At the Central Hall conference in 1959, a decisive confrontation took place between Gerald Cowell and James Taylor Jr. This was a significant increase from $370,419 in 2002–03. Brethren schools have computer banks and students have restricted access to the internet.

In the United States and Canada, private schools are operated by Stirling Education, Inc., which is closely affiliated with the PBCC.

[3] Many people came to these meetings who became important in the English movement, including Benjamin Wills Newton and George Müller.

There are some movements with strong Brethren connections that are less easy to classify. Among other distinctions, the Gospel Halls would generally not use musical instruments in their services, whereas many Chapels use them and may have singing groups, choirs, "worship teams" of musicians, etc.

Following this incident, those who separated from James Taylor Jr continued to hold the doctrine and teaching of Taylor Sr but "rolled back" the directives that had been introduced during James Taylor Jr's leadership. As with many private schools in Australia, Brethren schools qualify to receive Australian Federal government funding.

A White House spokesman later described the group as "shadowy". The term "Exclusive" is most commonly used in the media to describe one separatist group known as Taylor-Hales Brethren, who now call themselves the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (PBCC). The PBCC Brethren have been the subject of quite widespread controversy and adverse publicity, at various times since the mid-1960s. Learn how and when to remove this template message, separating from that which they consider evil, "Top marks for sect schools that shun the modern world", "The 'Brethren Cult Controversy':Dissecting a Contemporary Australian 'Social Problem, "Exclusive Brethren cult leader's millionaire son accused of assault", "Basic teaching in the Exclusive Brethren", "An Investigation into Marriage and Family Relations Among the Exclusive Brethren in Australia", "Religions – Christianity: Exclusive Brethren", "Behind the Brotherhood: The Elect Vessel, Bruce Hales", "Sect's schools flush from parents – and federal funds", "Exclusive Brethren school given $1m state grants",,23739,22288290-5003500,00.html, "Inside New Zealand: Leaving the Exclusive Brethren", "Complaint under section 8(1)(a) of the Broadcasting Act 1989", "Who are the Exclusive Brethren Christian Fellowship?

For the second time in Exclusive history the position of universal leader was transferred to a son from his father.