The character of Gilbert would later appear in Robinson's own show. Surreal sketch series staring rising star Morgana Robinson and featuring a bizarre array of characters including gilbert with his very own show, madolynn the alcoholic faded actress, the news reporters who constantly insult each other off camera and featuring hilarious impressions of celebs including Lady Gaga,Cheryl Cole,Danii … She then starred in the TV pilot Eight Steps to Enlightenment and a Nervous Breakdown, an improvised mockumentary, playing Rachel, a self-obsessed glamour model, trying to rid herself of cellulite. The show was commissioned by Channel 4's head of comedy, Shane Allen, who stated "Discovering, supporting and nurturing new talent is at the heart of Channel 4 comedy’s remit, and in Morgana we really feel we’ve found a fresh performer with a huge amount of potential." Nick Helm & Morgana Robinson at a Steakhouse | Eat Your Heart Out With Nick Helm The Morgana Show, co-written by and starring Morgana, featured a host of original and surreal comic characters, including Gilbert, a confused teenage boy, who gained cult status on YouTube and has remained one of her most beloved characters.

Morgana Robinson is an award-winning television and film actress, best known for her comic portrayals of eccentric, nuanced characters. With Morgana Robinson, Tom Davis, Ninette Finch, Neil Maskell. Robinson’s television debut came in 2007, as she played an Eastern European internet bride in BBC1's comedy The Green Green Grass. In 2009 she appeared as Anna in the BBC1 comedy My Family in the episode "It's Training Men".