Nightwing | Katana | It was founded in September 1969 in Seattle, Washington.Ten years later in 1979, the first franchised Red Robin was opened in Yakima, Washington.. Though finally given the mantle, Tim had cold feet about his abilities as a crime fighter, but Bruce told him that he had great confidence in him. It was later demolished in 2014.[1]. Anima |

After assisting Batman in defeating Scarecrow, Tim was finally deemed ready to fulfill his role as the new Robin. Azrael |

Mon-El | During a battle with a group of Monarch's soldiers, Earth-51 Batman is killed by the Ultraman of Earth-3, deeply affecting Jason. After Dick Grayson takes up the mantle of Batman, he gives the title of Robin to Damian Wayne, claiming that Robin is a student of Batman and that he sees Tim as an equal.
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Under Yorick's Resting place. Jason seems to have a romantic interest in Donna, and is shown to be visibly disgruntled when her old boyfriend, Kyle Rayner, joins their group as they take their tour to the 52 Earths which comprise the Multiverse. Green Lantern | John Constantine | [6] He is now the new Red Robin—an identity that is already tarnished and independent of the Bat-family—traveling the world searching for Bruce Wayne. Justice League Dark | Red Robin was located under the Yorick's Resting Place mansion, a tribute to how the player would originally go there to obtain the Riddling Skull. Current and previous Red Robin. He has come into possession of the Red Robin costume worn by Jason Todd, and uses it as part of a campaign of psychological warfare against Tim Drake.

Red Robin is a comic book series which began publication in June of 2009 (August cover date). Mister Miracle | Frankenstein | Red Robin is a name that has been used by several fictional superheroes appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. [5] Meanwhile, while doing his search, Tim is being monitored by Ra's al Ghul, who appears not only interested in Tim himself, but also Tim's quest for Batman. When the Morticoccus virus is released from Karate Kid's body, Jason is forcibly brought back to the group by Kyle, much to his dismay. However, Red Robin is now currently inaccessible and has been removed. Super Buddies, Main Age has not slowed him down, as he possesses all of his stealth and fighting skills. Red Robin eventually rejoined the Teen Titans and took over as the team's leader after Wonder Girl stepped down. Lobo |

Fire | Steel | It also includes a black-and-gold utility belt with other utility storage devices (similar in appearance) crossing over the chest in an "X" shape, meeting at a circular Red Robin insignia. Ten years later in 1979, the first franchised Red Robin was opened in Yakima, Washington.

Tim Drake was the third Robin who used the Red Robin name after the Robin mantle was passed on to Damian Wayne. #48. Red Robin would randomly appear under the mansion in Yorick's Resting Place. At the end of the comic and the novel, Bruce and Dick had reconciled. Richard John Grayson (original; formerly)Jason Peter Todd (second; formerly)Timothy Jackson Drake (third; current) Where Were You On The Night Batman Was Killed? storyline, a new Red Robin appears, at first only as a glimmering image following Robin (Tim Drake) and suspected to have stolen a briefcase of money from the Penguin. The two are then attacked by the Forerunner, but before she can kill them, the apologetic Monitor stops her, and recruits Jason and Donna for a mission to the Palmerverse (a section of the Nanoverse discovered by Ray Palmer), in an attempt to find Palmer. Maxima | Years later, Tim saw footage of Batman and Robin apprehending the Penguin, and noticed Robin's unique acrobatic skills. Rocket Red | Jason keeps his new suit and identity for the rest of his tenure as a "Challenger of the Unknown", only to discard it on his return to New Earth and revert to his "Red Hood" street clothing. Plastic Man | Black Orchid | Tim also ran into Lady Shiva, who trained him and later worked with him to take down King Snake's heroin, but Drake refused to kill the villain when ordered to. Ice |

Atomica | Bronze Tiger | In this story, he has a daughter with Starfire; Mar'i Grayson (Nightstar). Doctor Light | Kingdom Come #2 A teaser image released to promote Countdown showed a figure resembling Red Robin among assembled heroes in poses symbolic of their roles in the series. Robin and Azrael stopped a couple of crimes and rescued Lucius Fox from Cypher, and later worked with the vigilante to fight Killer Croc. Nightwing | In Kingdom Come, a middle-aged Dick Grayson reclaims the Robin mantle and becomes Red Robin, not at the side of his former mentor Batman, but rather with Superman's League. Supergirl | Justice League | Nightmare Nurse | It has over 530 locations, 499 of which are company owned. Batman (mentor, partner)BatgirlAlfred PennyworthLucius FoxCassandra CainAzraelThe SignalBatman FamilyJustice LeagueTeen Titans

Richard "Dick" Grayson was the first Robin, having been adopted by Batman after his parents were killed by Tony Zucco.

Red Arrow | Jason Todd, also known as Red Hood at the time, became the first regular Red Robin of the mainstream DC Universe when he received the costume as a gift from the Batman of an alternate universe during Countdown. Trivia. Red Robin is an evil version of Robin from an alternate dimension. Zauriel, Insurgency

Fighting crime - Cheedaman / This will be forgotten for a long time. [5] Tim goes on to tell Spoiler that he will be leaving Gotham for an unspecified period of time. Lawful Sidekick, Jason Peter Todd (second; formerly)Timothy Jackson Drake (third; current), RobinTim Drake:BatmanDrakeAlvin DraperCaroline HiIggy Pollaky, VigilanteBatman's SidekickStudentBatman Family MemberTim Drake:Teen Titans MemberBatman Inc. MemberYoung Justice Member (formerly)Justice League Task Force Member (formerly)Prime-Earth:Leader of Young JusticeLeader of the Teen Titans (formerly)Gotham Knights Member (formerly), Dependent on characterTim Drake:Jack Drake (father, deceased)Janet Drake (mother, deceased)Dana Winters (ex-stepmother)Charles Drake (grandfather)Bruce Wayne (adoptive father)Dick Grayson (adoptive brother)Jason Todd (adoptive brother)Damian Wayne (adoptive brother)Cassandra Cain (adoptive sister), BatgirlAlfred PennyworthLucius FoxCassandra CainAzraelThe SignalBatman FamilyJustice LeagueTeen Titans. storyline Ulysses Armstrong briefly appears as Red Robin. Full Name It was founded in September 1969 in Seattle, Washington. Terra |, Teams

Despite his death, Jason would return as the Red Hood, and would become a killer that made peace with his former mentor. The restaurant chain is now headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado (a suburb of Denver). Tim Drake was ranked 32nd on IGN's "Top 100 Comic Book Heroes" in 2011. The Red Robin statue would appear randomly under Yorick's Resting Place, with Whitey sitting atop a stone pillar and on fire. The shirttails have been removed. This version of Red Robin is the leader of the Teen Tyrants, a group of young supervillains from an alternate reality where all of the world's heroes are evil. Soon after doing some patrols, Robin was tasked with training Bruce's new apprentice, Jean-Paul Valley, also known as Azrael. Black Lightning |

Zatanna, Secondary Jason tells her what happened the night of Duela's death, and about the dueling Monitors. Black Canary | Agent Liberty | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. With the help of Ra's al Ghul in Paris, Tim found an ancient cave painting that proved that Bruce was lost in time and survived and ambush by the Council of Spiders. storyline, a new Red Robin appears, at first only as a glimmering image following Robin (Tim Drake) and suspected to have stolen a briefcase of money from the Penguin. Friends/Allies [7] Tim's new cape also happens to be a "paracape", like Dick and Damian's, which gives Tim a gliding capability when it is semi-rigid.

The chain was originally named Sam's Tavern, after its owner, Sam, when it opened in the 1940s.According to Red Robin's history, Sam sang in a barbershop quartet He had a particular love for the song "When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along," ultimately leading him to … [4] The Red Robin costume, originally designed by Alex Ross for the 1996 Kingdom Come limited series and worn by Dick Grayson, is seen in Countdown to Final Crisis #16 in the Earth-51 Batman's base of operations.
He uses it to assume a darker persona in The Grail. It There appears to be an Egg Hunt Phone, and the location seems modern. Enemies He wears a utility belt, again similar to the … However, Red Robin is now currently inaccessible and has been removed. Antaeus | The team will be led by Batman and Batwoman and will also include Spoiler, Orphan, and Clayface. Bruce later sent Tim overseas on a tour to continue his training, receiving training from Rahul Lama, and ran into some thugs working for King Snake.

Of all the characters in the so-called "Batman family", Tim (now technically a Wayne after his adoption by Bruce) is the only one that believes Bruce Wayne is still alive and leaves Gotham City to begin a global search for evidence supporting his theory and hope. Captain Cold | Red Robin is a name that has been used by several fictional superheroes appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

Red Robin

Red RobinRobinTim Drake:BatmanDrakeAlvin DraperCaroline HiIggy Pollaky After Batman's supposed "death", Tim believed he was till alive after seeing a painting of Wayne's "ancestor" Mordecai in the manor.