Character Descriptions Miss Honey.

For example lining her father's hat with super glue or putting her mother's hair bleach into her father's hair tonic bottle. Neither her mother nor her father will be of any use at all, so she chooses Miss Honey. Everything falls into place.
There was an aura of menace about her even at a distance, and when she came up close you could almost feel the dangerous heat radiating from her as from a red hot rod of metal. What's worse for Miss Honey was when she was five w…

During their visit inside the cottage, Matilda is surprised to see that her teacher lives such a simple life and pitys her a bit. Miss Trunchbull is undoubtedly the most colorful in the cast of Matilda characters. She loves playing tricks on her parents who don't pay attention to her.

When she is almost four, she finally starts school. She had a lovely pale oval Madonna face with blue eyes and her hair was light-brown.

You know what that mean… Aside from librarian Mrs Phelps, she is the first person to fully appreciate Matilda's incredible abilities and tries to bring them to the attention of the school's formidable headteacher Miss Trunchbull and Matilda's uninterested parents. In this version Miss Honey was Miss Hayes (a fact that makes me very happy), the daughter of a bookie with massive gambling debts. • In pairs, the children design both a good and a bad teacher. Free. ‘Miss Trunchbull, the Headmistress, was something else altogether.

She plays a great trick on Miss Trunchbull by using her powers. Reproductions et traductions interdites sur tout support (voir conditions), Contenu des sites déposé chaque semaine chez un huissier de justice.

Her father needed someone to take care of his now mother-less daughter while he was at work, and so he called in his deceased wife's half sister Agatha Trunchbull. Miss Jennifer Honey was a mild and quiet person who never raised her voice and was seldom seen to smile, but there is no doubt she possessed that rare gift for being adored by every small child under her care. Like Matilda, she's special. It is absolutely tiny without heat, electricity, or running water, and hardly any furniture at all.
Miss Honey is insistent that they need to be careful with Matilda's gift, because they are dealing with mysterious forces. In this chapter, Miss Honey and Matilda talk of Matilda’s new-found powers as they walk to the cottage where Miss Honey lives. (7.3-4) That's our narrator talking, and he has Miss Honey pegged. Miss Honey is the only person supporting Matilda and encouraging her to use … Matilda - Miss Honey and The Trunchbull cont. • In pairs, the children design both a good and a bad teacher. Save Resource.