When dinner was over, she returned directly to Jane, and Miss Bingley began abusing her as soon as she was out of the room. "My students can't get enough of your charts and their results have gone through the roof." ", "Neglect! They're like having in-class notes for every discussion!”, “This is absolutely THE best teacher resource I have ever purchased. She must know music, singing, dancing, all the modern languages, and be graceful in every way. Elizabeth thanked him from her heart, and then walked towards the table where a few books were lying. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22 Chapter 23 Chapter 24 Chapter 25 Chapter 26 Chapter 27 Chapter 28 Chapter 29 Chapter 30 Chapter 31 Chapter 32 Chapter 33 Chapter … ", "Upon my word, Caroline, I should think it more possible to get Pemberley by purchase than by imitation.". He talks about all the attributes of an accomplished woman. "That is capital," added her sister, and they both laughed heartily. Elizabeth joined them again only to say that her sister was worse, and that she could not leave her. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Pride and Prejudice and what it means. ", "I never saw such a woman. His anxiety for Jane was evident, and his attentions to herself most pleasing, and they prevented her feeling herself so much an intruder as she believed she was considered by the others.

To the civil inquiries which then poured in, and amongst which she had the pleasure of distinguishing the much superior solicitude of Mr. Bingley's, she could not make a very favourable answer. "Is Miss Darcy much grown since the spring?" Though Mrs. Hurst speaks as if in sympathy with Jane, she's deviously trying to ruin the chances of either Bennet sister by mentioning their "family situation.". Miss Bingley praises his accomplished sister and hopes to see the girl again. She seems to have good intuition about people's true character. Mr. Darcy doesn’t find many that truly are deserving in being called accomplished.

", "I am talking of possibilities, Charles.

They consider her proud and having terrible manners. -Graham S. “Would not have made it through AP Literature without the printable PDFs. Instant downloads of all 1364 LitChart PDFs Elizabeth agrees with Mr. Bingley, and they plan to send for him in the morning if Jane doesn’t improve. said he; "that is rather singular. Bingley urged Mr. Jones being sent for immediately; while his sisters, convinced that no country advice could be of any service, recommended an express to town for one of the most eminent physicians. Mrs. Hurst regards Jane highly and wishes she could be well married, but her family and bad connections will prevent it. And she has the courage to say so in company.

Mr. Bingley regrets that his library is deficient. The Bingley sisters cut her down when she leaves the room. ", "Then," observed Elizabeth, "you must comprehend a great deal in your idea of an accomplished woman. ", "To walk three miles, or four miles, or five miles, or whatever it is, above her ankles in dirt, and alone, quite alone! ", "Yes, I do comprehend a great deal in it. A short pause followed this speech, and Mrs. Hurst began again: "I have an excessive regard for Miss Jane Bennet, she is really a very sweet girl, and I wish with all my heart she were well settled. Teach your students to analyze literature like LitCharts does. ", "Yes, all of them, I think. Full Text Chapter 8. Very nonsensical to come at all! He can’t understand why people neglect their libraries.

Her manners were pronounced to be very bad indeed, a mixture of pride and impertinence; she had no conversation, no style, no beauty. My dear Charles, what do you mean? ", "All young ladies accomplished! ", "Your picture may be very exact, Louisa," said Bingley; "but this was all lost upon me. Whatever bears affinity to cunning is despicable.". I scarcely know anyone who cannot do all this, and I am sure I never heard a young lady spoken of for the first time, without being informed that she was very accomplished. They feel she is lacking in conversation, concepts of taste, and beauty. Still, she is grateful to Bingley for his sincere interest in Jane. The original text plus a side-by-side modern translation of. "Elizabeth Bennet," said Miss Bingley, when the door was closed on her, "is one of those young ladies who seek to recommend themselves to the other sex by undervaluing their own; and with many men, I dare say, it succeeds. But, in my opinion, it is a paltry device, a very mean art. Elizabeth continues to value character over class.

", "You observed it, Mr. Darcy, I am sure," said Miss Bingley; "and I am inclined to think that you would not wish to see your sister make such an exhibition. Elizabeth goes to dinner. ", "Yes; and they have another, who lives somewhere near Cheapside.". She seems to have good intuition about people's true character.