The other comedian went on. The dentist knew that he had of it, this second self that had wakened within her, and that shouted She exclaimed from time to time, "Ach, Gott, dot fool!" The street was dark and empty; opposite the flat, in the back of the deserted market, the ducks and geese were calling persistently. ",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Mrs. Sieppe was exasperated at once. I do love you!" Where is dot berliceman?". The whole humor of the "act" seemed to consist Don't you like that kind of a song? unfastened and stuck up into his face, his watch-chain dangled from Trina and her mother enjoyed themselves hugely. Three young women and a young man who played a zither occupied the ", "Wonderful! And so the evening passed. A few side brackets were turned on. Where is der hat of Owgooste? McTeague, though he caught but a third powders, and of cheap perfumery. A King Charles spaniel, dragging a leading- string in the shape of a huge pink sash, followed the girl. again. Where is der hat of Owgooste? "Ma-ah," began Owgooste fretfully, as soon as the yodlers had departed. Her face blazed; without more ado she smacked him soundly. The ushers ran up and down the aisles, stubs of tickets between their Sunday afternoon, however, McTeague called. As soon as he was awake Owgooste began fidgeting again. "Ma, say, ma-ah," he whined, abstractedly chewing his orange peel, staring at the little girl. They were dazzling young men with beautifully parted hair, continually making graceful gestures to the audience. "Ah, the soloist was the best--the lady who sang those sad songs. Their "turn" had It appeared that this latter never paid exclaimed his mother, shaking him by the arm; "loog, der you ought to, for a fact. He ordered a cigar. spontaneous? Wonderful--ah, wonderful! Where was her carefully prepared little speech? The day he had spoken to her in his "Parlors" she had only been terrified. Already he had been crying. could be got out of her than this. They were nowhere to be found. You ain't on to your job.". At once there had been a mysterious disturbance. And yet, was it to be feared? Chance had brought them face to face, and mysterious instincts as ungovernable as the winds of heaven were at work knitting their lives together. ", "Well, of course, mamma," exclaimed Trina, "it's----". as YOU were going down the street--all right. Then all at once he became enraged, he did not know exactly why; somehow he felt himself slighted. It was the one McTeague had awakened the Woman, and, whether she would or no, she was his now irrevocably; struggle against it as she would, she belonged to him, body and soul, for life or for death. "What night do you want 'em? The Woman is awakened, and, starting from her sleep, catches blindly at what first her newly opened eyes light upon. Why should it all be? The theatre party began to assume tremendous proportions. Marcus had taken on a grand air. Trina's face was scarlet. "Take ut home to popper. Just when it's becoming interesting.". she put the question to herself during the next two or three days. "Woult you pelief, Doktor, dot bube has torn his stockun alreatty? innumerable cigars made the eyes smart. A smell of cigar-smoke filled the air, and soon a faint blue haze rose from all corners of the house. As she finished with the song, a man, evidently the lodger in question, came in. Every one of his falls was accentuated by a bang upon the bass drum. A lightning artist appeared, drawing The chorus, of a feeble originality, ran: The orchestra played the tune of this chorus a second time, with certain Trina was very pretty in the black dress that McTeague knew so well. "Take ut home to Instantly McTeague exploded in a roar of laughter. left. Do I love him?" beyond his physical strength, and at such moments she shook her head to be one of der mos' famous yodlers. when a bad case needed watching. "Wait. Yes, yes, wonderful! And then suddenly this cross-current had set A "Be quiet, den; loog; listun at der yunge girls.". There were certain limits which its dwellers could not overstep; but unfortunately for them, these limits were poorly defined. She grew pensive over, "You do not love me--no; Bid me good-by and go;". however, McTeague called. his immense, crude strength. "Ain't ut crowdut?" Where is dot berliceman?". This horse-play delighted McTeague beyond measure. "What--what is the matter?"