Where did it originate? For example: Torres, Salazar, Flores, Barbosa, etc.

How about Almazan or Bernardino? My family name is legit Italian. How about our surname OABEL, pronounce here in our town as O-WABEL, during the days which we used operators to make an international calls the intl operators pronounce it as O’Bel or silent A. Correa family names are from visayas region.. How about Beating? Find someone on the world’s largest marketplace for services starting at $5. Both Spanish and Portuguese language came from Romance language so it could be both…. May mga case kse na ngbabaliktad ung registration nung unang panahon.

2.LACSON Anyone?? But our tagalog surnames were Pangutanga. My father mentioned that his dad’s hometown is Bulacan sooo…maybe? Are those last names common? Tomás Lawas is a word from ilo-ilo means “body” if I’m not mistaken, My father was born in Cebu in 1897 where did his name come from and is there still Lawas s living in Car Car Cebu, Please could someone help me with locating someone with the surname of Lawas in Manila. and there’s a lot of filipino with that surname.

But in the Philippines, I have met and know a lot of Acorda from Cagayan in Region 2. These surnames are a few surnames in the Gaddang Tribe Genealogy I created in 1978.

My dad told me Nonoy was a made up last name his grandfather made up to evade being taxed and also something to prevent from going to mandatory Sunday mass.

8.MARTINEZ Although a Spanish sounding last name, Actually started off as Cua, The name of a Christian Chinese couple who were facing persecution in mainland China, imigrated to the Philippines, to yet again face persecution by the Americans, Forcing them to change there last name to a Spanish sounding last name, To avoid the Americans deporting them back to China .

Local names originally denoted the proprietorship of the village or estate. He worked on a cargo ship, he was at that time in his early 20’s. I am trying to find some friends I meet in the 1980’s, do not remember their last name. Among famous Filipinos bearing this surname is the actor/model John Lloyd Cruz. Do you know what the most popular last name is in the Philippines? Natives were ordered to adapt last names from this directory. Padilla is a Spanish surname. Padilla is also the 235,188 th most common first name internationally, held by 1,135 people. My Lolo’s last name is Palmero, Maybe connected tau PALERMO nman ako.

They said that there’s so many Ingente all over the Philippines. i leave in bulacan but i have never heard of that surname. Valencia is a Spanish feminine word and surname, meaning “brave” or “strong” when naming a girl. 10.VILLEGAS. 2. You are very wrong, both are Spanish surnames Valor mean courage and there is a town near my home town call Valor and Corrales it is a popular Spanish surname too, it means an open stable where animals are kept. What if ‘ALVARAN’ or ‘GONZALES’ is that Spanish surnames?

Ocampo 6.GO THAT’S NEW TO ME. Lucy Torres is the actress-model married to actor Richard Gomez. Where does … Do you know anything if this name? Im looking for Totoy Bato and Nonoy Kabayo. I really want to know my surname’s origin if you cant find its origin then its fine for me.

Padilla is a Spanish geographical or locational surname, originating from a number of different villages of that name, from the Spanish padilla, meaning "saucepan" or "bread pan," which in turn derived from the Latin patella, a diminutive of patina, or "shallow dish." 6. 5.PADILLA She is more known simply as Maine Mendoza. Baka po kamag-anak nyo si Dr. Jose Malgapo-Taruc Jr. My family reverted back to their original Family Name: Dumlao. On my mothers fathers side his father is from tobuan beach labrador pangasinan. Acorda, I think is derived from Spain but I’m not sure of that. A number of natives returned to their original family names after the wars, especially those south of Luzon. , WHAT ABOUT REPOLONA AND VELASCO PO? My grandfather is from the Philippians and or last name is Taroc.


So are a whole load of other Filipino last names. 5. It was just hispanized just like any other surnames.

my ex’s surname is ramirez. I’d love any information you have on the family of Balassu – that’s my mum’s dad’s family! Where does the name Donato Lawas come from in the Philippines? My parents and ancestors are pure Gaddangs, one of the Indigeneous tribes in the Cagayan Valley of Northern Luzon, Philippines. The Padilla surname first established itself in the Kingdom of Castile, a powerful state located on the Iberian Peninsula (modern day Spain) during the Middle Ages that existed between 1065-1230 AD, and existed as the County of Castile beginning in the 800s AD. Eddie Garcia is a famous Filipino actor who has received awards for both his acting and directing. Lawa is native word, therefore, a native surname. This could never happen between say: Spanish/Italian, Spanish/French, or Italian/French. About the Padilla surname Last Name: Padilla This is a Spanish locational surname, recorded in the spellings of Padilla and Padillo. Andrada

I’m doing genealogy for the in-laws. It is also used in the central Bicol language (non-Visayan) and various languages classified as Visayan but spoken in the Bicol region. I know only their first names, thought maybe you could help, theirs name are Loy, bobby, chato, Ana ,and Susan, Sorry, they live in quezon, Philippines, Providence seven holy cross Providence, I believe Rodriguez is among the top 20 surnames. Only FEW Filipinos have real Spanish blood in them. 1. Here are some familiar Surnames in Luzon Philippines There is a province in spain called avila so that can be the origin of your name. , I’m looking for POSICO family in the Philippines what place they are living & ci, Your email address will not be published. The full name of Filipino actor Alden Richards is Richard Reyes Faulkerson, Jr. His mother’s name is Rosario Reyes.

Hi, I am looking for a Chris Roma an old family friend that previously visited Australia in 1990, July/August. Mendoza This is not correct. 9.BARBOSA Here are some familiar Surnames in Luzon Philippines 1.MARCOS 2.LACSON 3.RAMOS 4.ENRILE 5.PADILLA 6.GO 7.MACAPAGAL 8.MARTINEZ 9.BARBOSA 10.VILLEGAS. Asiong or maybe we should ask Lea or Gerard about it. How did Nonoy or Nonoi first come along and how do locals in the Philippines pronounce it?

hey…me im a gomez! but not all the time.

Saan po nagmula ang apelyidong, NOMINADOR? That’s how my family got our last name.

But many of his crew were native Portuguese. I don’t see any Gaddang Surnames: Alayu, Aban, Abungan, Abuag, Addauan, Adalem, Aggabao, Aggasid, Alindayu, Alindada, Aliac, Alejandrino, Alcober, Ambatali, Angoluan, Angodung, Asiddao, Apaga, Bababaran, Balangatan, Balabat, Balunsat, Balusant, Bangad, Bannag, Balacanao, Baligod, Balauag, Balisi, Balut, Balassu, Basat, Bayaua, Bayabos, Bayun, Binaley, Birco, Busa, Beting, Bulungan, Cabanag, Cabauatan, Caddawan, Camonayan, Callang, Carub, Danguilan, Dangilan, Dinahum, Domincel, Dumelod, Gabbuat, Gaduang, Gadduang, Garingan, Gatan, Gauan, Gauuan, Gawan, Gozum, Guiab, Guimban, Gumiran, Gurat, Labog, Lauagan, Liban, Loggan, Ludan, Lumauig, Lumicao, Magalued, Maraggay, Naui, Paritang, Pataueg, Piggangay, Pisang, Tamani, Tottoc, Tugab, Tubban, Tumomba.

There are a lot of Gonzales or Gonzalez in Latin America (Spanish Speaking countries), therefore your surname is a Spanish surname but it can also be Portuguese since both Spanish and Portuguese are almost similar.

Cairns Australia . How about Salaya?

The most notable bearer of this surname is Carlos P. Garcia, the eighth president of the Philippines. How about ABENGAÑA?

What about the family name Antoni? It is derived from a city in the northeastern part of Italy called ( you guessed it) Tolentino. 3.RAMOS

I’ve been told Nonoy is originally from Iloilo but my parents are from Mindanao.