Having all this time and space and to really get it exactly how I want it to sound and feel has been wonderful. Hidden Hollow is a monthly mailer that I'm going to send out the first Tuesday of every month — a re-branding of my mailing list, with a schedule. So I decided to take some of my tour income and invest in a better camera.

I remember wanting to write something about when you first realize you aren't a child anymore, but not finding a satisfying delivery at first. Superb encore as well. But we are in an inherently contemplative time, in almost all regards. And I find myself returning to a much earlier way of life, artistically speaking. Beyond that, I also recently produced an album for someone, and I have begun tracking my next full length, called “Into The Woods”, among other new projects.

I traded a lot of whim for focus, to make sure I could finish the projects on time. I got really absorbed in the idea that everywhere we live, we change in some fundamental way – that these buildings we inhabit as anything more than a guest will be haunted by us in some fashion, be it letters in an attic or stories trapped in the walls. That real estate is a luxury. I’m not surprised, when I stop and look back. I've decided to do that this time around, since I am my own label and can release things anytime I want to. Things like family vacations or road trips were financially and logistically impossible. I have no issues reading and responding to comments under these circumstances, knowing they came here of their own free will and commented because they wanted to. It used to be 1) add email list 2) write email 3) send mail 4) swim through your money vault like Scrooge McDuck. This is something I have been itching to do for a long time. I never enjoy it. When I have the dates I’ll be sure to post them. I have had to walk away from things in my life once I saw, and really understood, that there was something fundamentally wrong with them. Kind of like this one: So if there are any songs you would like to hear a small acoustic version of, or a song you would like a tutorial on how to play, please leave a comment down below.

And luckily, that is a lot less work. I would be a very different being without it. I spend parts of every single day absorbing what others have created, and with the internet, almost entirely ignoring the former limitations of space or time. It's been super fun to help make the kind of music I often have on around the house. But notice how I only use the word “internet.” This was an issue. On 16 November 2010 Cooper released an EP titled “Touch The Sky,” serving as a sort of prequel for a trilogy of albums to follow called “Family Tree.” In 2007 Radical Face released “Ghost,” a concept album based on the ideas of houses; specifically, from the perspective of the houses. Then, in the ballroom, everything was on time. So we worked with Nettwerk on the remaining albums in the project so we had help with all the logistics. It's been an odd couple of weeks.

But now that I have slowed down and found some kind of center again, this re-imagining has become incredibly liberating. Life is strange. Their last tour of the UK saw a set that was a great mix of their albums, with popular tracks “Always Gold”, “Reminders” and “Ghost Towns” being bet with smiles from ear to ear by everyone in the crowd. It’s my favorite way to live, whenever life allows it. Fingers crossed I can get to where that is enough.