Other minerals are available in the state which also help its economy are silica sand, glass sand, and clay. Your email address will not be published. Richest States in Nigeria you Can Visit Anytime in 2020. What’s your take on this? Its capital is port Harcourt. Imo state has also been listed among the oil producing states in the country officially with about 162 oil wells resident in different locations around the state. Imo is also one of the chief onshore petroleum-producing areas in the country though it has not been exploited to its full capacity. It is often called no man’s land. There are other tribes are still rich as well but this we are able to cover on this post. The inland city of Uyo is the state capital and is the site of a university (established 1983). Did you know that Delta state is home to Alex Iwobi – one of the richest footballers in Nigeria? It has a population of over 6million people. The Yoruba people are known for their academic prowes, and their healthy farming culture. Meanwhile, this classifies it as one of the largest States in the country. It has a population of over 9 million people. Sebi Prime Services LLC. He is the richest man in Nigeria and Africa. It has a population of over 6million people. Nigeria as a nation has 36 states, including the Federal Capital Territory located in Abuja. It is the third richest state in Nigeria. We are Your Source of Top Quality Contents. Edo joins a host of states whose economy relies majorly on agricultural produce. The nourishment business produces brew, soft beverages, heated products, and processed meat. Lagos state is the richest state in Nigeria and Lagos city is the Largest City in West Africa and arguably the Largest City in Nigeria. The city’s overwhelming industries make steel and aluminum items, concrete, asbestos concrete, solid squares, electrical engines, weapons, and explosives. The final state on our list of richest states in Nigeria is none other than Kaduna states. It covers the territory around 57,79 square kilometres. ». Nigeria as a nation has 36 states including the Federal Capital Territory located in Abuja. Isoko is another rich tribe in Nigeria but they lack one of the most important thing in human success which is connections and ability of helping one another. Oyo state shares a common boundary with Lagos, which makes it also a centre of commerce and businesses. It is also Nigeria’s major oil producer with an output of about 60%. I don’t know about you, but this is one mention that took me by surprise. We strive to be the most unique hub of meticulously researched content that will add unimaginable value to you. Poultry, pigs, sheep, goats, and hares are raised. In truth, it were said that there are over 3,000 tribes on the African continent. Delta State is another oil-rich state in the Niger Delta region, it comprises of the following ethnic groups, Urhobos, Isoko, Itsekiri, Ijaw, kwale, Agbor, Asaba, Ukwani, etc. The Leading Hustlers Community in the World. Imo state is generally occupied by the Igbo (Ibo) people and is a densely populated area in Nigeria. Ibadan being the capital of Oyo State is regarded as the oldest city in Nigeria. ), Top 15 Richest Footballers In Nigeria 2020, Government budget yearly: N1. The first state on this list of richest states in Nigeria is Kano state which comes as no surprise. In instance one could imagine them to be lazy because they have don’t venture into Nigeria agriculture not do they invest in business or production, but they have connection all and well ready to help each other. on that article you will find that in only Nigeria we have over 135 tribes, this is Large we are. When it come to the second richest tribes in Nigeria then the Hausa come in consideration. Delta State is well known as an oil and agricultural producing state in Nigeria. Isoko people are not too well-educated but i can say they are trying though. Borno state is in the list of the richest in Nigeria. The city of Owerri is famous for its history of entertainment. Top 5 Richest States in Nigeria Today you Can Visit Anytime. Agriculture and handicrafts are the mainstay of the economy in Oyo state. The state’s population comprises fundamentally of Ibibio people groups who raise yams, rice, cowpeas, corn (maize), and cassava for subsistence and oil palms and cocoa as cash crops. It is the fourth richest state in Nigeria. An Igbo man has brain of repair than other people, they can produced any battery size using a small one, and when it come to electronic repair center, the people you find there most are Igbo’s. Its capital is Port Harcourt. Isoko is a tribe located in Delta state, most time they classified them together with Urobo but they are not same tribe and doesn’t speak  exact same language though there is similarity. Industries produce cement, canned foods, foam rubber, paint, tires, carpets, aluminum products, and plastics. The Igbo’s are considered for business oriented tribes. Population: 5.451 million; Gross Domestic Product(G.D.P. Rivers state is the largest oil-producing state in Nigeria thus making it the second richest state in Nigeria. With a GDP of about $11.17 billion and 1GR of about N14.79 billion, the state is among the top 10 richest Nigerian states in 2019. It is the 5th richest state in Nigeria. Some known people from isoko are. | Edo state is among the richest states in Nigeria due to its famous tourist attraction and mineral resources. Agriculture is also the main occupation of people living in this state and they produce crops such as; yams, taro, corn (maize), rice, and cassava (manioc) are the staple crops, and oil palm is the main cash crop. The Igbo is the most richest people of Nigeria, the reason maybe their love for business. Top 5 Richest States in Nigeria Today you Can Visit Anytime. Agricultural products include yams, corn (maize), cassava (manioc), beans, millet, plantains, tobacco, cacao, palm oil and palm kernels, cotton, kola nuts, indigo, and fruits. We are Your Source of Top Quality Contents. Richest States in Nigeria: Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa, and also the most populated black nation in the world. It’s a beautiful city filled with luxury hotels and other commercial buildings. The state is water locked as it is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean which makes it easy for foreign trades, exchange, and investments. The only thing that is still pulling back the Isoko people from getting to the top is their lack of helping one another caused by proud. As Africa’s major financial centre, Lagos State provides a total of 10% of Nigeria’s annual GDP and as a city, has the fourth-largest GDP in Africa. The total GDP of the region is $5.18 billion, per capita is $1.214. In addition it will contain the worth and some other reasonable details. Kano State is the second-largest industrial centre, second only to Lagos State and the largest in Northern Nigeria with textile, tanning, footwear, cosmetics, plastics, enamelware, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, furniture and other industries. The state is located in the North East part of Nigeria. A few years ago, Anambra state was ranked the top richest state in the South-eastern part of country. Top 10 Richest States In Nigeria (RANKED), List of Top Ten Richest States in Nigeria, Top 10 insurance companies in Nigeria and their websites, Latest rankings of the 10 best airlines in Nigeria, Top 10 Richest Musicians In Nigeria 2020 UPDATE, Top 10 Richest Footballers In Africa 2020 (Latest! Top 50 NNPC Interview Questions and Answers for Job Recruitment Imo State Agriculture is the major income source for Ogun State economy. Anyone who has traveled round the country knows that Rivers State is another buzzing commercial haven in Nigeria. 8) Akwa Ibom State. These petroleum products serve as a major boost to the state’s economy which is not a surprise at all. So many cows, rams, goat, tomatoes, carrots, rice and others we consume in Nigeria are from the North. As per these statistics, here are the top ten richest states in Nigeria. It's. It has a population of over 4million people. Light produces incorporate calfskin products, plastics, earthenware production, pharmaceuticals, furniture, and TVs; and there are a few printing and distributing firms. Richest Politicians in Nigeria – Whatever the state of affairs perhaps, it is very obvious that a lot of money is circulated with the corridors of power and therefore those in the corridors of power – politicians- have access to a lot of money and amass wealth for themselves in the course of politicking. The city is also one of the fastest-growing in the world. Imo state is located in the southeastern part of Nigeria. It is the fourth richest state in Nigeria. Without time-wasting let’s head on to the main reason of this post which is richest tribes in Nigeria. Etnan local government area is located in Akwa Ibom State, and are the 5 th richest local government area in Nigeria. If you find this article insightful in any capacity, do well to share the post with your friends on your social media accounts. Oron is the site of a museum of ethnography, established in 1959. Nigeria as a nation has 36 states, including the Federal Capital Territory located in Abuja. One of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria. Interestingly, Rivers state took N172 Billion as FAAC allocation in 2018, making it the third state with the highest FAAC allocation that year. Check out our homepage for wonderful articles. Everything comes down to the income of the inhabitants, just as the revenue collected by the local and state government. All these attractions associated with Lagos alone is enough to qualify it as the richest state in Nigeria. So, we had a look at these lists of criteria outlined in this article like the GDP, IGR, Government expenditures to give a final list of richest states in Nigeria. Cocoa, kola nuts, rubber, palm oil and palm kernels, tobacco, cotton, and timber are the main cash crops. With a growing population of over 150 million people, it is known as the Giant of Africa. So governing the richest state in Nigeria does not actually make one the wealthiest governor in the country. Which are the richest states in Nigeria today? This state is blessed with several oil companies which include Chevron Corporation, Royal Dutch Shell … However, with all the mineral resources they are blessed with, they can do better. Delta state posses huge reserves of crude oil and puts the state in a position as one of the largest producers of petroleum products in Nigeria. most local foods such as starch in large quantity, plantain, palm oil, carniel oil. Anambra State. It would be a gross mix-up excluding this states from the richest states in Nigeria because of this reality alone. The region’s approximate rate of GDP is $5.18B, and capita per person is $1,124. Yams, cassava (manioc), oil palm, rice, and corn (maize) are the major crops, while rubber, timber, and palm oil and kernels are cash crops.