In particular, I am interested in the network structure of amplification, and the recurring patterns that emerge from such amplification. If you do not understand things that he is saying he is more than happy to meet with you or email answers to questions you have. Ryan. We are excited to announce our partnership with Gallagher Student Health for the 2020-2021 Academic Year. he is very unclear about his information, very hard to follow, and the homework assignments are all online, and super complex. Will never take him again though. Principles of Macroeconomics.

He is very good in explaining things when students don't understand. Homework's were tough but plenty of time given to complete and ask questions.

His tests are super easy though and so is his class. Research.

Gallagher Student Health will be partnering with us to manage the waiver and enrollment options NUSHP. He seems to have some direction but he's not really straightforward. Urban Economics. For all waiver denials, questions or appeals, please contact Gallagher directly at 844-333-1462 or, Receive follow up comments updates: RSS 2.0. Intermediate Micro Economics.

His classes are very boring.

Women, Black people, those from the LGBTQ+ community, and many others have long had their voices exlucded from the public sphere, and it is my goal to better understand amplification processes so that we may more justly promote those voices, and safeguard their communities from discursive and structural manipulation by adversarial actors. We are excited to announce our  partnership with Gallagher Student Health for the 2020-2021 Academic Year. I Thought that he was a good professor, he made really boring material interesting.

Nice guy though, is willing to help if you ask for it. All he basically does is talk throughout the whole class. By understanding these structural patterns, I hope to help social media platforms create more equitable online spaces. I would not recommend him to anyone. For all waiver denials, questions or appeals, please Continue Reading » Surprisingly got an A and Econ is usually not a strong subject for me. Through my research, I aim to be a computational social scientist who respects, engages, and brings together communication theory and network science. You should be kind and add one.

Research Interests. To that end, my research also makes advances in network science and text-as-data methodology, developing new methods to measure the complexities of online communication.

He often wastes time explaining what he plans on covering that day instead of just going straight into teaching. Ryan Gallagher is a professor in the Economics department at Northeastern Illinois University - see what their students are saying about them or leave a rating yourself. His lectures are well organized, and he helps you to understand difficult contents from easy perspectives, which makes econ a lot more easier to be understood. in mathematics from the University of Connecticut. Sets the objectives correctly.

Notes from class are different from homework and exams. Areas of Expertise: Cardiovascular Care; Gerontology, Simulation. You don't get bored listening to him, but the problem I had with this class is that he thinks everyone is an econ major or already had some econ background; I took this class with zero econ knwoledge.

He treats this class as if it isn't a gen ed course.

CV Contact. Appointments/Clinical Practice Affiliation: Nurse Practitioner, Fidelis Hospice.

No exams in this class.

He is one of the best professor in NEIU. For two summers, I was also a visiting research assistant at the University of Southern California’s Information Sciences Institute, where I worked with Research Associate Professor Greg Ver Steeg. would never take one of his classes again!

Then he spends too much time explaining each chapter.

Amazing professor. Public Finance. Ryan GALLAGHER of Northeastern University, Massachusetts (NEU) | Read 30 publications | Contact Ryan GALLAGHER Research. he never knew what he was talking about in his slides, used very boring examples, and killed my GPA! Pay attention to his lectures as most of what he talks about is the composition of the test.

very respectful, patient, and easy to talk to. Keep an eye on your student email address for more information about this new partnership. Don't know where those complains coming from. never ever take this guy! I am a Ph.D. student in the Network Science program at Northeastern University, and a member of the Communication Media and Marginalization (CoMM) Lab directed by Professor Brooke Foucault Welles. Not a bad professor, be forewarned the examples are abit dry but if you understand the slides and do your homeworks you will most likely get a solid b. Gallagher Student Health will be partnering with us to manage the waiver and enrollment options NUSHP.

Ryan has 9 jobs listed on their profile. Purchased the book but honestly never used it. Lectures were very thorough and informative. If you pay attention to lectures & do the homework & study you can easily pass the class! Always writes on the board.

Ryan, M., Gallagher, S., & Wandel, J.

in mathematics at the University of Vermont. No exams in class. Take notes, examples from the notes pop up on his homework assignments. If you don't get a question, go to his office, and he will help & show you. I hold a B.A. His final exam was kind of complicated as well.

Kind of a hard class. Tough class if you do not have an econ background. Definitely the most boring professor I've ever had in my life! Principles of Microeconomics .

Prof Gallagher spends a lot of time on a certain topic and really tries to make sure hes gone over it entirely and that everyone understands. CorEx Topic Model Word Shift Graphs Stochastic Block Models. Effect of Nitropaste Administration Times on Sleep and Nocturnal Angina.

While social media has given rise to progressive movements like Black Lives Matter and #MeToo, it has also allowed the proliferation of social bots, networked harassment, and coordinated information operations. Lots of students wanted to skip class and hated that they were called out on that. If you're not doing those things then you don't belong in college. Must attend classes due to attendance being randomly taken throughout semester. He's very clear and straight forward on what to expect. Homework and exam/quizzes are difficult. Economics. Phone (773) 442-5685.

I would not take a class with him again. I don't know what some of these people are talking about. View Ryan Gallagher’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Plus, he's hot!

Would suggest taking.

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