Boston: I do NOT want an account of your life story without the use of the sociological imagination. Complete a conclusion that highlights how the personal events in your life are connected to larger social forces from the past or present. For that imagination is the capacity to shift from one perspective to another— from the political to the psychological; from examination of a single family to comparative assessments of the national budgets of the world; from the theological school to the military establishment; from considerations of an oil industry to studies of contemporary poetry. Your job is to examine the role of external social forces and group memberships in shaping your life. Be specific, using concrete examples and social events/occurrences. This type of overlap is encouraged. Assignment: Write a professional 5-7 page paper typed and double-spaced. How are your own personal experiences connected to the experiences of others? Once you have completed the different topics/concepts, write a section that describes which theoretical perspective(s) most guides your analysis. You do not have to tell your whole life story, most effective papers focus only on one or more specific aspects of your life. I will use this rubric to grade your paper, and I encourage you to consider this rubric as you write and edit your pap Sociological Autobiography Assignment, Your email address will not be published. Essays Related To Sociological Autobiography. Be sure to reference the book when providing a general description of the perspective, and provide and explanation of how/why this perspective was useful when examining your life experiences. Copyright ©2020 © 2020 Elite Homework. In an autobiography a person tells her or his own story. Essentials of Sociology: A Down to Earth Approach 12th Ed. Sociological Autobiography Assignment This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate cumulative knowledge of sociology from throughout the course and to apply this way of thinking to your own experiences. Length: 1200-1800 words You may find that some topics/concepts overlap. Assignment: Write a professional page paper typed and double-spaced. Cyclone Themes. You will analyze your lived experiences by applying the sociological imagination. How have any of these factors or the intersection of any of them given you advantages or disadvantages throughout life? Our platform has successfully delivered to a huge client base in the field of academic writing for over a decade now... To be the best custom paper services provider by delivering the high quality and achieving value to our customers, We have invested our efforts in ensuring that you acquire the best, Get in touch with us anytime of the day or night. The paper should cover the topics below. Your paper should be organized in the following way: 1) Introduction; 2) Sociological topic one; 3) Sociological topic two; 4) Sociological topic three (and so on); 5) Theoretical Perspective(s) used to guide your analysis; and 6) Conclusion. I will also look for consistency in thought processes as well as clear writing and correct grammar, which are necessary for you to effectively express your sociological ideas and insights to others. Spacing: Double • If you have life experiences that do not seem to correspond with sociological concepts (in other words your life deviates from social facts/patterns), please feel free to write about those as well: discussing how the sociological perspective fails to adequately account for /explain your experience. one section on how gender socialization affected your life, another on how deviance has been a significant theme in your life). Required fields are marked *. Remember that at least one of your topics must focus on a social institution. Be sure to reference the textbook and provide a definition and description of the concepts you are discussing. Even though, Clergé’s preface to The New Noir is not a sociological autobiography, it provides good examples of how she has reflected on her life using a larger social and historical context. You are required to use the assigned textbook by Henslin. Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to encourage you to think sociologically about your own life.