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That means that there’s a better chance of catching the show this year.

Astronomers are saying the Perseid meteor shower, which occurs each year in August, is likely to hit a spectacular peak in the early Thursday, Aug. 13 hours. CDC redefines what counts as close contact for coronavirus, adds short encounters, Brazil’s Bolsonaro rejects announcement coronavirus vaccine purchased from China, Trump threatens to release ’60 Minutes’ footage early after walking out of interview, Liberals survive confidence vote, avert imminent election with NDP help, Journalist Jeffrey Toobin apologizes after exposing himself on Zoom call, Trump can still win the U.S. election, despite lagging in the polls: experts, How Trump’s team ‘burned’ through $1 billion during U.S. election campaign, B.C. Now put away that phone, grab a blanket and pray for clear skies. READ MORE: Look up!

This is the location from which the meteors seem to originate, called the radiant. To sum up your best technique for catching the Perseids? The Perseid shower actually runs from July 13 to Aug. 26 as Earth enters the debris left over from Comet Swift-Tuttle (its debris is what streaks through the atmosphere giving us the Perseids). “Unless you’re the flash, you‘re probably not going to see it in your telescope,” she says.

Why? While the showers will be visible for several days, they will peak on Aug. 11 and Aug. 12.

But this year the earth will pass closer to the centre of the comet’s debris field, meaning that roughly double the normal amount of burnups will be visible. “Anytime between 1 a.m. and twilight.”.

A composite image of several meteors that streaked across the sky during a meteor shower. If you’ve been itching to try out a new telescope, this is the wrong event for it. Use of this Website assumes acceptance of Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, Published Wednesday, August 10, 2016 5:39PM EDT, U.S. says Iran, Russia interfering in election, Vigil held in solidarity with #EndSARS movement, Dr. de Villa answers COVID-related questions, Toronto's COVID-19 positivity rate is now nearly double "high-alert" range used by province, Liberal minority survives confidence vote in the Commons with NDP and Green backing, COVID-19 cases in Ontario's hot spots will start to decline in next week or two, health minister claims, U.S. officials link Iran to emails meant to intimidate voters, Francis becomes 1st pope to endorse same-sex civil unions, Democrats to boycott Barrett vote, Senate GOP pushes ahead, CREA reports Canadian home sales set record for September, up 45.6% from last year. Please read our Commenting Policy first. “The moon is between a quarter and full, so the moon is quite bright right now and the moon doesn’t set until about 1 a.m. This sky chart depicts the radiant, or the direction from which the Perseids originate. With your own eyes as your best instruments, it’s worth leaving a little time for them to calibrate. The specific problem is that the moon rises at almost the same time as the constellation Perseus, the namesake of this shower.

“If you have the time and capacity, going up to somewhere like Algonquin Park would be fantastic,” she says. The Perseid meteor shower in Ontario will reach its peak visibility for 2020 on the nights of August 11-12 and you’re not going to want to miss this galactic light show. But best bet and good bet are not the same thing,” she cautions. As the comet bits come near our atmosphere, they burn up and are visible from the earth. Again, this is important because of the moon. “Dark skies, patience and something comfortable to lie on,” Van Laerhoven says. “There is a big however, and that is the moon,” Van Laerhoven says. (AP Photo/The Wyoming Tribune Eagle, Blaine McCartney, File). You may still catch a few of the best meteors of the year. Even if you did see it in a telescope, you’d see the light better, but it’s not like you’re going to see features or anything like that particularly better with a telescope versus your naked eye.”.

Short animation of two Perseids over Java Center, NY. This is particularly important because of the moon’s presence in the sky for this year’s shower. “If you can’t get out of the city, that’s probably your best bet. TORONTO – It’s that time again.