Tragic Optimist, The TodAlan WoodDigby DriverMajor John AwdryMajor Jim RoseDavid Ephraim (formerly)Peter ScottRonald LockleyKiff (formerly)Brot (formerly)Jimjam (formerly)Licker (formerly)Clusker (formerly)Lodo (formerly)Zigger (formerly)DonWag, Digby Driver (formerly)Under SecretaryWilliam HarbottleAnn MossStephen PowellDr. Wag Don Whenever Rowf felt doubtful about anything good or having a decent master, Snitter encouraged Rowf to not give up.

One evening, Snitter squeezes under the netting of his cage and into Rowf's, where they discover his cage is unlatched. Real animals. Hey, Wag! Worrying sheep! : : Rowf Rowf Thee, with yon patch on the head. ), in the Lake District of England. Your arse will be inside out by mornin'. He called me and smiled, and I went to him... and everything smashed to pieces. Me, I'm goin'! : I can't swim anymore, Rowf... Rowf Oktober 1982 in die (west-)deutschen Kinos. Occupation The Tod The Plague Dogs is a novel by Richard Adams.

He was found by a local solicitor named Alan Wood and he decided to adopt him. Early in The Plague Dogs, Snitter, a terrier dog, is described: He'll show us how to live out here if we let him share what we kill. : The Tod I've destroyed everything. The world was black and white... and then the truck came, and lightning shot down my head. But we have to change.

: Snitter Wag : : They discover the snowy weather and they wander aimlessly across the Lake District. :

Rowf In Richard Adams’ 1977 bestseller, Plague Dogs, Rowf and Snitter are two dogs subjected to cruel experiments in a vivisection lab. Why, hinny, ye've got no chance at all. While they were being rescued by the two naturalists, Snitter admitted that he made up the island to Rowf before they were about to finally be reunited with Snitter's long-lost owner. We'll be punished, Rowf... Rowf : I've bin watchin' ye the last two days, ye'll not last hollerin' yer heads off, racin' about the fell. In the book, Snitter comes across the Tod during a fox hunt and he gets killed long before the two dogs are hunted down by the military and chased to the sea. Snitter Lay off! The naturalists nurture the dogs to health and Snitter admits that he made the island up. Snitter Rowf :

Snitter : They arrive at a rock circle and Rowf decides that they are gonna become wild animals in order to survive by themselves. Snitter Sharp with ye, now, before we're all caught! Snitter urges Rowf to escape, but he refuses. | Do ye think 'e's blind? Snitter They eventually meet a fox in the mine and Rowf orders him to stay away from them. What are you talking about? : Snitter

Of all the... Art thou out of thy minds? Technical Specs, [Rowf and Snitter chase some sheep, hoping the shepherd will adopt them. There is. The soldiers fire two shots at them, but they miss.

The authorities find his eaten corpse and the hunt is brought to a national level, as the army is now involved to hunt down the dogs. chasing yows up and down fell, snapping and biting?

Whenever he was mistreated by his master's sister, Annie Mossity, he still acted politely towards her, even if she wasn't around, because his master wanted him to act kindly around anyone. : Come-by here! The Tod Snitter Snitter We'd better get out of here. Change to what? Hobby Ye're a sheep killer. Snitter

They wake up and Snitter finds the exit. A monkey in an isolation chamber accidentally scares Rowf and he smashes against a glass tank full of rats, freeing them.

Don :

No Whitecoat does anything to them. | I don't aught but pick at me meat. As they make it to Ravenglass, they are chased by a helicopter until they reach the shoreline. : There's no one here. After his vivisection experiments, he frequently had hallucinations, usually at the sight of his master and suffered from seizures, such as having flies and a mouse in his head as well as having constant raining in one eye. They manage to lose sight of the military as they enter a fog. If you're still here when it's light, we'll decide what to do then. The Tod : : Die deutschsprachige Ausgabe erschien 1979 im Ullstein Verlag, für die Übersetzung sorgte Mechtild Sandberg.