We are told by the opposition that we must have a change, that we must have a new deal. If that is his idea, he is proposing the most revolutionary new deal, the most stupendous breaking of precedent, the most destructive undermining of the very safeguard of our form of government yet proposed by any Presidential candidate. 35.82% of people who visit New York City include Madison Square Garden in their plan, 40.23% of people start their Madison Square Garden visit around 10 AM - 11 AM, People usually take around 1 Hr to see Madison Square Garden, 77.88% of people prefer to travel by car while visiting Madison Square Garden. Every time the Federal Government extends its arm, 531 Senators and Congressmen become actual boards of directors of that business. Our cities have been made magnificent with beautiful buildings, parks, and playgrounds.

If I were a minority of one on this occasion, I would want to cast my vote so that the men of labor shall not willingly enslave themselves to government in their industrial effort.".

Campaign Address at Madison Square Garden, New York City. But when these forces have ceased there must be a return to State, local, and individual responsibility. The stages of this destruction would be first the destruction of Government credit, then the destruction of the value of Government securities, the destruction of every fiduciary trust in our country, insurance policies and all. whether or not the Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates have disavowed those acts. That is squarely the issue of Federal Government ownership and operation of power and manufacturing business not as a minor byproduct but as a major purpose. It would be within the power of these agencies to dictate the welfare of millions of people, to discriminate between competitive business at will, and to deal favor and disaster among them. There has thus grown within us, to gigantic importance, a new conception. Expansion of government in business and otherwise means that the government, in order to protect itself from the political consequences of its errors or even its successes, is driven irresistibly without peace to greater and greater control of the Nation's press and platform. Currently, it was the largest stadium in the NHL. Our Government is rounded on a conception that in times of great emergency, when forces are running beyond the control of individuals or cooperative action, beyond the control of local communities or the States, then the great reserve powers of the Federal Government should be brought into action to protect the people. It is also known as The Garden and is quite a popular term amongst the locals. Then insidious diseases and wrongdoings do grow apace. No man has ever had a more gracious introduction from a more noble woman than Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt. It has enabled us further to develop measures and programs which are now demonstrating their ability to bring about restoration and progress. Businessmen and farmers suffered, and millions of men and women are out of jobs. There have been gaps, at times of Democratic control, when this protection has been taken away or decreased. Our Government differs from all 'previous conceptions, not only in the decentralization but also in the independence of the judicial arm of the Government. It is of little difference who the commander in chief may be if the strategy and the policies and the subordinate captains and majors and colonels and generals are maintained and if the battle be continued. Huge losses and great scandals must inevitably result. But the major point that I wish to make-the disheartening part of these proposals of our opponents--is that they represent the successful pressures of minorities. I could quote from gentlemen who have emitted this same note of profound pessimism in each economic depression going back for 100 years. The grass will grow in streets of a hundred cities, a thousand towns; the weeds will overrun the fields of millions of farms if that protection be taken away. But the point that I wish to make here and now is the mental attitude and spirit of the Democratic Party that would lead them to attempt this or to make a promise to attempt it. However, if there’s an event on Sunday, Box Office opens 90 minutes before the event's start time. Our people should consider the primary facts before they come to the judgment--not merely through political agitation, the glitter of promise, and the discouragement of temporary hardships--whether they will support changes which radically affect the whole system which has been builded during these six generations of the toil of our fathers. But they can only be resisted if there shall be live and virile public support to a Republican administration. The power problem is not to be solved by the Federal Government going into the power business, nor is it to be solved by the project in this bill. The centralization of government will undermine these responsibilities and will destroy the system itself. Our last frontier has long since been reached. Later on in the critical period, the Democratic House of Representatives did develop the real thought and ideas of the Democratic Party. The use of this expedient by nations in difficulty since the war in Europe has been one of the most tragic disasters to equality of opportunity and the independence of man. What the Governor has overlooked is the fact that we are yet but on the frontiers of development of science and of invention. I have recommended to the Congress on various occasions that action should be taken to establish Federal regulation of interstate power in cooperation with State authorities.

I can conceive a Nation builded without it, but we have been built with it. It has been proposed by the Democratic Party within 4 months and passed a Democratic House of Representatives. The burdens of the depression have fallen on the younger generation, probably greater than even its severity on their elders. It was the same nightmare which overhung our own country for years after the Civil War. In that veto message, written long before the emergence of the exigencies of political campaigning, I stated: "There are national emergencies which require that the Government should temporarily enter the field of business but that they must be emergency actions and in matters where the cost of the project is secondary to much higher consideration. I am exploring these questions because I propose to take up definite proposals of the opposition and test them with these realities in a few moments. The mere building of more industrial plants, the organization of more corporations is as likely to be as much a danger as a help .... Our task now is not the discovery of natural resources or necessarily the production of more goods, it is the sober, less dramatic business of administering the resources and plants already in hand... establishing markets for surplus production, of meeting the problem of under-consumption, distributing the wealth and products more equitably and adopting the economic organization to the service of the people .... ".. Now, there are many of these expressions with which no one would quarrel. One, knowing that his mother was stricken with a fatal disease could not by any effort or sacrifice or saving be in a position to insure her a decent burial on her death. It must be the product of the development of our truly American system. Capable men cannot be chosen by politics for all the various talents that business requires. Now, 3 years ago there came a break in this progress. Check out where to stay in New York City and book an accommodation of your choice.

Their churches, their hospitals, and their schoolhouses will decay. Standing with the lines of employees was another line of wives and mothers waiting for these marks. That is not liberalism; it is degeneration.". I succeeded in creating an independent Power Commission to handle such matters, but the Democratic House declined to approve the further powers to this Commission necessary for such regulation, possibly in order that they might use it as a matter of agitation in this campaign. We can do no better than quote that great statesman of labor, the late Samuel Gompers, in speaking of an exactly parallel situation. The New York Rangers are members of the Metropolitan Division of the Eastern Conference within the NHL. Madison Square Garden Theater Contact Phone Number is : +1 212-465-6741 and Address is 4 Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, 10001, United States Madison Square Garden theatre is a biggest theatre resides in this multi-purpose arena in the town Manhattan of New York, United States. Now, in spite of all these obstructions we did succeed. Fifth: Another proposal is that the Government go into the power business. We have carried the first-line of trenches in a great national battle.