob Paisley's players were too old, and they arrived in Paris carrying a few injuries. As six players from the Real Madrid team that faced Liverpool in the 1981 European Cup final reunited, the common theme running through their conversations was how the Red's team of that era were like the Los Blancos side of today.

"It wasn't the best final in the world but it's the winning that counts," Thompson said. "We were quite limited in that game," he noted. © Mayo I'd seen it ­happen twice before but now I was ­captain I was wondering whether I would get a turn. "Arriving in Paris generated a huge amount of expectation among the Real Madrid side, because in the club, it was a long time since a final was reached and it was something very beautiful," recalled Del Bosque. "I passed all the fitness tests and set out for Paris. "We can say that Liverpool then was this Madrid," explained Sabido. Liverpool Clemence, Neal, A Kennedy, Thompson, R Kennedy, Hansen, Dalglish (Case, 86), Lee, Johnson, McDermott, Souness. This win salvaged the season for Liverpool, finishing just 5th in the league. The Madrid in the final of 1981 was the one of the Garcia's: Remon, Perez, Hernandez, Cortes and Navajas. It's been almost 37 years, but Santillana is still thinking what it would have been like to climb the stairs to the box to pick up what would have been the seventh European Cup for Real.

Winning in Paris was my greatest career moment.". It was in a big velvet bag so I put it in the back of my Capri and went straight to the Falcon in Kirkby. "We were sorry to lose the league a few weeks earlier in Valladolid," Agustin opined. Thirty seven years after that fateful evening in Paris, Agustin, Perez Garcia, Sabido, Del Bosque, Camacho and Santillana reminisced. This record still stands, but Carlo Ancelotti has equalled it. "But the whole thing was down to luck. A s six players from the Real Madrid team that faced Liverpool in the 1981 European Cup final reunited, the common theme running through their …